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Vocabulary Word

Word: forestall

Definition: prevent by taking action in advance

Sentences Containing 'forestall'

Andrew Williams argues that due to ULTRA intercepts, Montgomery was aware of Rommel's planned attack towards Bayeux and Epsom was launched to forestall it.
Damon Wise of "Empire" feared that Winkleman's appointment represented a rejection of film knowledge as a requirement for a host of the show, and that it might forestall the demise of the series in the same manner as "Top of the Pops", as "another flagship BBC show that was allowed to slide out of existence".
For the curriculum to be effective learners of any age must see the relevancy of the instruction to themselves and that in some form or fashion; it will prove of some benefit or forestall some calamity.
Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982, the law that partially deregulated the savings and loan industry and attempted to forestall the looming Savings and Loan crisis.
In 1802 he was promoted to vice-admiral and between 1802 and 1805 worked actively in the Channel Fleet to hinder and forestall French invasion plans against Britain.
In response, the Pilots filed for bankruptcy to forestall any further legal action.
It was important to Winthrop to write an account of the proceedings in order to anticipate and forestall any possible criticism of the events that transpired.
Nevertheless, there were enough inhabitants in 1797 for a petition to be made for an agricultural concession, a request that was not acted on but which may have helped forestall a later request for mining concession by the American Moses Austin who had started larger-scale mining and refining at Mine à Breton.
One version of events (of at least two distinct versions of the circumstances of American approval), has it that to forestall anticipated American objections, the British proposal was presented directly to the EAC without the prior agreement of the Americans.
Therefore, lady, let us, as I say, forestall his schemes by our activity, and let us depart at once in quest of fair fortune; for your highness is only kept from enjoying it as fully as you could desire by my delay in encountering your adversary."
Thereupon he refused to support Vasily in his hostilities against the khan, and only the mediation of a Trinity hegumen could forestall a new civil war between the cousins.
These afflictions are equivalent to "Death" which "Phisick" and "terms devine" could forestall.
To forestall French incursion into what they had come to consider as their own sphere, the British government renewed efforts to finalise a boundary agreement with France and on 1 January 1890 instructed Governor Hay in Sierra Leone to get from chiefs in the boundary area friendship treaties containing a clause forbidding them to treat with another European power without British consent.
``I was about to offer myself, sir,''said the priest;``it is our mission to forestall our duties.''

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