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Vocabulary Word

Word: flux

Definition: flowing; series of changes; fluctuation; Ex. in a state of flux

Sentences Containing 'flux'

"Dr. Plummet's House of Flux" is a computer game developed by MicroIllusions in 1989 for the Amiga.
"Æon Flux" was created by Korean American animator Peter Chung (who also created the character designs for "Phantom 2040", which used a similar animation style as "Æon Flux").
"Æon Flux" was set in a bizarre, dystopian future world.
Another environmental issue is the disposal of waste through the water flux such as dairy farms, industrial, and urban runoff.
As of 2009, MTV2 shows "Aeon Flux" shorts as a part of the block "MTV2 Legit".
Chung went on to state, "Ms. Flux does not actually appear in the movie."
During January and February 2011, "Aeon Flux" was aired once again in El Salvador on VH1, in English language with Spanish subtitles.
Estimates of ecosystem respiration, the total carbon dioxide produced by the ecosystem, can also be made with gas flux measurements.
For a loop: So that the phase a charged particle gets when going in a loop is the magnetic flux through the loop.
Graphic violence and sexuality, including fetishism and domination, are frequently depicted in "Æon Flux".
He was asked many questions about Æon Flux and her universe, including how he really felt about the movie.
I have tried to create order out of chaos, to find stability in flux and beauty in the most unlikely places.
If such a solenoid were to carry a flux of 2π/"e", when the flux leaked out from one of its ends it would be indistinguishable from a monopole.
In 2005, Carey played in "Midsomer Murders" (The House in the Woods) in the role of Barbara Flux.
In IFOC, flux space angle feedforward and flux magnitude signals first measure stator currents and rotor speed for then deriving flux space angle proper by summing the rotor angle corresponding to the rotor speed and the calculated reference value of slip angle corresponding to the slip frequency.
In such a flux and course of all things, what of these things that hasten so fast away should any man regard, since among all there is not any that a man may fasten and fix upon?
In the high energy range, the flux of electrons is only about 1% of that of protons.
In the lead-up to the 2006 international release of "Æon Flux" on DVD and the live-action movie, MTV UK replayed the third season of "Æon Flux" from October to November in 2005.
In the mid-1990s, the BBC showed the "Liquid Television" shorts, which included all of the "Æon Flux" shorts.
It is subject to the full heating flux of the plasma, and the neutrons generated by the fusion reactions.
It was later adapted into the title "Pax Corpus" after being stripped of all copyrighted association with "Æon Flux".
Many flux tubes are stable for several days on the solar corona in the X-ray images, emitting at steady rate.
Naming standards were in flux at Oldsmobile during the late 1930s and 1940s.
Nuclear damage tracks are caused by the ion flux from solar flares.
On the receiver, three sensors measure the components of the field’s flux received as a consequence of magnetic coupling.
One peculiarity of the early shorts is the violent death of Æon Flux, which occurs in each installment.
Some condensed matter systems propose a structure superficially similar to a magnetic monopole, known as a flux tube.
That is, the AC motor behaves like a DC motor in which the field flux linkage and armature flux linkage created by the respective field and armature (or torque component) currents are orthogonally aligned such that, when torque is controlled, the field flux linkage is not affected, hence enabling dynamic torque response.
The above flux calculation is sometimes referred to as "local Lax-Friedrichs flux" or "Rusanov flux" (Lax, 1954; Rusanov, 1961; Toro, 1999; Kurganov and Tadmor, 2000; Leveque, 2002).
The album's title comes from Douglas' nickname of "Flux".
The creator of "Æon Flux", Peter Chung, gave an interview to the "Monican Spies" community on LiveJournal in 2006.
The entire series was issued as three VHS tapes between 1996 and 1998, entitled "Æon Flux", "Mission Infinite", and "Operative Terminus".
The episodes were titled "Æon Flux Animation" and were not played in the original order from 1995.
The formation of this heterodimer impairs chemotaxis and calcium flux through CCR5, whereas internalization of CCR5 in response to ligand binding remains unchanged.
The initials "AF" were used on song titles and in the credits to replace the words "Æon Flux" due to the lack of licensing permissions from MTV.
The names of their respective characters reflect this: "Flux" as the self-directed agent from Monica and "Goodchild" as the technocratic leader of Bregna.
The neutron flux applied to the standard hydrogen electrode modifies the value of the potential as reported by Bagotski etall.
The role of villain Verloona Ti was portrayed by Denise Poirier, known for being the voice of the animated Aeon Flux.
The second approach is based on Faraday's law of induction involving magnetic flux flowing through a circuit which powers the warning light.
The total magnetic flux is none other than the first Chern number of the principal bundle, and depends only upon the choice of the principal bundle, and not the specific connection over it.
These disks have the ability to become magnetized depending upon the strength of the flux (this dissipates as flux is removed).
These lines of flux are transferred through the small air gap between the field and the rotor.
This flux is then transferred through the small gap between the field and the rotor.
This gives the NMDAR the property of being voltage-dependent, in that it requires strong postsynaptic depolarization to allow ion flux.
This increases the local temperature, system pressure and radiative heat flux to the surface.
This process usually occurs in the vadose zone below plant roots and is often expressed as a flux to the water table surface.
When current flows through the clutch coil, the coil becomes an electromagnet and produces magnetic lines of flux.
When current flows through the coil, the magnetic flux that is created tries to bind the particles together, almost like a magnetic particle slush.
When current is applied through the clutch coil, the coil becomes an electromagnet and produces magnetic lines of flux.
When the current is applied, it creates magnetic flux.

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