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Vocabulary Word

Word: garner

Definition: gather; store up; amass

Sentences Containing 'garner'

A number of investigators were found to have falsified latent fingerprint evidence under pressure from their supervisors to garner convictions.
Although many Iraqis were open to the change that Garner and the U.S were bringing to Iraq, others were resentful.
announces new products, product redesigns and upgrades through press conferences that garner a significant following in traditional and online media.
Commissioned as a second lieutenant in 1962, Garner served two tours in Vietnam, and later led two air defense units in Germany.
Desiring to foment a revolution in Hungary, he communicated by telegraph with Vladimir Lenin to garner support from the Bolsheviks which would ultimately not materialize.
Despite a few notable endorsements, Biden failed to garner significant support in opinion polls, and was marred by controversial comments made while campaigning.
England were soon in trouble on 89-5, but Ian Botham hit 64 and England reached a total of 191, with Joel Garner taking 4-53.
Foli then threw to Phil Garner at second to force DeCinces.
Following Garner's dismissal, it was planned that sovereignty would be returned to the Iraqi people in June 2004.
Garner (4-51) and Holding (5-43) taking 9 wickets between them.
Garner called a follow-up meeting on April 28, 2003.
Garner helped to develop the Patriot missile system and commanded missile batteries during the Gulf War.
Garner is currently managing the Energy Systems group in the Hardware Systems Laboratory, and has a focus on CleanTech, of which PARC is a major sponsor.
Garner Magnet High School (GMHS) is a 4AA school located in Garner, North Carolina, in the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS).
Garner Magnet High School has approximately 2400 enrolled students.
Garner served on a presidential panel, chaired by Donald Rumsfeld, which specializes in space and missile threats.
Garner was interviewed in "No End in Sight", a 2007 documentary movie very critical of the handling of the Iraq occupation.
Garner was regarded as a natural choice by the Bush administration given his earlier similar role in the north.
Garner's plan was to choose government officials from the former Iraqi regime to help lead the country.
General Garner was to develop and implement plans to assist the Iraqis in developing governance and reconstructing the country once Saddam Hussein was deposed.
General Garner would be replaced by a new American Ambassador to Iraq, Paul Bremer, who took his role as head of the Coalition Provisional Authority.
He co-starred with Lukas Haas and Kelli Garner in "The Youth in Us".
He then moved to London and after a brief period working for Basil Champneys, joined Bodley Garner, the firm of prominent Gothic Revival architects G.F. Bodley, Thomas Garner, working alongside another budding Gothic Revival architect, Ninian Comper.
He travels the world to garner support from overseas Chinese communities as well as from the general public at large.
In 2004, Marsden appeared as Noah's rival in "The Notebook", apparently cast for his close resemblance to James Garner, who played the older Noah, while the actor portraying the younger Noah (Ryan Gosling) looked nothing like Garner.
In a bid to garner American and British support for his government, he declared war against the Axis Powers, aligning Syria with the Allies.
In her review of "An Item from the Late News", Garner wrote "Great story, great characters ...
In order to garner political support for parks development, Harkin communicated the profitable opportunities they could provide Canada.
Iraqis with a Shi'a background felt underrepresented in Garner's selection for government.
It has been suggested that Garner was moved aside because he did not agree with the White House about who should decide how to reconstruct Iraq.
It was the earliest Nintendo product to garner major success.
Ken Garner of "The Express on Sunday" noted that "most of the acting was intimate, understated, with long monologues.
Mr. Ferguson began his career as an attorney with Woodson, Pattisall Garner in Chicago, IL, 1959 - 1960.
On April 15, 2003, General Garner called a conference in the city of Nasiriyah, where Garner, along with 100 Iraqis, discussed the future of Iraq.
One of his Old Hall designs is thought to have inspired Alan Garner's 1967 novel "The Owl Service".
She is imprisoned and the three girls garner support for Asha who would be executed if sent back to Dubai.
Steven goes to a nighttime beach party with Kelly, Cynthia and two other American women he met in a bar (Priscilla Barnes and Pamela Garner).
Syndicated programming includes "After Midnite with Blair Garner" hosted by Blair Garner from Premiere Radio Networks.
Takeshita eventually became Tanaka's primary fundraiser, traveling the country to garner support for the LDP's coffers.
That was enough to garner a guaranteed contract from the Pistons, which he signed on August 4, 2004.
The album did not garner mainstream success and failed to enter the "Billboard 200".
The album didn't garner any attention until "I Am the Bullgod" was released; the single peaked at #31 on "Billboard's" Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and garnered the attention of MTV.
The stone reredos dates from 1899, was designed by Bodley and Garner, and depicts the Crucifixion and saints.
The term is used in elections when a candidate lacks sufficient votes to win, even if that candidate could garner all remaining votes.
There were indications that "People's" editors simply assumed that the film's leading star, Leonardo DiCaprio, would automatically garner the most votes.
This group included Madeline Bell, Lesley Duncan, Kay Garner, Kiki Dee, Liza Strike, and Sue and Sunny.
This was evident as he was able to garner a 15–8 record and 0.86 ERA in 188 innings pitched.
This will only garner resentment form other suppliers and possibly cause significant production delays of it is only discovered after the award that the supplier cannot deliver.
Wilder was the daughter of shipping magnate Samuel Garner Wilder.
With internet movie distribution, independent filmmakers who fail to garner a traditional distribution deal now have the ability to reach global audiences.
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