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Word: forensic

Definition: suitable to debate or courts of law; of or used in legal proceedings and the tracking of criminals; Ex. forensic science/medicine

Sentences Containing 'forensic'

A death scene form is one of the most important tools a forensic entomologist has.
A forensic analysis of the events leading up to the sinking have been provided by Capt.
A forensic examination of the bones, revealed evidence that at least one of them had been scalped.
According to Benjamin Radford, the story was "refuted by eyewitnesses, investigations and forensic evidence".
Ask an experienced forensic entomologist any questions that arise.
Brain fingerprinting is a controversial forensic science technique that uses electroencephalography (EEG) to determine whether specific information is stored in a subject's brain.
Consequently, in 1991, the survivors' groups contacted Dr. Clyde Snow, a renowned U.S. forensic anthropologist who had previously overseen exhumations in Argentina in the wake of that country's Dirty War and had helped found the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team.
Dexter became a forensic specialist analysing blood splatter for the Miami Police Department.
Forensic entomologists are required to take copious amounts of data at the scene.
Forensic entomologists are those involved in the branch of entomology that involves insects and violent crime or the law, known as forensic entomology.
Forensic Entomologists in the USA today.
Forensic entomology is not only applicable in homicide cases, but also in other legal matters.
Furthermore we do not require the forensic experts of the Army to cover up for us ...
Future Research on this genus is particularly important due to its forensic importance.
Guatemalan Forensic Anthropology Foundation
He introduced Forensic Medicine teaching within Bichat University (1997-2003).
He testified to the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda regarding the forensic team's findings.
However, currently there are no graduate programs designed specifically for forensic entomology.
However, other avenues do exist. Another frequently encountered major is Forensic Science.
If a stored product is found to be infested by insects, and it is suspected that someone other than the consumer is at fault, a forensic entomologist can be contacted to make a determination.
In accordance with such forensic importance studies are being done to better understand the life cycles of these flies.
In fact he was the first to apply psychological principles to the legal field, creating forensic psychology.
In this regard, brain fingerprinting is similar to other forensic sciences.
Interpreting the recorded weather data is an important feature to a forensic entomologist’s success.
It is also important to note that there is no certification test to test the merit of aspiring forensic entomologists.
It is up to the forensic entomologist on scene to not only collect from around the body itself, but also directly under it.
It was through this, that Mr. Fendall sharpened his forensic skills.
Koch's lawsuit included many results from his team's forensic investigations.
Many network with each other by forming groups such as the American Board of Forensic Entomology(ABFE), the North American Forensic Entomology Association (NAFEA) and the European Association of Forensic Entomology.
One case in particular relates to the use of forensic entomology to solve a homicide.
One of the most important facets of the forensic entomologist's job is documentation.
Police Forensic Science Laboratory Dundee
Snow arrived in Guatemala, accompanied by forensic anthropologists from Argentina and Chile, and began the dual task of conducting the first exhumations and training the future members of the Guatemalan Forensic Anthropology Team "(Equipo de AntropologĂ­a Forense de Guatemala)".
Stored product entomology is an important forensic field that is important to not only the government and the FDA but the general public, as it is involved in the consumption of food in everyday life.
The college also offers two stand-alone M.S. degrees: forensic science and forensic toxicology.
The college offers two stand-alone MS degrees: Forensic science and forensic toxicology.
The first written record of forensic entomology being employed in legal matters dates back centuries to Song Ci (1186-1249) a Chinese forensic medical expert.
The forensic services of the Guatemalan judiciary began to investigate some of these cases, but they failed to pursue them to their conclusion.
The new ideas of forensic entomologists will continue to emerge over the coming years.
The next case discusses the use of forensic entomology in an illegal poaching case.
The Police Forensic Science Laboratory Dundee (PFSLD) was established in April 1989.
The wreckage of the helicopter was removed to Farnborough for further forensic investigation.
There are about sixty-two total scientists involved in the field of forensic entomology.
There are several different occupations for forensic entomologists since the field itself is still so very young.
This information can prove to be helpful for a forensic entomologist when hail was possibly a factor in the case.
This is an important branch of forensic entomology because consumers who find contaminated products may choose to take legal action against the producers.
This was the first exact proof of alkaloids in forensic medicine.
When asked about the nature of the explosives, he said forensic experts were already examining the blasts sites.
When she was at school Charlie wanted to be a forensic scientist. Career.
``And now,''said Mr. Stryver, shaking his forensic forefinger at the Temple in general, when it was down,``my way out of this, is, to put you all in the wrong.''

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