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Vocabulary Word

Word: forum

Definition: public square of an ancient Roman city; public place for open discussion; court of law

Sentences Containing 'forum'

"Tangency", the off-topic forum, has the most posts per day.
A marble triumphal arch was erected on the west side of the Forum, out of marble from Marmara Island.
Access to the forum was from the sides, with three openings on the Roman Forum side and a monumental entrance on the opposing side with an exedra porticata in the shape of a horseshoe.
AFF is a major forum for documentary film in Romania.
All forum topics were collapsed into one general discussion forum called "The DataLounge Forum," and all news content, most references to the other sites in the DataLounge Network, and other features were discontinued.
Baha'is sponsored, coordinated, or organized more than 30 workshops at the Forum.
Besides primary research articles, it publishes "Essay Reviews" and "Forum" articles.
Comicforum is an internet forum with a focus on comics that was founded in 2000.
Encounters with Canada is Canada's largest youth forum.
Final. The MGP was held at the Forum in Stavanger, hosted by Øystein Bache.
For the design KISKA received the IF (International Forum Design Award) in 2009.
Gobowen is part of the Community Online forum http://www.community-online.co.uk
He backed the Louisiana Family Forum 75% of time.
He is a founding member of NASSCOM's RIM Forum.
He is the director of the Forum on Law, Culture, Society (http://www.FOLCS.org).
He was a member of the "boll weevil" and the Conservative Democratic Forum.
However, the Carlsen Manga-Forum and the forum of the manga anthology "Daisuki" remained at Comics in Leipzig.
However, the forum did not attract serious attention until March 17, 2009, when an article published on Politico detailed the nature of the forum and the extent of its membership.
In October 2003 he posted it on his website and on the CGTalk forum.
It is also referred to as the “Transient Forum” ("Forum Transitorium") from its function and location between Forum of Augustus and Forum of Vespasian, an area through which the street called the Via Argiletum ran between the residential district of Subura and the Roman Forum.
It was originally built by Constantine I and named the Forum Tauri ("Forum of the Bull").
Mironyuk is a member of the World Economic Forum.
Rice founded The Forum as a wedding gift to his wife Julia Hyneman Barnett.
Sexuality, including homosexuality, has started to enter the public forum.
Simon is performing magic in the Forum, and in order to prove himself to be a god, he levitates up into the air above the Forum.
Some clubs and other student organizations use its forum system to communicate and send mass emails.
That is to say, this does not mean that there was no activity in the field prior to the Forum, only that such efforts were not highly visible or organised.
The "Red Issue" website ran in conjunction with the fanzine, containing links to the online forum.
The Academy is an independent organization and a forum for military (army and air force) and defense issues.
The back of the temple was hidden from the Forum by a wall.
The Conference for Food Protection meets at least biennially to provide that forum.
The event was divided into two parts: an Exhibition and a Forum.
The film was selected in the Berlin Film Festival at the Forum.
The Forum also features a fully equipped Pro Shop.
The forum has been too much taken over to hysterics, paranoids, and boodlers on all sides.
The Forum is the BBC World Service's flagship discussion programme.
The Forum of Nerva was the fourth and smallest of the imperial fora.
The Forum of Theodosius (, today Beyazıt Square) was an area in Constantinople.
The Forum was an American magazine founded in 1885 by Isaac Leopold Rice.
The magazine is a forum and as such this is expected.
The most popular forum was the Gossip Forum, which dwarfed all others in both traffic and number of discussion threads created.
The Society is an independent organization and a forum for navy and defence issues.
The subject areas in the part of the forum dedicated to comics are: Awards.
The underground Cloaca Maxima ran the length of the forum.
The winner is chosen by a forum of journalists.
These summit participants are the current "core members" of the international forum: Issues.
This website is called the Fama/French Forum.
TICAD is a policy forum which Japan initiated in 1993.
What is called eloquence in the forum is commonly found to be rhetoric in the study.
When the forum went online in 2000, it was the only comics-related discussion forum.

More Vocab Words

::: exemplary - serving as a model; outstanding; Ex. exemplary punishment/behavior; N. exemplar: typical example; model
::: confluence - flowing together; the place where two rivers flow together; crowd; gathering together
::: panoramic - denoting an unobstructed and comprehensive view; N. panorama: unbroken view of a wide area
::: indicative - suggestive; implying; serving to indicate
::: concoct - prepare by mixing or combining; make up in concert; devise (something false) so as to deceive; Ex. concoct an elaborate excuse for being late; N. concoction
::: demeanor - behavior; bearing
::: buffoonery - clowning
::: dispatch - speediness; prompt execution; message sent with all due speed; V: send to a specified destination; finish promptly; kill
::: grandiloquent - (of a person or speech) using high sounding or important-sounding language; pompous; bombastic
::: stratified - divided into classes; arranged into strata; V. stratify