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Vocabulary Word

Word: flora

Definition: plants of a region or era

Sentences Containing 'flora'

"And it is--" "That Miss Flora Millar, the lady who had caused the disturbance, has actually been arrested.
"At some evidence implicating Flora Millar in the disappearance."
"The head of Flora Cameo" – Benedetto Pistrucci.
(Bot.)" 40:1-245 as "Flora of Gazaland".
(In: "Flora Boreali-Americana" 2(9), p. 127).
A common misunderstanding is that the name "Florø" is the Danish word "ø" (“island”) suffixed to Flora.
After returning to the States, John met and married the German-speaking Flora.
An overview of the flora and fauna of this distinctive region is available in "The Natural Treasures of Carolinian Canada".
Both of them are now attracted by Manfred and Flora’s unique characters and go for them in full strength.
Flora is a municipality in Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway.
Flora is extremely varied due to the wide range of altitudes and climate conditions in the municipality.
Flora is located in the western central part of Sogn og Fjordane county.
Flora was a dear little thing, but exceedingly hot-headed and devotedly attached to me.
Geography climate, economy, flora and fauna.
He is best known for his paintings of forest flora and fauna.
He loved the environment and the flora and fauna around him.
Hence, we can understand how it is that the flora of Madeira, according to Oswald Heer, resembles to a certain extent the extinct tertiary flora of Europe.
In 1917 a "Dictionary of the Common Names of Plants" was published - this was a supplement to the "Flora of South Africa".
Indio Maiz boasts a large number in species of both flora and fauna.
It is a member of the serpentine soils flora in rocky mountain habitat.
It is thought that Flora decoyed my wife out and laid some terrible trap for her."
Juan Fernández Archipelago is also well known for its jungles and endemic flora.
Manfred and Flora cannot resist the temptation and decided to get divorced.
Part of the plan is to preserve the "Donaumoos" as a habitat for people as well as flora and fauna.
Purdue continued to support his contribution to the North American Flora.
Santuario Orito Indí-Andé Fauna and Flora Sanctuary
She also made paintings of the local birds and flora.
So it is with the other animals, and with a large proportion of the plants, as shown by Dr. Hooker in his admirable Flora of this archipelago.
Some of these serve as animal reserves or farms for endangered or underproduced flora and fauna.
Svanøy. Svanøya is the southernmost and greenest island in the district of Flora.
The abundant sun and rain provides an ideal environment for flora and fauna.
The Casino Boss, Sam, invited Flora to work for him to chase away the con men.
The Church of Norway has four parishes "(sokn)" within the municipality of Flora.
The density of skin flora depends on region of the skin.
The Drin and its surrounding mountainous areas have a great variety of flora and fauna.
The Eikefjord area, which is the second largest settlement in Flora, has about 1000 inhabitants.
The flora and fauna of Ranomafana have been subject to extensive scientific research.
The municipal council of Flora is made up of 35 representatives that are elected to every four years.
The Narnala fort nearby area is affluent with numerous flora fauna.
The northern (low altitude) sector is rich in species of the Guineo-Congolian flora.
The pallasquina flora is rich and varied.
The park has over 700 species of plants and is home to 80% of all flora found in central Kazakhstan.
The Sochi Arboretum is a unique collection of subtropical flora and fauna.
The special flora and fauna of the wells is not immediately obvious, because most of the organisms are microscopic.
The surrounding ocean tidal range is about one metre at . Flora.
The wetlands have been identified as supporting native flora and fauna and vital to maintaining the biodiversity of the region.
This area is under consideration for protection as a Flora and Fauna Sanctuary by the Colombian government.
This paves a valuable lesson of caring for the flora and fauna.
Waterwood is home to a stunning variety of flora and fauna.
Wilkey portrayed the character 'Flora Cameron' as a child in flashback scenes; the character of 'Flora' as an adult in the film was portrayed by actress Mae Marsh.

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