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Vocabulary Word

Word: forthright

Definition: straightforward; direct; frank

Sentences Containing 'forthright'

As an officer of the court, I have a duty to be open and forthright.
Cardus's opinions and judgments were often forthright and unsparing, which sometimes caused friction with leading performers.
Despite the fact that Nietzsche expressed his disgust with plebeian-volkist anti-Semitism and supremacist German nationalism in the most forthright terms possible (e.g. he resolved "to have nothing to do with anyone involved in the perfidious race-fraud"), phrases like "the will to power" became common in Nazi circles.
He felt that Bunker's bigotry was based on his rough, working-class life experiences, and that Bunker was honest and forthright in his opinions, showing an openness to changing his views if an individual treated him right.
He offered voters an alternative to boss-dominated politics, expressing a "forthright espousal of government responsibility for social welfare."
His forthright devotion to mission fundamentals typified the work of St Mark the Evangelist’s first bishop.
His rediscovery of Spanish painting from the golden age, his willingness to show the unpainted canvas, his exploration of the forthright nude, and his radical brush strokes are the first steps toward Impressionism.
In his November 10, 1933, review in "The New York Herald Tribune", Richard Watts, Jr. wrote that Sullavan "plays the tragic and lovelorn heroine of this shrewdly sentimental orgy with such forthright sympathy, wise reticence and honest feeling that she establishes herself with some definiteness as one of the cinema people to be watched".
It is impossible to know if a more forthright condemnation of the Holocaust would have proved more effective in saving lives, though it probably would have better assured his reputation."
Republican Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona stated that "I commend General Petraeus for his honest and forthright assessment of the situation in Iraq."
The student criticized the perceivable difference in authority during the analysis and demanded his teacher be more forthright.
This was the era in which the band were moving away from progressive rock and "tightened up their sidelong suites and rhythmic abstractions into balled-up song fists, art-pop blasts of angular, slashing guitar, spatial keyboards and hyperpercussion, all resolved with forthright melodic sense".
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