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Vocabulary Word

Word: fluted

Definition: having vertical parallel grooves (as in a pillar); V. flute: make long parallel inward curves in; N. flute: long rounded groove incised on the shaft of a column

Sentences Containing 'fluted'

A small set of steps on the west (front) facade rises to a single-bay portico sheltering the centrally located main entrance with a gabled roof supported by paired wooden fluted pillars.
Although artifacts dating to the Archaic period (and even a fluted projectile point dating to the Paleo-Indian period) were uncovered at the Chota-Tanasi sites, excavations were mostly focused on the sites' Cherokee occupation.
Cyathus striatus, commonly known as the fluted bird's nest, is a common saprobic bird's nest fungus with a widespread distribution throughout temperate regions of the world.
Fluted pilasters rise to the frieze between the last bays on either end and the rest of the windows.
It also has a full front porch with a roof upheld by five sets of paired fluted columns with Ionic order capitals.
It comprises three steel arches with supporting steel ribs extending across them, two rusticated archways and a fluted pier at each end.
It is five bays wide, with a central chimney, and a front door surround consisting of a pedimented top and fluted pilasters on the sides.
It is flanked by the original iron railings and lanterns, atop fluted posts.
Its roof is clad in metal. Another pair of fluted pilasters flanks the main doorway, which is topped by a large fanlight.
Mature trees have fluted trunks and grow to tall.
portico supported by large fluted Corinthian order columns.
The 24 paired, fluted columns are the same height as the original peristyle.
The deck is concrete, resurfaced with asphalt. Guardrails with fluted balusters and paneled bulkheads run along each side of the bridge.
The main entrance is flanked by sidelight windows and fluted pilasters, supporting an entablature with high capitals, but is somewhat obscured by the 19th century porch.
The Request was based on the 1955 Four Hundred hardtop, but featured a classic upright Packard fluted grille reminiscent of the prewar models.
This is done either using fluted copper liners, which have raised ridges or by manufacturing the liner in such a way that it has a crystalline structure which itself imparts a spin on the jet.

More Vocab Words

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::: peroration - conclusion of an oration; perorating; V. perorate: conclude a speech; speak at great length
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