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Vocabulary Word

Word: frail

Definition: weak; N. frailty

Sentences Containing 'frail'

'He struck me as being a very beautiful and graceful creature, but indescribably frail.
'With respect to the pecuniary assistance enabling us to launch our frail canoe on the ocean of enterprise, I have reconsidered that important business-point; and would beg to propose my notes of hand--drawn, it is needless to stipulate, on stamps of the amounts respectively required by the various Acts of Parliament applying to such securities--at eighteen, twenty-four, and thirty months.
1742, as Arabella in the ‘London Cuckolds’ of Ravenscroft, she first appeared at Covent Garden, where she played, among other parts, Sylvia in the ‘Recruiting Officer,’ Paulina in the ‘Winter's Tale,’ Nottingham in ‘Essex,’ Queen in ‘Hamlet,’ Elvira in the ‘Spanish Fryar,’ Mrs. Frail, and Doris in ‘Æsop,’ Next year she returned to Drury Lane, playing Amanda in the ‘Relapse,’ Margarita in ‘Rule a Wife and have a Wife,’ Elvira in ‘Love makes a Man,’ Jane Shore, Belvidera, and Kitty Pry in the ‘Lying Valet,’ and was, on 17 Feb.
And besides, they looked so frail that I could fancy myself flinging the whole dozen of them about like nine-pins.
As demolition begins, a frail Dr. Auschlander, accidentally left in the hospital after a relapse, attempts to escape.
As now he thus vainly strove, the jaw slipped from him; the frail gunwales bent in, collapsed, and snapped, as both jaws, like an enormous shears, sliding further aft, bit the craft completely in twain, and locked themselves fast again in the sea, midway between the two floating wrecks.
At this point, Mayo was in his late seventies and growing increasingly frail.
But excessive grief is like a storm at sea, where the frail bark is tossed from the depths to the top of the wave.
Even the fishermen who were on their "sakayan" (outriggered rowing canoe), or "baruto" (Visayan for small frail rowing boat), or the Muslim pirates who were on their "pankos" (sailboat) were not spared from the attack if they happened to pass by near the mouth of the cave. Until one night, under the light of a bright full moon, the snake was seen playing the "trabungko", a brightly illuminating crystal ball.
He was male and strong, she feminine and frail.
Here one curses her and calls her capricious, fickle, and immodest, there another condemns her as frail and frivolous; this pardons and absolves her, that spurns and reviles her; one extols her beauty, another assails her character, and in short all abuse her, and all adore her, and to such a pitch has this general infatuation gone that there are some who complain of her scorn without ever having exchanged a word with her, and even some that bewail and mourn the raging fever of jealousy, for which she never gave anyone cause, for, as I have already said, her misconduct was known before her passion.
However, since al-Sayegh was a "frail" man suffering from frequent attacks of asthsma, the accusation that he had been a getaway driver was criticised.
In 1992 Aleksander Wolszczan and Dale Frail used this method to discover planets around the pulsar PSR 1257+12.
In August, 1458, he staged a coup to seize control of Florentine government in the name of its existing ruler, the elderly and now frail Cosimo de' Medici.
In Episode 10 an increasingly frail Henry is facing his own mortality.
In his final years, Hutton suffered from ill health and became increasingly frail.
In June, a frail, lonely and dyslexic Woodrow Wilson gave up on his failing law practice on Spring Street in Atlanta, which he described as “dreadful drudgery.” Few noticed or cared when he boarded a northbound train bound for graduate school at Johns Hopkins.
Instead were these frail creatures who had forgotten their high ancestry, and the white Things of which I went in terror.
It let loose the judgment I had suspended upon their clothes, their frail light limbs, and fragile features.
It was this man who appeared frail, yet was revered as a great soul and inspiration to millions of people, that intrigued Chopra and fostered his exploration into what makes a great and effective leader.
On the downside was the long travelling time for frail babies and for parents.
Romanov placed Stevie Frail in charge for the rest of the season, but Hearts disappointingly finished eighth in the league.
said the fair, frail girl to her brunette companion.
The action is seen through the eyes of Shubhendu Chatterjee who has come to the Mela not out of any religious sentiment but to see and understand people and seek the reason why "“….multitudes upon multitudes of the old and weak and the young and frail enter without hesitation or complaint upon such incredible journeys and endure the resultant miseries without repining.”" (Mark Twain after visiting the 1895 Mela)
The newly formed government was to last eight years with Cosimo as its figurehead, the reality being he was too frail to maintain power alone.
The paddle wheel might be so heavy that the stream could not turn it, or so frail in comparison with the water force that the stream would destroy it.
There is nothing but that frail breastwork of earth between the people and destruction.
Walkyier had to help his frail mother and his ill father while The Clan Destined got into the background.
When Hay was eventually searched, an officer twisted his thin frail arm for so long and with such force that he eventually broke it.

More Vocab Words

::: bountiful - generous; graciously generous; showing bounty
::: imperil - put in danger
::: sporadic - occurring irregularly; intermittent
::: asperity - sharpness; roughness; severity (of temper or weather); Ex. asperities of a Russian winter
::: levity - lack of seriousness or steadiness; frivolity; lightness of manner
::: magnitude - greatness (in size or extent); extent
::: importunate - urging; always demanding; troublesomely urgent or persistent
::: evince - show clearly
::: implausible - unlikely (to be true); unbelievable; Ex. implausible alibi
::: untenable - (of a position, esp. in an argument) indefensible; not able to be maintained