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Vocabulary Word

Word: gallows

Definition: framework from which a noose is suspended (used for execution by hanging)

Sentences Containing 'gallows'

"That fellow will rise from crime to crime until he does something very bad, and ends on a gallows.
"The gallows, ye mean.--I am immortal then, on land and on sea," cried Ahab, with a laugh of derision;--"Immortal on land and on sea!"
A Coffin my Innkeeper upon landing in my first whaling port; tombstones staring at me in the whalemen's chapel; and here a gallows!
According to a medieval legend Mandragore (or Mandrake in English) grew uniquely under the gallows, from the semen of hanged criminals.
Alexander Calder's sculpture, "Gallows and Lollipops" stands on the plaza.
Astruc Sibili and three accomplices were to be burned alive, but in case they submitted to baptism their sentence would be "reduced" to dying upon the gallows.
At the gallows and the wheel the axe was a rarity Monsieur Paris, as it was the episcopal mode among his brother Professors of the provinces, Monsieur Orleans, and the rest, to call him, presided in this dainty dress.
Depressed and slinking though they were, eyes of fire were not wanting among them; nor compressed lips, white with what they suppressed; nor foreheads knitted into the likeness of the gallows rope they mused about enduring, or inflicting.
For a long time, the bridge even had its own gallows.
Gallows had been constructed even before the trial began, and it was evident the verdict would be death by hanging.
Gallows Hill, in the parish of Cruden, was where criminals were executed and where human skeletons have been found.
He was captured while trying to slip out of New York, was convicted as a spy and went to the gallows on September 22, 1776.
Her bachelor thesis, "Theatre in the shadow of the gallows" ("Pozornica u senci vešala") explored the programming policies of Belgrade theaters during the Slobodan Milošević era.
His work offers a bleak, tragicomic outlook on human nature, often coupled with black comedy and gallows humour.
However, Opal reminds Betty of the predicament she is in, and shows her a gallows being built outside the window.
In Norse tradition the pit and gallows stood on the west of the moot-places or the prince's hall ready for use.
It features Adam Ant dressed as a "dandy highwayman" who is captured and escapes being hanged from the gallows with help from his accomplices (his band members).
It happened, however, that one man, when they came to take his declaration, swore and said that by the oath he took he was going to die upon that gallows that stood there, and nothing else.
It is logical then that this severe punishment would come upon those convicted of a most severe crime: witchcraft. Convicted witches were hanged on Gallows Hill.
It sometimes ends in uncommon elevation, indeed; but only at the gallows.
Kemble was allowed to die on the gallows before being drawn and quartered, thus he was spared the agony suffered by many of other Catholic martyrs of England, Scotland and Wales.
Laws and the gallows could not pay the debt that was owing to me!
Less than a year after Nathan Hale was executed, another American agent went to the gallows in New York.
Many gallows sites are also associated with the discovery of bones, however records do not clearly state the gender.
Most prisoners spent only a short period in the prison before being either released, sent to the gallows or sent to distant regions of Russia for penal servitude.
Nevertheless, the judge directed the jury to find the defendant guilty and Fr Filcock was sentenced to the gallows for high treason.
Perhaps I was over sensitive to such impressions at the time, but I could not help staring at this gallows with a vague misgiving.
Richard Grenvile's name was attached with every injurious epithet to a gallows in London, whilst at Oxford he was regarded as a pattern of loyalty.
She also joined the band Jacqui Judge the Gallows as their backing vocalist. In 2009, she went to Winnipeg to shoot the movie "Foodland", directed by Adam Smoluk.
Six of the ten priests in the house were slain, and the four others held for the gallows.
Some, indeed, do not avoid it; as some do not avoid the gallows.
The altitude of the gallows that would turn to water and quench it, no functionary, by any stretch of mathematics, was able to calculate successfully.
The execution poles and gallows are still there, as is a gruesome SS torture chamber.
The gallows remain on public view, and visitors can push the lever that operated the trap.
The gallows were constructed especially for this execution, in the infirmary.
The horns of the cross-trees were sawed off on the other side, so that this old top-mast looked not a little like a gallows.
The man "swore and said that by the oath he took he was going to die upon that gallows that stood there, and nothing else."
The mender of roads looked through rather than at the low ceiling, and pointed as if he saw the gallows somewhere in the sky.
The right is described in full as "pit and gallows, sake and soke, toll, team, and infangthief".
The Seguleh champion mentioned in "Reaper's Gale" was found in the city of Gallows by the Tiste Edur.
The term "pit and gallows" or "furca and fossa", refers to the 'high justice' rights of a feudal baron, etc., including the capital penalty.
These pits were often close to the residence of the baron or clan chief and OS maps show that many gallows sites were close to water.
This involved the threat of violence and it is recorded that they put up gallows and threatened to hang any who refused to meet their demands.
Those proverbs will bring thee to the gallows one day, I promise thee; thy subjects will take the government from thee, or there will be revolts among them.
Tom Hyde, the tinker, standing on the gallows, was asked if he had anything to say.
Who would think that so pretty a toy would be a purveyor to the gallows and the prison?
Workmen dig, workmen hammer, soldiers laugh and sing; in the morning, by the fountain, there is raised a gallows forty feet high, poisoning the water.''
``He knows nothing,''said Defarge;``at least nothing more than would easily elevate himself to a gallows of the same height.
``On the top of the gallows is fixed the knife, blade upwards, with its point in the air.
``The one M. de Villefort is preparing against my amiable assassin some brigand escaped from the gallows apparently.''
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