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Vocabulary Word

Word: fulcrum

Definition: support on which a lever rests or pivots

Sentences Containing 'fulcrum'

For example, the fulcrum is sometimes at one end, the force at the opposite end, and the weight to be lifted between them.
Former skipper Arjun Halappa had the ability to play as an attacking midfielder and they had Bimal Lakra, a trusted soldier in the midfield, as the fulcrum of the team's fortunes - who was also be ably assisted by VS Vinay.
He notes the suggestion that the offer was pre-arranged, in order to deprive the CIA of their camera, and thereby doom the FULCRUM effort.
If the load is halfway from the fulcrum to the man's hands, the man will have to lift with a force equal to one half the load.
If the load is one fourth as far from the fulcrum as the man's hands, he will need to lift with a force only one fourth as great as that of the load.
In 2012, Fulcrum broke into the force gauge industry with the release of their FA series gauges.
In an effort to expand the Torbal line, Fulcrum introduced industrial weighing scales, moisture analyzers, and washdown scales.
In any form of lever there are only three things to be considered: the point where the weight rests, the point where the force acts, and the point called the fulcrum about which the rod rotates.
Left-hand pressure on a cello fingerboard, acting against the fulcrum of the player's chest and/or knees, may cause the endpin to slip forward on the floor.
Lewis states that both the FULCRUM and S-2 projects had "already" been handed to Itek, and it was the internal power struggles between the CIA and NRO that led to Wheelon's stream of demands as punishment for accepting the S2 work.
Move the 4 pound weight so that it is very near the fulcrum, say but 6 inches from it; then the spring balance registers a force only one fourth as great as the weight which it suspends.
Since the introduction of their first digital scales, Fulcrum has made huge advances in the technology of these products.
Stung by the outcome, the project suffered a further setback when Itek announced that they would no longer work on FULCRUM's camera because of a demand that they felt was unreasonable, although other sources suggested it was the final result of a long stream of demands and design changes coming from the newly-enlarged CIA division.
Suspend a stick with a hole at its center as in Figure 98, and hang a 4 pound weight at a distance of 1 foot from the fulcrum, supporting the load by means of a spring balance 2 feet from the fulcrum.
The distance from the force to the fulcrum is called the force arm.
The fulcrum is at the wheel, the force is at the handles, the weight is on the wheelbarrow.
The fulcrum, called the ratchet post, fit on the rear transom of the upper carriage.
The group was named by the New Zealand Geographic Board in 1994; the name is suggested by the position and linear arrangement of the group as of a "lever" away from the "fulcrum".
The Lever Nunataks () are a chain of nunataks that extend southeastward from Fulcrum and the head of Creagh Glacier in the Wilkniss Mountains of Victoria Land, Antarctica.
The NRO declined to offer funding for the satellite, however, so Wheelon arranged funding from its own budget and started the "FULCRUM" effort.
The point where the steering axis line contacts the road is the fulcrum pivot point on which the tire is turned.
This project had originally selected a Kodak camera, and changed to an Itek design after their FULCRUM announcement.
Torbal continued with its mechanical scales until in 2000 the Company was sold by Vertex to Fulcrum Inc., the present owner.
When news of the FULCRUM efforts later found their way to the NRO, a major fight broke out that eventually landed on the desk of Robert McNamara.
With the expanded product selections, Fulcrum was able to begin offering customizable firmware to customers.

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