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Vocabulary Word

Word: franchise

Definition: right or privilege granted by authority; right to vote; license to sell a product in a particular territory

Sentences Containing 'franchise'

"The Big O" was conceived as a media franchise.
At the expiry of the franchise, the City of Welland was not willing to take over the service.
Buffalo's first win in franchise history.
Charles Payson sold the franchise to Doubleday Company in 1980.
Colonel Samuel "Sam" Trautman is the secondary character in the franchise.
Due to the success of the video, he later became an online YouTube franchise.
Each NHL Franchise is represented by one of the 30 heroes, titled "Guardians".
For a franchise that has struggled to find a franchise quarterback since Len Dawson's retirement in 1975, Matt Cassel may be the answer.
He returned to the franchise for "Alien vs. Predator" to portray Charles Bishop Weyland.
He sold a franchise of the business in that year.
He was also named the 81st best Tiger in franchise history.
In 1979 the Major Indoor Soccer League placed an expansion franchise in Detroit, Michigan.
In 2007, injuries and retirement plagued the franchise.
In 2011, the franchise was acquired by mobile game company DeNA.
It is based on concepts from the "Mutant Chronicles" franchise.
It is part of the "VIP" publishing franchise of Michael O'Doherty.
It is the seventh Spanish edition of the reality franchise "Big Brother".
It was hosted by Jason Gunn, and endorsed by the McDonald's franchise.
It was the second championship for the franchise, following a 23-year drought.
It was the second season of the franchise, which had operated in Philadelphia the season before.
Jani-King is also the #8 Overall Franchise Company while maintaining the top spot as the #1 Commercial Cleaning Franchise.
List of NBA franchise post-season droughts
Louis Blues season was the 27th for the franchise in St.
Louis Blues season was the seventh for the franchise in St.
Louis Blues season was the tenth for the franchise in St.
On the 2011 Entrepreneur Franchise 500 list, Jazzercise ranks as the #1 fitness franchise and #17 overall.
Only actresses were permitted to join the The Actresses Franchise League.
Perhaps the team will create a franchise on Officer Downe.
Previously they had been the only franchise to have not made the playoffs.
Records include when the franchise was the Brewers and Browns.
See the entry for the IBA for details of the 1981 and 1991-2 franchise rounds.
Seymour series, a similar franchise, also from Codemasters.
Such is the case when you are the most broken character in the franchise."
The 2012-2013 season is the franchise's 16th season in Bismarck.
The Blues missed the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.
The Diamonds franchise started in 2002 by owner Dawn Berndt.
The Elgin Racers are a franchise of the International Basketball League.
The franchise is also Polluelos de Aibonito.
The franchise was based in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi.
The franchise was extended, and votes from all the burghs were added together.
The Monarchs made their first appearance in the Finals in franchise history.
The same year, Fertel agreed to issue her first franchise.
The Suffering: Ties That Bind, expanded the franchise in 2005.
The WHA lost its Bellingham franchise in the fall of 2007, but gained the Fort Vancouver Pioneers.
They are part of a franchise owned by Wing Tai Holdings.
They were successful, but McDonald's quickly shut down the franchise after the union won.
This is a list of all seasons by the Texas Rangers professional baseball franchise.
This is a list of team records for the Baltimore Orioles baseball franchise.
Universal adult franchise in the act was opposed since most of the population was illiterate.
Whannell and Wan are the creators of the "Saw" franchise.

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