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Vocabulary Word

Word: forthcoming

Definition: happening in the near future; ready; willing to help; Ex. No answer was forthcoming.

Sentences Containing 'forthcoming'

A list of results (and forthcoming fixtures) played by the Southern Kings rugby union team.
A steamer came along, finally, and carried the unfortunates to Memphis, and there the most lavish assistance was at once forthcoming.
After the match, he was confirmed as captain for the remainder of the series, and the forthcoming MCC winter tour of West Indies.
Along with James Harris, she is the author of the forthcoming "Stalin on Stalinism."
Although some funds were forthcoming, the lack of progress by 1843 made Hughes retreat from his commitment.
Among the forthcoming Tamil and Telugu films in which he features are "Saleem", "Oye!", "Pallikondapuram" and "Azhagarmalai".
As none was forthcoming, he was brought for trial and heard the indictment against him.
At that time the escort carrier was busy carrying troops and aircraft to Europe as part of the mighty Allied buildup for the forthcoming invasion of Normandy.
At the sixtieth minute of this hour, if the money is not forthcoming, he blows out the prisoner's brains with a pistol shot, or plants his dagger in his heart, and that settles the account.''
Bands anticipating the forthcoming movement were appearing as far afield as Düsseldorf, West Germany, where "punk before punk" band NEU!
Despite both having been written in 1974, they were included because ""she was one of the most distinguished early Irish church historian(s) of her generation"", and as they had ""been heralded as forthcoming since her death.
Fictionist EP Forthcoming Album (2011-Present).
Forthcoming LP entitled "Survival of the Fittest", due for release early 2014.
Forthcoming publications: collections of poetry, book of dramas and prose, and the novels "Diamonds Growing", "The Mesozoic", "Bug", "Vacuum".
Furthermore, funds were forthcoming from a director (Michael Schumann) for the substantial work required to develop the proposals and prepare for the necessary planning applications.
He is one of the few non Chinese to be working in this dynamic sector and we can expect forthcoming writings to reflect this experience.
Her second novel "Closet of Savage Momentos" if forthcoming from New island books in April 2014.
Her title Edges of Water is forthcoming from Chax Press.
His newest book, Referring to the World: An Introduction to the Theory of Reference, is forthcoming from Oxford University Press.
However, it is important to recognise that, on winning a prize, the bond is not redeemed but remains 'in the pool' for all forthcoming draws.
In 1925, when his forthcoming marriage to Margot Irene Biheller was announced in "The Times", he was credited as "of the Nyasaland Government Service".
In 1991 he greeted the forthcoming Latvian independence.
In 1992 Hughes signed with the then newly formed Now Then Records and his forthcoming self titled album was the first one released on that label.
In 2008, Dino was working on his forthcoming album, "Pandorina kutija" ("Pandora's Box").
In addition, contract lengths were increased from four to six months, but no other changes were forthcoming.
In January 2011, "Through a Fogged Glass" was released; a tour in support of the album is forthcoming, with dates to be announced on the west coast of the US and in Germany.
In November, the group released the first single from their forthcoming second album.
In this, eight years and a half after the First Part of "Don Quixote" had appeared, we get the first hint of a forthcoming Second Part.
It poses an interesting question as to what their forthcoming album will sound like.
Later, Sue suggests that the club perform the anthem "Sing" by My Chemical Romance, as they must present an anthem at the forthcoming Regionals competition.
Media talk of a forthcoming A's dynasty led Reds fans to call their own team the "dyNASTY."
On March 6, 2013, the band released "Sad Night, Where is the Morning?," the first single from their forthcoming album, to radio and in digital and physical formats.
Recent results and forthcoming fixtures.
She is not forthcoming with any details on Reuel’s murder or Lily’s disappearance.
Some legislators believed that centralism would be the only way to retain Texas, as newspapers in the United States continued to make statements about the forthcoming annexation of Texas.
The 60% target is the level posited for the forthcoming UK Climate Change Bill.
The Constable was "friendly rather than forthcoming".
The fleet next turned to the Palau Islands which were needed as staging points for ships and aircraft during the forthcoming Leyte landings.
The Giro, like the 2009 Vuelta a España before it and the forthcoming Tour de France, began in the Netherlands.
The grant was not forthcoming on that occasion.
The line to Glasgow is also due to be electrified in 2014, ahead of the forthcoming Commonwealth Games due to be held in the city.
The provocative questions he has raised in essays and interviews are the subject of a forthcoming book, "The High Price of Free Speech: Rethinking the First Amendment."
The second act has since been released, with others forthcoming.
The set lists featured both classics and new material from the forthcoming "Panic of Girls".
The shows were filmed for a music video to the song "Domino" from their forthcoming album.
The story of Blue Apple's Hamlet is the subject of a forthcoming feature documentary called "Hamlet in Love" Other work.
These were intended to replicate the band's intentions for the forthcoming tour for those who would be unable to attend.
Thomas again stressed the plight of English Catholics, hoping to influence the forthcoming treaty negotiations due to take place at Somerset House in London.
Virtual Travel and Victorian Realism" (U of Michigan, forthcoming 2012).
With no offers from any AFL club forthcoming, Pratt accepted a two year contract with the Box Hill Hawks.
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::: queue - line (of waiting people or vehicles)
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::: dereliction - neglect of duty; abandonment
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::: functionary - official (who performs a particular function)