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Vocabulary Word

Word: genre

Definition: particular variety of art or literature

Sentences Containing 'genre'

"Heavy Weather" is the top-selling album of the genre.
"Journey" was the only game released under the "Infocom Roleplay Chronicles" genre.
4/4 is the common time signature for the genre.
6 on the UK Indie Chart, establishing Carcass as one of the pioneers of the grindcore genre.
A highly streamlined, generic system, it is designed to provide game play in any genre.
A reason for their previous exclusion may have been their genre.
American burlesque is a genre of variety show.
and was followed by My Great-Grandfather and I (1959), a continuation in the same genre.
Another example of how an earlier Avant-garde genre influenced a later genre was the example of Dada's influence of Punk fashion in the 1970s.
At some time during 1995, Eddie made two collaborations that are considered under the genre of ghetto house.
But irrespective of what type of recital it is, what is featured are compositions which form the core of this genre of music.
Dhruva's rogues gallery is one of the most identifiable one in Indian comics genre.
During this era, Hunter also wrote a great deal of genre fiction.
Eddie popularized the genre of hip house.
Emilio Cavenaghi, an Italian painter of landscapes and genre pieces, was born in Caravaggio in 1852.
General. Nick and Sharon are a prominent fictional supercouple in the soap opera genre.
Group Sounds (G.S.) is a genre of Japanese rock music.
He composed for almost every genre and used his own cadenzas for Beethoven's Piano Concertos 1-4.
He is considered one of the major proponents of the Azonto genre and dance.
He is sponsored by Dean Guitars and is well known in the neo-classical genre.
He moved back to Cleveland in the early Fifties, where he immersed himself in that genre.
He painted primarily harbor and some battle genre scenes.
He paintind portraits, genre composition, landscapes, still lifes.
Her interests include: women, sexuality and feminism; genre; reenactment; artists' books.
His influence was not, however, limited to genre.
However, the genre later resurged and included "Everything Goes Wrong".
In the mid- to late-1970s, smooth jazz became established as a commercially viable genre.
In the nineteenth century, this included genre painters such as Mihály Munkácsy.
In the performing arts and literature, the seriocomedy is a genre which blends seriousness with the comical, drama with comedy.
In Venezuela, "aguinaldo" is a genre of Christmas music.
Its genre was a matter of contention among festival curators.
Its specialty is in the local music, and has been known to the fans of the genre around the world.
Needlz chiefly produces songs in the hip hop genre.
New Artists are still recognized, but the prize is awarded without regards to music genre.
New Taiwanese Song is a genre of Taiwanese popular music.
Scott Ian of Anthrax (who helped pioneer the genre) believes Rage Against the Machine invented the genre.
Some have specific themes like concentrating only to rock or electronic genre.
Table talk is a literary genre, a species of memoir.
The album hits a spectrum of genre-work.
The film falls in the suspense thriller genre.
The filmmakers said that the film created a new genre in filmmaking, called “naked cinema”.
The former is notable for having no monsters as was the tradition of the sword and sandal genre.
The genre developed alongside vaudeville and ran on competing circuits.
The genre of blaxplotation was being diffused throughout America by means of Movies and Films.
The genre of the book is a cross between science fiction and comedy.
The Outcasts is an American Western genre television series, appearing on ABC in the 1968-69 season.
The series is Burton's first foray into the superhero genre since Batman Returns.
They are English filmmakers of 2D animation, predominantly in the comedy genre.
They occur in the "self-help" genre, business books, and the hobby industry.
This new type of video game genre soon after became known as Casual Games.
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