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Vocabulary Word

Word: gamut

Definition: entire range

Sentences Containing 'gamut'

And there, I think, for the first time, the whole gamut of natural vision, tone, color, form, light and shade, atmosphere, focus,&c., considered as one impression, were put on canvas.
His work in Hollywood ran the gamut of genres, ranging from cowboy movies -- "The Old Spanish Trail", (starring Roy Rogers), "Wild Heritage", "The Bells Of San Angelo", "Down Laredo Way"—to dramas.
However, reproducing the entire range of human color vision with three primaries either in an additive or subtractive fashion is generally not possible; see gamut for more information.
Known for penning concept suites and songs inspired by literature, music fan opinions of his writing have varied greatly, running the gamut from cerebral and insightful to pretentious and preachy.
Musicians who played in his big bands run the gamut from Boots Mussulli to Sam Rivers and include such influential musicians as Alan Dawson, Jaki Byard (as saxophonist and arranger), Phil Wilson, Ray Santisi, Greg Hopkins, Tiger Okoshi(trumpetter), Yoichi J. Takahashi (Jazz composer and arranger), Dick Johnson, Charlie Mariano, Michael Gibbs, John LaPorta, Lennie Johnson, Serge Chaloff, Ryan Shore, Mike Nock, Bill Berry, Hal Galper, Joe Gordon, Michael D. Palma, Richard Festinger and many others.
Secular music is composed in a gamut of styles, ranging from the semi-traditional to the aggressively "pop" influenced by overseas styles.
The "Times" crossword of Thursday, April 2, 2009, by Brendan Emmett Quigley, featured theme answers that all ran the gamut of movie ratings—beginning with the kid-friendly "G" and finishing with adults-only "X" (which, however is now replaced with the less crossword-friendly NC-17 rating).
The album runs the gamut from cowpunk to freakout folk always with a comedic edge mixed with social or political commentary.
The NGA has since grown to encompass the entire gamut of stakeholders and operators in the Nigerian gas industry – from gas producers, to transmitters, gas industry service providers, students, members of the academia and government.
The whole gamut of light sources has been run, from oil wicks to incandescent oil vapor (1913) to electricity (1929).
There is a kind of screaminess set up when one goes the whole gamut of tone, that gives a look of unrestraint and weakness; somewhat like the feeling experienced when a vocalist sings his or her very highest or very lowest note.
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