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Vocabulary Word

Word: forfeit

Definition: something surrendered as punishment for a crime or breach of contract; V: lose as a forfeit; N. forfeiture

Sentences Containing 'forfeit'

A Disappointment Mr. Attorney General had to inform the jury, that the prisoner before them, though young in years, was old in the treasonable practices which claimed the forfeit of his life.
After the Battle of Shrewsbury, he was hanged for treason and his honours forfeit, although he was without issue anyway.
At the time the game was suspended Mexico was winning 11–0, however the IIHF declared the game forfeit in favour of Mexico. The tournament was resumed three days later with equipment being provided to monitor blood oxygen levels and the heart rate of players.
But a clause in the constitution states that the new King needs to be sworn in by noon the following day or he will forfeit the throne.
Charles Evremonde, called Darnay, was accused by the public prosecutor as an emigrant, whose life was forfeit to the Republic, under the decree which banished all emigrants on pain of Death.
Due to the brawl, the Blues withdrew from the final and became the only team in Ontario Hockey Association history to forfeit the Sutherland Cup.
For if he transgress them, he will forfeit the character of a good man and true; whereas if he observe them, there is an end to him as the Messenger, the Spy, the Herald of the Gods!
He succeeded in bringing the 1908 Summer Olympics to Rome, but Italy had to forfeit the organization of the Olympics in 1906, due to financial and organisational problems.
His son, also Richard, held the forge until 1651, when it was forfeit in lieu of a debt.
However, the bottle is cursed; if the holder dies bearing it, their soul is forfeit to hell.
If a half-suit is scattered among the player's own team members, a player can "declare" a set on their turn by announcing correctly who has what card in the half-suit, by saying something like: If the player was not entirely correct in saying who had what card, but the entire half-suit was owned by their own team, then the half-suit is forfeit and neither side can win it.
In a game between grandmasters Anatoly Karpov and Tony Miles (Tilburg 1986), Karpov had less than five minutes remaining on his clock, in which to finish a specified number of moves or forfeit the game.
In its original version, the Act mandated that a Swedish prince could only marry into families deemed to be of equal rank, or forfeit for himself and his future descendants all dynastic rights.
In the final game of the fourth round she injured her right calf and was forced to forfeit the quarterfinal match against Angelique Kerber.
It begins in the final scene, where he appears to forfeit the unborn child, but is not fully revealed until "Power Play".
It was right that I should pay the forfeit of my headlong passion.
Jim insists they be allowed to go, going so far as to offer his own life as forfeit if anybody is killed as a result. However, under cover of heavy fog, Brown and his men make one last attempt at the treasure, killing a sentry and fatally wounding Waris, before Waris and Jim dispatch them.
Maine had to forfeit most of its wins in the 1994 season because of recruiting violations.
Margaret had resided in Constantinople as a hostage to the Byzantine court since 1262, and on her return to the Principality, she tried to claim her inheritance but was unable to do so, since by Achaean feudal law, any heir had to bring his claim within at least two years and two days from the death of the last holder, or the claim was forfeit.
Miz challenged John Cena to a match on the April 27 episode of "Raw", but as Cena was out due to injury, Mike "Miz" claimed an unofficial win via forfeit and continued to do this over the following weeks, until Cena defeated him in a singles match at The Bash.
My father's opinion of me does me the greatest honor, and I should be miserable to forfeit it.
One of them, Kotoshironushi or Yae-Kotoshironushi ("Eight-Fold-Thing-Sign-Master") who had been out fishing, was easily persuaded to forfeit his authority and retire into seclusion.
Palermo–Juve, which won his round of 16 match because of Venezia forfeit, had been excluded from the competition before the round of 8 because of the imminent Allied invasion of Sicily.
Peer despairs in the end, understanding that his life is forfeit; he is nothing.
Sancho spent the afternoon in drawing up certain ordinances relating to the good government of what he fancied the island; and he ordained that there were to be no provision hucksters in the State, and that men might import wine into it from any place they pleased, provided they declared the quarter it came from, so that a price might be put upon it according to its quality, reputation, and the estimation it was held in; and he that watered his wine, or changed the name, was to forfeit his life for it.
Six of these were "Modified Type A"—meaning that the signing team did not forfeit a draft pick, but the player's former team received a compensatory pick in the same position it would have earned under regular Type A rules.
Spain was forced to forfeit their second game against Sweden due to the injuries suffered by their players.
The Ardent is charged by his kindred to both constrain and assist The Harrow – which means that, by the innate law of the Insequent, his life is forfeit to failure as well.
The master and mariners, knowing this offence, forfeit all their goods and chattels, and suffer three months imprisonment.
The Qur'an also allows aggrieved parties to forfeit the right of "qiṣāṣ" as an act of charity or in atonement for sins.
They were state finalists in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006,State Runner-Ups in 1999, and State Champions in 2009 (although they were defeated in the championship game, the opposing team was playing with an ineligible player, forcing them to forfeit the championship).
This forces Team 2 to forfeit the challenge to Team 1, but both teams complete the challenge anyway.
This page lists all viscounties, extant, extinct, dormant, abeyant, or forfeit, in the peerages of England, Scotland, Great Britain, Ireland and the United Kingdom.
This page, one list of hereditary baronies, lists all baronies, extant, extinct, dormant, abeyant, or forfeit, in the Peerage of England.
This stated that if anyone with land in Scotland was guilty of treason because they had corresponded with the pretender to the throne, James III / VIII, they were to forfeit their lands to their vassal (if they owned the land) or to their landlord (if they occupied the land as a tenant), if that person was loyal to the Crown.
West Australian was scheduled to begin his four-year-old season with a match at Newmarket against Lord Glasgow's horse Barbatus, but Bowes was able to collect 250 guineas forfeit when Barbatus was withdrawn.
``He is going to pay the forfeit: it will be paid in five minutes more.

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