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Vocabulary Word

Word: foster

Definition: rear; bring up (for a certain period only); encourage; promote the development of (feelings or ideas); Ex. help foster friendly relations; ADJ: giving parental care although not related by blood; Ex. foster parents

Sentences Containing 'foster'

"But it's as if all my children were being sent to a foster home.
"So clear out," he says; "and you can tell Mr. Foster whatever you want to.
Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public School
Abby Kelley Foster started with Grades K-5 in a factory building.
After a year at the foster home she was sent to a school for defective children.
All songs written by Radney Foster except where noted.
As of 2007, Abby Kelley Foster shows mixed results in MCAS testing.
As the Civil Rights Movement grew, Foster became an organizer for the Dallas County area.
Ben Foster's character was a non-prisoner who did not trust anyone.
Composed before their engagement, "Here I Stand" was played at Usher and Foster's wedding, on Foster's request. The tune is an assurance of sexual fidelity and commitment.
Cox appealed to Foster to sell him "Prince" so he could return to Africa.
Dayzee explained it was transitional housing for kids who had aged out of the foster care system.
Della never had children, but she was a foster parent to more than a dozen foster children.
Established in 1855, it was published by "Newey Foster of New Street".
Foster Auditorium is a multi-purpose facility at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
Foster served as the president of the Alpine Club of Canada and has a mountain on Vancouver Island named in his honour, Mount Colonel Foster.
Foster was at the front of one of the lines, and was clubbed by a state trooper, leaving her with swollen knees.
Foster was born on September 2, 1975 in ─░ncirlik, Turkey.
Foster was Chancellor of Leeds Metropolitan University from 2005 to 2009.
Foster--and he lives forty mile back here in the country, on the road to Lafayette."
Fundraising for the work and installation was spearheaded by parish member Daisy Foster.
George Wallace Foster Cook was born in Shrewsbury, Vermont on May 20, 1919.
Gwen and her foster family live on the second floor of that same building.
He is represented by the Kim Foster Gallery.
He traveled through the foster care system of British Columbia, visiting many families who abused him.
His foster family consists of- Friends and allies.
His foster parents died, and Austerlitz learned something of his background.
Holt was taken from his father while he was young due to child abuse, and was put into foster care.
However, Foster would not budge, since he viewed Abd al-Rahman Ibrahim as indispensable to the Foster farm.
In 1884, Rev. Addison Foster visited the Cheyenne River Reservation.
In 1981, Foster founded the Great North Run.
In Ireland and Scotland she is the "foster mother of Jesus."
In March 1982, Sharon was in foster care and was due to go to long-term foster parents, the Boltons in May.
It is revealed that Sio is actually his blood sister who lived with foster parents when she was a child.
It is true that the indulgence of his foster mother encouraged him.
John Foster (born 19 September 1973) is an English football defender.
More than any other event, Foster Auditorium is known as the site of the "Stand in the Schoolhouse Door" incident.
Muriel Foster was born in Sunderland in 1877.
Replacement by Louisa Wall (as MP) and Peter Foster (as Otaki candidate).
She was one of twin daughters; her sister was Hilda Foster.
So pretty soon he says: "The man that bought him is named Abram Foster--Abram G.
The facility is named for Richard Clarke Foster, president of the University of Alabama from 1937 to 1941.
The film stars Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster.
The station is currently owned by Foster Charitable Foundation.
They are served primarily through the foster care system of the participating states.
They performed some of Foster's solo material, and some Sugar Ray classics.
Thomas Foster died the same year as Abdul-Rahman.
Williams and Foster clean up after betting Farnsworth.
Word got back to Foster, who considered this a breach of the agreement.
You were speaking of the Champs Elysees just now, worthy foster father.''

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