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Vocabulary Word

Word: forerunner

Definition: predecessor; one that comes before and indicates the approach of another

Sentences Containing 'forerunner'

Additionally BR began operating relatively high speed freight service (Bristol to Glasgow) using air braked wagons in 1972; a forerunner of the Speedlink service.
Although the term 'home rule' has been largely superseded by 'devolution', the home rule movement can be seen as the forerunner to the creation of the current devolved Scottish Parliament.
As a New School forerunner, Mr. Agustín Nieto Caballero travelled to Geneva during the first half of the twentieth century.
Despite its relatively short life, Gender History (and its forerunner Women's History) has had a rather significant effect on the general study of history.
El Rukn adopted their Islamic principles from the Moorish Science Temple - also the forerunner of black Muslim groups such as the Nation of Islam and the Five Percenters.
Forerunner of the Catholic Apostolic Church.
France became a forerunner in assisting premature infants, in part due to its concerns about a falling birth rate.
He graduated from the engineering department of Tokyo Imperial University in 1903 and went to work for Shibaura Seisakusho, the forerunner of Toshiba.
He joined BBC Choice, the BBC's forerunner to BBC Three, becoming Head of Programmes in 2000, and then Controller.
He was a Neopythagorean and forerunner of the Neoplatonists.
He was a part of the liberal group that established the Democratic Liberal Party, a forerunner of the current Liberal Democratic Party.
He was captain of the 1937-1938 squad, which won the championship of the National Basketball League, the forerunner of the National Basketball Association.
He was President of the Executive Committee of the Kredietbank (forerunner of KBC) from 1985 to 1991 and was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of Almanij in 1991.
Henry Dyer graduated from Glasgow University in 1873 with a "certificate in proficiency in engineering", the forerunner of the BSc in Engineering, from the Engineering department.
His controversial album "On the Corner" (1972) has been viewed as a strong forerunner of the musical techniques of post punk, hip hop, drum and bass, and electronic music.
In 1919, he joined the Socialist Labour Party of Greece (SEKE), the forerunner of the Communist Party of Greece.
In 1935, the forerunner of the WAZA (the International Union of Directors of Zoological Gardens or IUDZG) was founded in Basel.
In 1956, he designed the S Chair which can be considered a forerunner of the Panton Chair.
In December 1902, four candidates from the school set out for Penang to sit for the preliminary examination of the forerunner of the Junior Cambridge Certificate.
In retrospect, Burke described "In the Flesh" as "a forerunner to the power ballad".
In the Iberian peninsula and Latin-American Spanish speaking countries, the model of the 'Hospital de los Innocentes' was a forerunner in care of the mentally ill.
It seems likely that this facility was the immediate forerunner of St George's hospital and church.
John the Forerunner Church at Yaroslavl: “Who would defense a beautiful antique from mad pogroms?
Kronecker's finitism made him a forerunner of intuitionism in foundations of mathematics.
Lantern slides, the forerunner of 20th-century color slides, were popular as well.
Manea’ hune’ele, the forerunner to fara.
Mercer soon found itself in over its head operating a radio station, and sold it to the Macon Junior Chamber of Commerce, forerunner of the Macon Jaycees, in 1927.
Moore entered the Legislative Assembly of Queensland in 1915 representing the Farmers Union (a forerunner to the Country Party) in the seat of Aubigny.
Official Numbers were a forerunner to IMO Numbers.
PlayNet, the forerunner of AOL, almost bought Star Battle for its online services in 1986.
Some of the sea floor, however, was scraped off and jammed against the mainland, creating the dome that was the forerunner of today's Olympics.
Still in private hands, it was classified in 1975 as a historic building by the Instituto Português do Património Arquitectónico (IPPAR), forerunner of the IGESPAR.
The ancient site at Kot Diji () was the forerunner of the Indus Civilization.
The building was completed in 1988 by the City of Kitchener, which operated Kitchener Transit, GRT's forerunner, at the time.
The church closed in 1972, and two years later was vested in the Redundant Churches Fund (the forerunner of the Churches Conservation Trust).
The clavioline is an electronic keyboard instrument, a forerunner to the analog synthesizer.
The consoles were equipped with a trackball (forerunner of the computer mouse) and allowed to edit each radar track quickly, when the FLORIDA system could not identify it automatically itself.
The forerunner of modern cruise holidays, these voyages were the first of their kind, and have led to P Cruises being recognised as the world's oldest cruise line.
The forerunner of the Poland China Hog was developed within a stone's throw of the road.
The forerunner of the YS200 was the almost-identical Yamaha YS100.
The persecution was the immediate forerunner of the Inquisition, which, ninety years later, was introduced as a means of watching the converted Jews.
The same applies to Goldfinger, who, despite once being an active forerunner in the scene, dropped the ska sound in 2001.
The steam turbine is very much more efficient than its forerunner, the steam engine.
The Venona project was a counter-intelligence program initiated by the United States Army Signal Intelligence Service (a forerunner of the National Security Agency) that lasted from 1943 to 1980.
They later formed the Compass Players, a forerunner to The Second City.
This corporation is considered the forerunner of Ameristar Casinos, which currently owns the Cactus Pete's property.
This was the forerunner of Barton Academy.
While at Washington University, Smith was the host of two National Educational Television series (NET – the forerunner of PBS): "The Religions of Man" and "Search for America".
With the assistance of Louis Boehmer, who discovered native hops in Hokkaidō, he established a successful beer brewery, the forerunner of modern Sapporo Breweries.
Within the year the conference had been held and the Labour Representation Committee established (the forerunner of the Labour Party)."

More Vocab Words

::: crust - hard outer covering (as of earth or snow)
::: philistine - narrow-minded person, uncultured and exclusively interested in material gain; uncultured person who is indifferent to artistic and cultural values; member of an ancient people in Palestine; OP. aesthete
::: rostrum - raised platform for speech-making; pulpit
::: irreproachable - beyond reproach; blameless; impeccable; Ex. irreproachable conduct
::: dilate - expand; dilate on/upon: speak or write at length on (a subject)
::: incendiary - arsonist; ADJ: causing fire; of arson; Ex. incendiary bomb
::: ductile - malleable; pliable; (of metals) easily pulled into shape; flexible; (of someone) easily influenced or controlled
::: effrontery - rudeness without any sense of shame; shameless boldness; presumptousness; nerve; cheek
::: lumber - move heavily or clumsily; Ex. The bear lumbered through the woods; N: timber
::: mercantile - concerning trade or merchants