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Vocabulary Word

Word: forward

Definition: presumptuous or bold

Sentences Containing 'forward'

asked Defarge, motioning to Mr. Lorry to come forward.
Mr. Lorry came silently forward, leaving the daughter by the door.
The two spectators started forward, but she stayed them with a motion of her hand.
He imitated the action of a man's being impelled forward by the butt ends of muskets.
``Will you undertake to explain, that we suppose it to have been addressed here, on the chance of our knowing where to forward it, and that it has been here some time?''
They rested on some straw in a loft until the middle of the night, and then rode forward again when all the town was asleep.
Mr. Cruncher came forward sideways, with one of his shoulders in advance of him.
And you are looking forward with so much pleasure to seeing him once more to morrow!''
Carton, pressing forward, had already, with the speed of lightning, got him down into it, and stood over him, barefoot.
Upon this signal, the youngest of her daughters put herself forward.
She saw the indelicacy of putting himself forward as he had done, and the inconsistency of his professions with his conduct.
Could he expect that her friends would not step forward?
He called it, therefore, his duty to step forward, and endeavor to remedy an evil which had been brought on by himself.
The subject which had been so warmly canvassed between their parents, about a twelvemonth ago, was now brought forward again.
She looked forward to their entrance as the point on which all her chance of pleasure for the evening must depend.
Titian evidently had some trouble, as well he might have, with the forward leg of the Bacchus.
Then the hunter came forward and stood in their midst, and the mystery was solved.
I took her for the``Sunny South''hadn't any skylights forward of the chimneys.'
`Six feet aft, six and a half forward.'
They came forward in couples and groups, and proffered their twelve dollars and asked for membership.
I dropped into his wake; he led the way to his parlor in the forward end of the texas.
He closed the after door; then moved slowly to the forward one and closed that.
I could not bear the scene, so I wandered forward and tried to interest myself in the sea and the voices of the wind.
Again Mudjikewis became restless, and, running forward, gave the accustomed yell.
Then the leader went forward and touched the belt around the animal's neck.
This gave them all new strength, and they ran forward and entered it.
He ran forward, invoking his spirit with great earnestness, and gave the yell.
``And when you are looking forward to be captain, it was wrong to annoy the owner.''
They advanced fifty paces farther, and then stopped to open a door, then went forward again.
All that Edmond had been able to do was to drag himself about a dozen paces forward to lean against a moss grown rock.
Ten minutes after she pitched forward, then the other way, spun round and round, and then good by to the Pharaon.
``Well,''said Morcerf,``I may as well be magnanimous, and tear myself away to forward your wishes.
A committee of twelve members was chosen to examine the proofs brought forward by Morcerf.
The committee was made up of Liberals, several of whom came forward to shake hands with him.''
Danglars turned pale; Cavalcanti moved a step forward, and Albert turned towards him.
Her forehead almost touched the carpet, when the count sprang forward and raised her.
Louise slid through the half open gate like a snake, and bounded lightly forward.
``I shall bring that forward as an extenuating circumstance,''replied Eugenie.
Well, does not this tell you that in grief, as in life, there is always something to look forward to beyond?
Debray stepped forward, and cordially pressed the hand of his interlocutor.
France, though no doubt a richer country than Scotland, seems not to be going forward so fast.
Would summnon all, those scholars and orators: one by one you would beckon them forward with your rod and admonish them.
I then hurried forward, and found him standing by the pool.
So they started, and I lit out, all in a cold sweat, and scrambled forward.
He rushed fiercely forward, and the inquirer flitted away into the darkness.
He came a step forward, hesitated, and then touched my hand.
Your mistake in life is, that you do not look forward far enough.
The Psychologist leant forward to see, holding out his hand for a specimen.
Going forward to the forecastle, we found the slide of the scuttle open.
Then as the men went forward, he muttered on: "The things called omens!

More Vocab Words

::: moodiness - fits of depression or gloom; ADJ. moody: given to changeable moods; subject to periods of depression; gloomy CF. mood: state of mind or emotion
::: galvanic - of the production of electricity by the action of an acid on a metal; having the effect of an electric shock; Ex. galvanic cell; galvanic effect; CF. Luigi Galvani
::: sagacious - wise; perceptive; shrewd; having insight; N. sagacity
::: reverend - deserving reverence; N: priest
::: equestrian - rider on horseback; ADJ.
::: unexceptionable - entirely acceptable; not offering any basis for criticism
::: crave - desire; want intensely
::: sheathe - place into a case; insert into or provide with a sheath; Ex. He sheathed his dagger; N. sheath: case for a blade
::: grapple - wrestle; come to grips with; take hold of and struggle with; Ex. grapple with the burglar
::: appreciate - be thankful for; increase in worth; be thoroughly conscious of; ADJ. appreciable: enough to be felt; Ex. appreciable difference