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Vocabulary Word

Word: frantic

Definition: wild; distraught as from fear or worry; Ex. frantic with fear

Sentences Containing 'frantic'

"I was recalled to myself by a frantic plucking at my wrist, and I found myself lying upon the stone floor of a narrow corridor, while a woman bent over me and tugged at me with her left hand, while she held a candle in her right.
"Paradoxically", he suggests, Expressionism takes the forefront here, more than in those of Aderca's novels where psychological conflicts are central to the narrative; in this case, it serves to depict Aurel's depletion of vital energies in his confrontation with the frantic terrestrial forces.
6.7/10, saying the game is "a frantic good time that's cut short by a serious lack of content.
After the Waltz is over Odette made her frantic entrance and, (as preserved in the notation), a brief mime interlude followed between her a few of her fellow Swan maidens.
And with these cracked words he finally departed, leaving me, for the moment, in no small wonderment at his frantic impudence.
Anger", "Frantic", "The Unnamed Feeling" and "Some Kind of Monster".
As the frantic old man thus spoke and thus trampled with his live and dead feet, a sneering triumph that seemed meant for Ahab, and a fatalistic despair that seemed meant for himself--these passed over the mute, motionless Parsee's face.
At this, the delight of the mother was almost frantic.
But heedless of all this, his mood seized Ahab, as he happened to glance upon the reel, not many hours after the magnet scene, and he remembered how his quadrant was no more, and recalled his frantic oath about the level log and line.
But when a man's religion becomes really frantic; when it is a positive torment to him; and, in fine, makes this earth of ours an uncomfortable inn to lodge in; then I think it high time to take that individual aside and argue the point with him.
But when they intrude, we have this frantic result`It will be probably a long time before the ladies'stand presents such a sea of foam like loveliness as it did yesterday.
Craig fights with the robber, trashing their apartment while making frantic, futile attempts to wake Day-Day.
Eno also contributed to "Frantic" on the track "I Thought".
For as the swift monster drags you deeper and deeper into the frantic shoal, you bid adieu to circumspect life and only exist in a delirious throb.
Frantic protests to London by the Governor and local politicians led to those plans being revised.
Frantic work of art on the wall pious motto, done on the premises, sometimes in colored yarns, sometimes in faded grasses: progenitor of the`God Bless Our Home'of modern commerce.
Frantic, he gets a lift to the next station from an old woman truck driver.
He demonstrates that the frantic and massive Jewish registration for denaturalisation and departure was driven by knowledge that the denaturalisation law was due to expire in March 1951.
Here, Mrs. Heep broke out again, crying on her knees to Agnes to interfere in their behalf, exclaiming that he was very humble, and it was all true, and if he didn't do what we wanted, she would, and much more to the same purpose; being half frantic with fears for her darling.
I moved back a step or two, and stood as in a dream, all my senses stupefied by this frantic assault.
I now hoped for respite in sleep; but no, it reveled all through my head till sunrise again, a frantic and tireless nightmare.
In a frantic attempt to save Daniel, Lori manages to resuscitate after he has been clinically dead for almost a half hour.
In spring, a frantic Brooke English begs Leo to pretend to be interested in her dying daughter, Laura, so that this will spur Laura to fight for her life.
In strange contrast to the hardly tolerable constraint and nameless invisible domineerings of the captain's table, was the entire care-free license and ease, the almost frantic democracy of those inferior fellows the harpooneers.
Manzanera and Thompson recorded and toured with Ferry on his 2002 album "Frantic".
Meantime, Gabriel, ascending to the main-royal mast-head, was tossing one arm in frantic gestures, and hurling forth prophecies of speedy doom to the sacrilegious assailants of his divinity.
Monk and Natalie head back to the San Francisco Airporter, where they are once again at a crime scene outside the convention center and Disher is once again talking to a frantic witness.
Morrel uttered a loud exclamation, and frantic, doubtful, dazzled, as though by a celestial vision, he fell upon his knees.
Once more, and finally, the replenished pewter went the rounds among the frantic crew; when, waving his free hand to them, they all dispersed; and Ahab retired within his cabin.
Promising to return to help the frantic women, Chris and Noah ride away toward Tucson.
Sancho alone was frantic, for he could not free himself from the grasp of one of the canon's servants, who kept him from going to his master's assistance.
She explained that Laura was frantic and told her that Luis jumped in the water channel (which was less than 50 cm deep) and that she was unable to see him anymore.
Small reason was there to doubt, then, that ever since that almost fatal encounter, Ahab had cherished a wild vindictiveness against the whale, all the more fell for that in his frantic morbidness he at last came to identify with him, not only all his bodily woes, but all his intellectual and spiritual exasperations.
So man's insanity is heaven's sense; and wandering from all mortal reason, man comes at last to that celestial thought, which, to reason, is absurd and frantic; and weal or woe, feels then uncompromised, indifferent as his God.
Sometimes in his rage he would take me for one of them, and come at me, mouthing as if he were going to tear me in pieces; then, remembering me, just in time, would dive into the shop, and lie upon his bed, as I thought from the sound of his voice, yelling in a frantic way, to his own windy tune, the 'Death of Nelson'; with an Oh!
That, in the first frantic greetings lavished on himself as a notable sufferer under the overthrown system, it had been accorded to him to have Charles Darnay brought before the lawless Court, and examined.
The ancient Greeks credited the battle of Marathon's victory to Pan, using his name for the frenzied, frantic fear exhibited by the fleeing enemy soldiers.
The elements were turned loose, and they rattled and banged and blazed away in the most blind and frantic manner.
The fair is mentioned in the Beastie Boys' 1989 song "Shadrach," from Paul's Boutique: "So I'm out pickin' pockets at the Atlantic Antic/ And nobody wants to hear you 'cause your rhymes are so frantic".
The last time any song was performed from the album on a major tour was "Frantic" on October 21, 2008 in Glendale, Arizona, although "Dirty Window" and "Frantic" were performed again on December 10, 2011 during the last concert of Metallica's special and private 30th Anniversary Tour, in San Francisco, California.
The latter was the eternal, living principle or soul in him; and in sleep, being for the time dissociated from the characterizing mind, which at other times employed it for its outer vehicle or agent, it spontaneously sought escape from the scorching contiguity of the frantic thing, of which, for the time, it was no longer an integral.
The Monarchs won their first WNBA title, riding All-Star Yolanda Griffith and rallying for a frantic 62-59 victory over the hard-luck Connecticut Sun.
The next day, Aberline and the local police arrest a bloodied, frantic, now-human Lawrence, while his father whispers, "Be strong, Lawrence" with a sly smile.
The two continue their frantic flight only to collide with a truck, dying soon afterward. A crowd has gathered around the wreck when Misayo arrives.
There is a frantic party-like atmosphere here as the reporters rapidly write stories on the bombings.
They drew the wood boat aft, and they and the captain fought back the frantic herd of frightened immigrants till the wounded could be brought there and placed in safety first.
This power system is destroyed in an escape by the children and Mendoza, starting a frantic search by the Olmecs for the fusion reactor core (the Great Treasure) hidden in the City of Gold.
Two Shakespeare uses include “Frantic mad with unrest” and proverb states, “Desire has no rest.” Along with “Black as hell” being a common descriptor in Shakespeare’s time.
Working in frantic haste, CAP's engineers were able to add an experimental Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-8 installation into a Royal Navy submarine before she sailed to the South Atlantic.
Yet her distress when I left her was very great, her expostulations at the parting were sometimes frantic, and I think, altogether, I had as much trouble as comfort from her devotion.

More Vocab Words

::: callow - youthful; immature; inexperienced
::: adapt - make or become suitable for a specific use; alter; modify; adjust; N. adaptation: act of adapting; composition recast into a new form; Ex. The play is an adaption of a short novel.
::: motility - ability to move spontaneously; ADJ. motile: moving spontaneously
::: alluvial - pertaining to soil deposits left by running water
::: prototype - original work used as a model by others
::: outgoing - sociable; eager to mix socially with others
::: ponderous - having great weight; weighty; unwieldy; lacking lightness; dull; Ex. ponderous body/style of writing
::: doldrums - blues; listlessness(lack of spirit or energy); slack(inactive) period; period of stagnation; ocean area near the equator where ships cannot move because there is no wind; Ex. in the doldrums
::: portly - stout; corpulent
::: pluck - courage; V: pull off or out; pull out the hair or feathers of; ADJ. plucky: courageous; brave