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Vocabulary Word

Word: flourish

Definition: grow well; prosper; make sweeping gestures; wave; brandish; Ex. The trees flourished in the sun. N: showy movement or gesture; embellishment or ornamentation (esp. in handwriting)

Sentences Containing 'flourish'

"A. salmonicida" isolates flourish when grown on blood agar or tyrosine.
'When she comes to her mother's age,' said Mrs. Markleham, with a flourish of her fan, 'then it'll be another thing.
(Structural Impediment Initiative) trade talks, the practice was never fully stamped out and continued to flourish.
1992 Despite these changes, U.S. Repeating Arms did not flourish, declaring bankruptcy in 1989.
Adapting to their new environment, these "seaworms" quickly flourish, eventually producing a highly-concentrated form of spice, dubbed "ultraspice."
All that is made such a flourish of in the old South Sea Voyages, those things were but the life-time commonplaces of our heroic Nantucketers.
But peacefulness, equality, and kindness are just as biological—and we may see their influence increase if we can create social structures that permit them to flourish."
Chris has had pieces written for him including Simon Wills' "Lucifer" and "Bujole" and Eric Crees' "Flourish".
Commerce and manufactures, in short, can seldom flourish in any state, in which there is not a certain degree of confidence in the justice of government.
During the next two decades, the company continued to flourish.
England was noted for the manufacture of fine cloths made of Spanish wool, more than a century before any of those which now flourish in the places above mentioned were fit for foreign sale.
First, they were greeted by the natives of this locality as Marquette had before been greeted by them with the booming of the war drum and the flourish of arms.
He did it with some flourish of ceremony, for a mail journey from London in winter was an achievement to congratulate an adventurous traveller upon.
However the towns which Vikings had founded continued to flourish, and trade became an important part of the Irish economy.
However, I-Kuan Tao started to flourish in China during the leadership of Zhang Tianran.
However, it can flourish in the North as well, and accordingly its original range is somewhat in doubt.
Is there any more intelligible proposition than to affirm, that all the trees will flourish in December and January, and decay in May and June?
It prefers a rich moist soil and the borders of swamps, but will flourish on rocky hillsides.
LeFranc blamed the clergy for permitting such beliefs to flourish.
Most of the world has now outlived good part of these harms, though by no means all of them; but in our South they flourish pretty forcefully still.
Mountain ash joins the forest. The summit's altitude is too low, even at its latitude, for the boreal forest found at higher elevations in the Adirondacks to flourish.
Mr. Micawber, with a random but expressive flourish of his knife, signified that these performances might be expected to take place after he was no more; then resumed his peeling with a desperate air.
Native rock oysters are plentiful on the rocky shores, and the introduced Pacific oysters flourish lower in the intertidal zone.
official seal the cross means the flourish the three star means virtue arts and science The comment by Candice Vasquez on her experience with St.
Old growth Ponderosa pines flourish on Pine Bench, near the lower end of Boulder Creek Wilderness.
Relocating to New York in 2002, allowed her independent film experience to flourish.
Right through the 1930s and 1940s Gaultier Football Club continued to flourish, even though it failed to get into the ultimate honours arena.
Since the handover, the Hong Kong Sevens continue to flourish, and there is increasing interest in the game within Mainland China as well.
Something guttural. It had to begin with the letter 'T' and end with a flourish.
Suitable climatic conditions have allowed winter sports to flourish in the region, as exemplified by the Winter Olympics in 1984 that were celebrated in Sarajevo.
The advantage is take educational counseling books and reference book to flourish.
The Chill ownership created a brand new winter league in 2010, the California Winter League, to offer more opportunities for aspiring players to flourish.
The concept of higher dimensional spaces was starting to flourish.
The malarial mosquito and the typhoid fly flourish in unhygienic quarters, and the only way to guard against their dangers is to allow them neither food nor breeding place.
The paper mulberry did not flourish and a substitute material was found in the native flax.
The passage of the Mann Act forced the hand of local governments who had allowed this illegal practice to flourish for decades.
The school began to flourish, boasting a rising student population, which brought higher tuition and more State money to be used towards the school.
The school continued to flourish and thrive, gaining more and more students every session.
The tradition of royal portrait painting in Scotland was probably disrupted by the minorities and regencies it underwent for much of the sixteenth century, but began to flourish after the Reformation.
The triumphant flourish with which Mr. Micawber delivered himself of these words, had a powerful effect in alarming the mother; who cried out, in much agitation: 'Ury, Ury!
Therefore, the Senior High School Entrance Examination has led to a series of "industry of the Senior High School Entrance Examination" (中考产业) to flourish.
These historical impacts of climate change can improve human life and cause societies to flourish, or can be instrumental in civilization's societal collapse.
These principles may flourish and triumph in the schools; where it is, indeed, difficult, if not impossible, to refute them.
They may flourish amidst the ruin of their country, and begin to decay upon the return of its prosperity.
This was the beginning of 3M’s diversification into all manner of marketplaces and helped them to flourish in spite of the Great Depression.
Though it was created by illiterate communities and passed down orally from one generation to another it tends to flourish Bengali literature.
When the Elite Canada's head scout, Elmer Olsen, started his own agency, Werbowy followed and her career began to flourish.
With a philosophical flourish Cato throws himself upon his sword; I quietly take to the ship.
With memories like these in him, and, moreover, given to a certain superstitiousness, as has been said; the courage of this Starbuck which could, nevertheless, still flourish, must indeed have been extreme.
Yet it was evident that if I was to flourish matches with my hands I should have to abandon my firewood; so, rather reluctantly, I put it down.

More Vocab Words

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::: wastrel - waster; profligate
::: foreshadow - give an indication beforehand; be a sign of (what is coming); portend; prefigure
::: insubordination - disobedience; rebelliousness; ADJ. insubordinate
::: lugubrious - mournful; sorrowful
::: aggregate - sum; total; ADJ. V: gather into a mass or whole; accumulate; add up to; Ex. aggregate 100 dollars
::: incapacitate - disable; N. incapacity: lack of capacity
::: pilfer - steal things of small value; filch; snitch
::: murmur - low, indistinct, continuous sound; V. CF. mumble
::: dinghy - small boat (often ship's boat)