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Vocabulary Word

Word: fraught

Definition: filled (with something unpleasant); full; Ex. fraught with danger and difficulties; CF. freight

Sentences Containing 'fraught'

"Such a policy is fraught with risk, however.
A goodwill get-together before the game was fraught with tension.
Affliction was associated both with necessity and with chance—it was fraught with necessity because it was hard-wired into existence itself, and thus imposed itself upon the sufferer with the full force of the inescapable, but it was also subject to chance inasmuch as chance, too, is an inescapable part of the nature of existence.
After the international success, the couple competed in "Bailando 2010" the Argentinian version of "Dancing with the Stars", since they were voted off Showmatch (in round 11) the relationship of the couple has been fraught.
At last, arrayed for the purpose at a vast expense, I went to Miss Mills's, fraught with a declaration.
E., Post Office, Canterbury, will be fraught with less painful consequences than any addressed immediately to one, who subscribes herself, in extreme distress, 'Mr. Thomas Traddles's respectful friend and suppliant, 'EMMA MICAWBER.'
In today's world of logorrhea, communication is fraught with many dangers: misunderstandings, paranoias, recriminations, conflicts.
Marvel Interactive only produced two sets, Image and X-Men, both of which were fraught with delays and printing difficulties.
Military ties remain fraught with tension, however, and in 2002 a brief naval skirmish left four South Korean sailors dead, leaving the future of the Sunshine policy uncertain.
Mr. Larkins (a gruff old gentleman with a double chin, and one of his eyes immovable in his head) is fraught with interest to me.
Publishers Weekly called "The Light" "Spooky and fraught with peril" but said that "as the first act in a larger piece, few answers are revealed, and numerous questions are left unresolved in anticipation of the next installment".
She described Rivera as "heartbreakingly perfect", and "Vanity Fair" Brett Berk wrote that "Naya Rivera and Heather Morris deserve special praise for the complex way they portray this fraught relationship."
The album received positive reviews, praising lead singer Kristin Mueller-Heaslip's "fraught, full-throttle operatic vocals", and pianist Benjamin Mueller-Heaslip’s "unique and uncompromised" compositions and arrangements.
The conquistadors set out across inaccessible mountains and after a long march fraught with many fights with the local tribes they reach Paso de Cortés overlooking the Valley of Mexico and get a "first glimpse of things never heard of, seen, or dreamed of before."
The feeling with which I used to watch the tramps, as they came into the town on those wet evenings, at dusk, and limped past, with their bundles drooping over their shoulders at the ends of sticks, came freshly back to me; fraught, as then, with the smell of damp earth, and wet leaves and briar, and the sensation of the very airs that blew upon me in my own toilsome journey.
The Klan tapped into a long history of fraught relations between Maine’s Protestant ‘Yankee’ population (those descended from the original English colonials) and Irish-Catholic newcomers, who had begun immigrating in large numbers in the 1830s.
The last thing I saw was Littimer's unruffled eye; fraught, as I fancied, with the silent conviction that I was very young indeed.
The remembrance of that life is fraught with so much pain to me, with so much mental suffering and want of hope, that I have never had the courage even to examine how long I was doomed to lead it.
The topic is fraught with such danger to the bonnet, that Miss Lavinia gives another little scream, and begs me to understand that Dora is only to be looked at, and on no account to be touched.
The town is fraught with communal tensions, poverty and hardship.
These units, designed to accompany special operations teams and work alongside them in deployed environments, are intended to provide access to the information and needs of local community women in communities where contact between male soldiers and civilian women is culturally fraught.
Though fraught with controversy and forcibly ended, the Occupation is hailed by many as a success for having attained international attention for the situation of native peoples in the United States, and for sparking more than 200 instances of civil disobedience among Native Americans.
``My English brother Solomon,''mourned Miss Pross, casting up her tear fraught eyes,``that had the makings in him of one of the best and greatest of men in his native country, an official among foreigners, and such foreigners!
``Nothing is ever so firmly impressed on the mind as the memory of our early childhood, and with the exception of the two scenes I have just described to you, all my earliest reminiscences are fraught with deepest sadness.''
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