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Vocabulary Word

Word: gall

Definition: bitterness of feeling; nerve; effrontery;

Sentences Containing 'gall'

After hibernation, the larva chews itself out of the gall and pupates on the leaf in a parchment-like cocoon.
After several generations a group of mixed Irish and Norse ethnic background arose, the "Gall-Gaels", '("Gall" being the Old Irish word for foreign).
Aikawa died of acute gall bladder inflammation in 1967.
Alan pulls out a gall bladder and swallows it, but regurgitates it.
Among the important sculptural works of the period are the ivory carvings at the monastery of Saint Gall.
Both the bears had their gall bladders removed, most likely to be sold and used as medicine in Asia.
CCK also causes the increased production of hepatic bile, and stimulates the contraction of the gall bladder and the relaxation of the Sphincter of Oddi (Glisson's sphincter), resulting in the delivery of bile into the duodenal part of the small intestine.
Commonly prescribed supplements include a daily multivitamin, calcium citrate, and the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Because gallstones are a common complication of rapid weight loss following any type of weight loss surgery, some surgeons may remove the gall bladder as a preventative measure during the DS or the RNY.
Douglas-firs are most vulnerable to the Cooley spruce gall adelgid.
Five minutes after, it was down; and we sailed under mizzen tops`ls and to`gall`nt sails.
Flukes of the family are localized in liver, gall bladder, and the intestine.
From 1798 to 1803 Appenzell, with the other domains of the abbot of St Gall, was formed into the canton of Säntis of the Helvetic Republic, but in 1803, on the creation of the new canton of St.
From 1995 to 1997, Bland, along with Sonny Thompson, recorded and played live with French Pop star France Gall -- they appear on one studio album and two live albums.
Gall and in response they were excommunicated by the Bishop of Constance.
Gall Gospel Book is a medieval insular Gospel Book.
Gall Gospel Book, and the Book of Armagh.
Gall had established their power in the land later called Appenzell, which, too, became thoroughly Teutonized, its early inhabitants having probably been Romanized Raetians.
Gall) and Oberegg (Appenzell Inner Rhodes).
Gall, and a movement to closer relationships with the Confederation.
Gall, shrank back within its former boundaries.
Gall, Switzerland, for Mickey and Minnie Mouse handkerchiefs.
Gall, Venezuelan places and musicians, and other topics in the "New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians" (both the 1980 edition and the 2001 edition).
Gall, which exerted a great influence on the area.
He is married with three children, and is brother-in-law of former bandmate Greg Gall.
His employment, from his first coming into the academy, was an operation to reduce human excrement to its original food, by separating the several parts, removing the tincture which it receives from the gall, making the odour exhale, and scumming off the saliva.
If gall bladder cancer is diagnosed after cholecystectomy for stone disease (incidental cancer), reoperation to remove part of liver and lymph nodes is required in most cases.
In February, Glover signed Carlisle United striker Kevin Gall on loan.
In the fall of 2012, Henry was diagnosed with gall bladder cancer.
Jesse later calls Jacob and he says that is just a minor gall bladder surgery and he explicitly told Cass not to come.
Monterey pine is affected by two endemic pests and diseases; western gall rusts and engraver beetles.
Near the petiole, the host plant forms a gall, creating a sheltered site for the larva to overwinter.
Nitronic alloys made by selective alloying with manganese and nitrogen may have a reduced tendency to gall.
Nor have Gall and his disciple Spurzheim failed to throw out some hints touching the phrenological characteristics of other beings than man.
Other species of adelgids also infest fir trees, those include the pine bark adelgid, the Cooley spruce gall adelgid ("Adelges cooleyi"), and the Eastern spruce gall adelgid.
Prior to hosting "Me, My House, and I" with Brigitte Gall, Brigitte had the enviable job of hosting 52 episodes of The World’s Greatest Spas, seen on W Network in Canada, Discovery Channel (US)/Latin America, and in 85 other countries.
Produced by Mountain Road Productions the series follows the trials and tribulations of stand-up comedian, actor, and first-time homeowner Brigitte Gall, as she renovates a turn-of-the-century home in the city.
Punt dal Gall is an arch dam located in Livigno valley, 10.5 km northwest of the Italian town of Livigno. It lies at the border between the Italian region of Lombardy and the Swiss canton of Grisons.
Species of spruce trees face assault from insects such as the White pine weevil ("Pissodes strobi"), Cooley spruce gall adelgid, and the Pine needle scale ("Chionaspis pinifoliae").
Streptokinase may find a use in helping to prevent postoperative adhesions, a common complication of surgery, especially abdominal surgery (appendectomy, gall stones, hysterectomy, etc.) One study using animal models (rats) found that when used with a PHBV membrane drug-delivery system, it was 90 percent effective in preventing adhesions.
Such an enterprise would seem almost as hopeful as for Lavater to have scrutinized the wrinkles on the Rock of Gibraltar, or for Gall to have mounted a ladder and manipulated the Dome of the Pantheon.
Such facts as the complex and extraordinary out growths which variably follow from the insertion of a minute drop of poison by a gall-producing insect, shows us what singular modifications might result in the case of plants from a chemical change in the nature of the sap.
The gall bladder of the Bengal slow loris has historically been used to make ink for tattoos by the village elders in Pursat and Koh Kong Provinces of Cambodia.
The incidence of gall bladder cancer is increasing in China as well as north central India.
The light was built by John Clarkson (engineer); Kermack and Gall built the tower, while Smith and Stevenson installed the oil lantern which was first lit on 11 August 1797.
The true firs are most susceptible to insects such as the Balsam gall midge ("Paradiplosis tumifex"), and the Balsam twig aphid.
Totmianina / Marinin dominated world competition from that point onward. In December 2005, Totmianina was hospitalized with a gall bladder problem.
We see this even in so trifling a fact as that the same poison often similarly affects plants and animals; or that the poison secreted by the gall-fly produces monstrous growths on the wild rose or oak-tree.
Windy Arbour is surrounded by several housing estates including Columbanus - which consists of St Columbanus Road, Place and Avenue; and St Gall's Gardens(North and South; Mulvey Park; Olivemount Grove and Terrace; St Luke's Crescent; Churchfields; Highfield Park, Annaville Park, Annaville Residence and Frankfort Park.
Within an ace of being Count was he, And would have been but for the spite and gall Of this vile age, mean and illiberal, That cannot even let a donkey be.
`Take in two reefs in the tops`ls,'cried the captain;`let go the bowlin's, haul the brace, lower the to`gall`nt sails, haul out the reef tackles on the yards.'''
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