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Vocabulary Word

Word: fruition

Definition: bearing of fruit; fulfillment; realization; Ex. come to/be brought to fruition

Sentences Containing 'fruition'

1982 - KUT began broadcasting in stereo at 90.5 MHz with 100,000 watts of power, antenna height at 1,595 feet, and a total signal radius of 97 miles—bringing to fruition the federal funding and extraordinarily lengthy regulatory application process that had been started in 1972.
A man might have applied that to him, which is recorded of Socrates, that he knew how to want, and to enjoy those things, in the want whereof, most men show themselves weak; and in the fruition, intemperate: but to hold out firm and constant, and to keep within the compass of true moderation and sobriety in either estate, is proper to a man, who hath a perfect and invincible soul; such as he showed himself in the sickness of Maximus.
A new lease of life on the Rübeland Railway did not come to fruition, because it soon became apparent that this line would be electrified for 25 kV, 50 Hz.
After over a year of trials, Moody was able to bring Lowell's description of the power loom to fruition, making his own advancements along the way.
Allmusic's William Ruhlmann noted that Talking Heads' musical transition, first witnessed in "Fear of Music", comes to full fruition in "Remain in Light"; he stated, "Talking Heads were connecting with an audience ready to follow their musical evolution, and the album was so inventive and influential." In the 1995 "Spin Alternative Record Guide", Eric Weisbard praised Eno's production effort which helped rein in any excessive appropriations of African music by Talking Heads.
Although little progress was made in bringing the plan to fruition, it was considered a provocation by Ahmad bin Yahya.
Although ninety-nine colonists settled in the area, the project was halted when Louisiana realized its government treasury did not have enough funds to see the colonization to fruition.
An important external event brought the design of the Maccabeans to fruition.
and create and work out realistic paths from the present towards desirable futures, and propose them to those that can bring a design to fruition"".
At one point, there was talk of an animated CBS show from the studio, based on the BBC's "Doctor Who"; the plan never came to fruition, but concept art was created by Ted Bastien.
Before any of these rumors came to fruition the St.
He brought to fruition the social realist school blossoming in the Caucasus and particularly in Azerbaijan promoted by the philosopher and playwright Mirza Fatali Akhundov.
He was a great proponent of transition, an act that would take all who go to a godlike state, an idea brought to knowledge from a dream had by Dienara and further brought into fruition and organized by Chaund, her husband.
He was also instrumental in the Pennsylvania's electrification development, although it did not reach full fruition until after his death.
His profile was raised by the takeover of Ebbsfleet by MyFootballClub, although the website's initial boasts that its members – and not Daish – would pick the team had as of 22 May 2010 yet to come to fruition.
In 1991 the planning reached a critical stage and with a concrete strategy in place building works commenced and were brought to fruition in 1994 when the then President Mrs. Mary Robinson opened the newly built 20 bedroom home called Brú na bhFiann, liberally translated from Gaelic as 'Home of the Brave'.
In 1992, the new venture came to fruition as S-B Power Tool Co.
In 2010 Rabbi Abuhatzeira was accused by New York Jews of charging hundreds of thousands of dollars in exchange promised miracles that never came to fruition The prosecutor in Brooklyn subsequently opened an investigation, and Abuhatzeira stopped traveling to the United States as a result. Yossi Bar Moha, the journalist who investigated the Rabbi in 1997, claimed that "Elazar Abuhatzeira is a charlatan, con man and impostor who takes advantage of people's innocence, exploits them and brings to the verge of poverty".
In recent years, numerous mutually beneficial collaborative efforts have come to fruition between the University's academics and all levels of government: city, province, and state.
It was hoped in 2008 to move it to the Downpatrick and County Downs Railway for restoration, but this too did not come to fruition.
It was left undefined in the press release whether the third volume would also consist of the remaining Epic issues with new material, or instead be all-new material following those stories, such as an adaption of the stage play itself, or a dramatization of the "Great Change" event that the series' Glossary often refers to as the ultimate fruition of the narrative.
Later, in another interview with "XXL", Game confirmed that the album's guests would include fellow rappers Lil Wayne, Pharrell Williams, Gucci Mane and Kanye West, and also stating that he desired to work with pop singer Lady Gaga, stating that he was trying to get Interscope Records executive Jimmy Iovine to allow this collaboration to come to fruition.
Louis the following season - a move planned by the league several years before its fruition.
On the evening of 11 April, with the coup in full swing, one coup plotter told television viewers that the coup had been long planned: "Nine months ago a movement started to organise itself more firmly, a serious movement, and fortunately it has come to fruition today."
Other development plans by members of the Drennen family for a large village and resurgence of the springs never came to fruition.
Planned collaborations with the Basement Jaxx, The DFA, and Richard X were announced, although the latter two did not come to fruition, and Jackson's work with Jaxx did not appear on the album.
Plans for an institutional campus in Houston came to fruition in 1986 under Mr. David Eller (Chairman of the Texas A University System Board of Regents) and Dr. Richard Wainerdi (Chairman and CEO of the Texas Medical Center).
Prior to Jackson's Super Bowl performance incident, Jackson and Justin Timberlake discussed potentially recording a duet for the album, as well as a rumored collaboration for a Quincy Jones album, though neither came to fruition.
Producer Sarah Alexander joined the project and immediately was faced with the challenge of the logistics of bringing Cox's vision to fruition.
Tchaikovsky died on 6 November 1893, just when plans to revive "Swan Lake" were beginning to come to fruition.
The film's DVD release was long-delayed, with some thinking it would never come to fruition.
The genre is considered to have been brought to fruition in the second organ symphony of André Fleury.
The idea for a church on the east side of Porsgrunn was a few years in the making, but came to fruition due to the influence and capital of a few of the city's wealthy merchants, shipowners and ironworks owners.
The interpretation in Mahamudra is similar: When the mahamudra practices come to fruition, one sees that the mind and all phenomena are fundamentally empty of any identity; this emptiness is called "dharmakāya".
The National War Memorial Committee was formed in order to bring the proposal to fruition, and in February 1924 the committee announced an architectural competition to find the design of the new memorial. In the preamble to the conditions of entry, it was stated that the new memorial was to serve the purpose of "perpetually commemorating the Victory achieved in the Great War, 1914–1918, the Supreme and personal sacrifice of those who participated in that War, and the National effort involved in such activities".
The release gave die-hard Racer X fans hope that new material was on the way, but nothing came to fruition.
The Signos tour was a milestone for Soda as they played 22 concerts in 17 cities to almost 350,000 fans, in the process opening up the idea that Latin Rock can transcend the nationalities of the bands, something that would come to fruition in the upcoming decade.
The store eventually grew to 25 stores before filing for bankruptcy in 2005 after planned financing did not come to fruition.
There have been several proposals to privatize Pemex since, but they have never come to fruition as many Mexicans fear foreign control of this stragetic industry.
There have been various proposals to grade-separate this junction but none have yet come to fruition.
They were precursors to the mod revival, which came to fruition around 1979, the year the band split.
This atrium is named in honour of Leo F. Krisjanson, President of the University of Saskatchewan, 1980-1989, who brought the dream of an agricultural sciences complex to fruition.
This came to fruition in 1984 when Soda signed to the Rodríguez Ares agency.
This reached fruition in the next generation of sculptors including William Brodie (1815–81), Amelia Hill (1820-1904) and Steell's apprentice David Watson Stevenson (1842-1904).
While the Altair and surface systems would have been equally necessary for Project Constellation to reach fruition, the focus was on developing the Orion spacecraft to shorten the gap in US access to orbit following the retirement of the Space Shuttle in 2010.
Within that episode, Adrianne's idea was passed over in favor of that of castmate Da Brat, but the latter's show never came to fruition.

More Vocab Words

::: doggerel - poor verse
::: limber - flexible; supple; pliable; V.
::: elevation - elevated position; altitude; height; flat upright side of a building; angle made by pointing a gun; Ex. The elevation of her style is much admired; Ex. front elevation of the house
::: ostracize - banish from a group; exclude from public favor; ban; Ex. His friends ostracized him. N. ostracism
::: granulate - form into grains or granules; N. granule: grain or particle
::: bemused - confused; lost in thought; preoccupied
::: bristle - short stiff hair; V: (hair or fur) stand up stiffly
::: dishearten - discourage
::: blight - plant disease; V: infect with blight; ruin; destroy
::: qualms - uneasy feelings; misgivings; uneasy fears especially about matters of conscience; Ex. I have no qualms about giving this assignment to Helen.