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Vocabulary Word

Word: formidable

Definition: menacing; arousing fear; threatening; difficult to defeat; Ex. formidable foe/question

Sentences Containing 'formidable'

"It is nothing very formidable," he said, taking a long cigar- shaped roll from his pocket.
"We both thought the best resource was flight, when pursued by so formidable an antagonist; so you will find the nest empty when you call to-morrow.
A formidable scholar, he is said to have possessed perfect recall, with an outstanding knowledge of Bible and Talmud, and to have spoken 39 languages.
A man arrived yesterday from Yanina, bringing a formidable array of documents; and when we hesitated to publish the accusatory article, he told us it should be inserted in some other paper.''
A nation of hunters can never be formidable to the civilized nations in their neighbourhood; a nation of shepherds may.
A provincial government report in 1841 described the Toronto Police as "formidable engines of oppression".
According to him, the war showed that Russia's "armed forces have emerged from years of neglect as a formidable fighting force, but revealed important deficiencies".
And even hobbled, with failing health in his late seventies, Haire was a formidable sales tool with connections that reached to Tallahassee, and beyond.
As a general rule, the more formidable the environment, the more essential robotic technology is.
As to what it was he feared, we can only deduce that by considering the formidable letters which were received by himself and his successors.
As we approached famous and formidable Plum Point, darkness fell, but that was nothing to shudder about in these modern times.
Both Representative Alan Mollohan (D-1st District) and Representative Nick Rahall (D-3rd District) had more formidable challenges from Republicans when compared to 2000 and 2002.
Despite Walsh's foreign birth, his wealth made him a formidable challenger.
Distracted among themselves, with the formidable Basotho power on their southern and eastern flank, the troubles of the infant state were speedily added to by the action of the Transvaal Boers.
During his acceptance speech, he placed a formidable challenge to the congregated members: to convert 750,000 families before his death.
He owed a good deal in town, but his debts of honor were still more formidable.
He then embarked as second-in-command on the "Formidable".
Here we encounter a formidable objection; for it seems doubtful whether the earth, in a fit state for the habitation of living creatures, has lasted long enough.
His men encircled the formidable walls and set fire to the market of Trebizond, which was situated in the suburbs east of the city.
However, when Rusa I inherited the throne, the Assyrians had regrouped under their new king Tiglath-Pileser III and had rapidly become a formidable foe.
I had the hint from Holmes that this smooth-faced pawnbroker's assistant was a formidable man--a man who might play a deep game.
In Michael Klinger's "Guardian" obituary in 1989, Derek Malcolm remembered the film as "one of the most formidable British thrillers of its time".
In the 16th century, the town of Siegen bore a formidable defensive look.
In this plight, and with a strong consciousness of it, I waited to introduce myself to, and make my first impression on, my formidable aunt.
Its lighter weight and available big-block 426 engine gave it a formidable reputation in racing.
Jill trained herself in a number of martial arts disciplines and sharpened her already formidable dart-throwing accuracy.
Kok was not formidable in a military sense, nor could he prevent individual Griquas from alienating their lands.
Llyra dispatched some of the most formidable creatures of the deep at Namor, but Namor prevailed.
Many of our readers may be able to recollect how formidable such an accusation became in the period at which our story is dated.
Miss Darcy and her brother appeared, and this formidable introduction took place.
More formidable than ever, he's revealed to be holding Lonnie Machin hostage and to have commandeered the latter's identity as Anarky.
Murray stopped a counterattack, established an advance position against formidable odds, and provided an inspiring example for the men of his command.
Perhaps she was too great a lady, perhaps she was timid and feared the formidable sea journey.
Quite a formidable list, but each of these particulars has some rhythmic quality of its own about which it will be necessary to say a word.
She also shares information about the formidable defenses of the facility.
The decision generated considerable acrimony, but surprised and pleased the Australians, who felt Hutton was their most formidable opponent with the bat.
The Englishman entered, and found Morrel seated at a table, turning over the formidable columns of his ledger, which contained the list of his liabilities.
The gorge presented formidable obstacles to which the existing bridges and tunnels are now picturesque testimony.
The heretical sects attacked by Theodore showed their resentment in a way less overt, but perhaps more formidable.
The large upper canines might have acted as formidable defensive weapons, and superficially resembled the canines of saber-toothed cats.
The north face of a mountain in the northern hemisphere is generally the coldest, iciest and most formidable route to climb.
The same adjective was used by many others in cities such as London:"A formidable conductor".
The track samples "Whirring" by The Joy Formidable.
They produced an eponymous record that showcased the formidable vocal talent in the group.
They were created to reanimate the dead bodies of humans to act as a formidable fighting force, but this was found unethical and they were ordered to be destroyed.
This also was opened, and led down a flight of winding stone steps, which terminated at another formidable gate.
This helped the Celtics run a balanced offense with a formidable inside game that was hard for most teams to defend.
This makes Sirion a formidable obstacle to an army trying to cross it in the face of opposition.
This trade grew to be so formidable that Italy was obliged to put a prohibitory impost upon it to keep it from working serious injury to her oil industry.
``My dear count,''cried Morcerf,``you are at fault you, one of the most formidable logicians I know and you must see it clearly proved that instead of being an egotist, you are a philanthropist.

More Vocab Words

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