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Vocabulary Word

Word: flair

Definition: talent

Sentences Containing 'flair'

"Obscurity Flair" produced the hit "Ceremony of Love", once again featuring Johnson.
"Sting, you never were a Horseman" Ric Flair would say afterwards in a TV spot.
Abulhawa effectively communicates her bubbling joy in what she calls 'the dance' of Arabic, pondering the language’s intricate courtesies and imagistic flair."
After retiring Goldberg they joined Ric Flair's Magnificent Seven heel stable and feuded with KroniK and The Insiders.
After Vader lost to Hogan in a steel cage match at Bash at the Beach, Flair entered the cage and lambasted him.
Animal, Hawk, Ronnie Garvin and many others fought Ric Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight Title during that time period.
Arn defeated Flair with the help of Brian Pillman.
At the culmination of this feud the group returned to being heels, kicking Sting out for daring to challenge Ric Flair for the World Title.
Baby Doll was Flair's valet for a couple of months in 1986, after previously managing Tully Blanchard during 1985.
Chaps are probably the most noticeable piece of bull rider clothing, as their distinctive coloring and patterns add flair to the sport.
During a Triple H hiatus, Flair turned face, and at RAW Homecoming, Triple H returned as a face, but turned heel by the end of the night, hitting Flair in the face with a sledgehammer and officially ending Evolution.
Flair and Arn began to bicker, as Arn always felt he was doing Flair's dirty work; a feud developed that led to a match at Fall Brawl on September 17, 1995 in Asheville, North Carolina.
Flair and Luger would reunite one more time in early 2001, with Luger joining Flair's Magnificent 7 stable just months before WCW was purchased by the WWF.
Flair begged Sting to help him against them and though Sting did not trust Flair he eventually agreed.
Flair disbanded the group and they went their separate ways.
Flair ended up turning on him at Halloween Havoc to reform the Horsemen with Arn and Pillman.
Flair eventually took Miss Elizabeth and Woman from Hogan and Savage, and they were his valets for the next six months.
Flair finally let Jarrett join the group in February 1997 but the others did not want him.
Flair returned from the WWF to WCW to rejoin Arn and they promised a Horsemen reunion at the Slamboree pay-per-view.
Flair's personal nurse, Double D (aka Asya), acted as an enforcer for the group and Ric Flair's son David Flair, who wrestled with them and wore Horsemen shirts though never an official member.
Flair, Arn and Ole Anderson, and long standing rival Sting formed the group in a shocker.
Flair, Windham, and Dillon continued to refer to themselves as "the Horsemen" and the NWA even flirted with the idea of bringing in new members.
Fresh and contemporary, Antler’s new look is based on the flair and culture of British design.
Garry was famous for flair and courtroom dramatics, and one policeman, under intense questioning, jumped from the witness stand and pulled his gun on Garry.
He immediately gained a fan in Ric Flair, much to the chagrin of the other Horsemen.
Her character started off as a stern matriarch but later in the run, the show utilized her flair for comedy.
In 1995, Flair and Arn (back to being heels) were teaming with Vader to torment Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage.
In second-place was another write-in candidate, professional wrestler Ric Flair, with 17,145 votes.
Judges will be looking for programming skill, visual flair and imagination.
Live Action Wrestling had a stable created by then LAW Heavyweight Champion C.M. Anderson, along Ric Flair's son David Flair, and Max.
Miz adopted the figure-four from Flair and used it as a new finisher.
Mongo had recently departed the wrestling world and they were down to Benoit, Malenko, Flair and Arn as the manager.
Neale later coached the independent professional Ironton Tanks with his legendary style, flair and winning ways.
Nevertheless, Arn has said in an RF Video shoot interview that he, Flair and Blanchard were as close as anybody could be away from the ring while they were together.
Ole Anderson was on hand as the adviser but made only one appearance on "A Flair for the Gold".
On January 14, 2013 during the "Raw" 20th Anniversary special, Miz hosted "Miz TV" with guest Ric Flair.
On the March 31, 2008 edition of Raw, Flair delivered his farewell address.
Ric Flair had been loosely associated with A.J. Styles, Desmond Wolfe, Beer Money, Inc.
Ric Flair would turn on Fortune and remain associated with Immortal. Championships and accomplishments.
Ric Flair, the (onscreen) President of WCW at this time, had awarded him with the U.S. Title and had the Horsemen help David to keep it.
The fans chose Roddy Piper, and he and Flair defeated Kenny and Mikey to win the championship.
The Four Horsemen formed in January 1986 with Ric Flair, with Flair's storyline cousins Arn Anderson and Ole Anderson, and Tully Blanchard, with James J. Dillon as their manager.
The group disbanded on the November 27 episode of "Raw", when they were defeated in a five-on-three handicap match by DX and Flair.
The Horsemen line-up of Flair, Anderson, Windham and Vicious eventually broke up and went their own ways.
The other story does not have quite the same Old West flair as the tale of Jones' would-be discovery.
There's a P-Funkish freaky flair to the Soultronics' look."
They also had a referee biased to them, Charles Robinson, whom members of the Horsemen even referred to as "Little Nature Boy" (due to his resemblance to Flair).
This group was eventually formed, but under the name Evolution instead of the Four Horsemen, and with Triple H as the leader instead of Flair.
This led to a handicap match at Clash of the Champions XXXI, in which Vader defeated the team of Flair and Arn.
Vader snapped and attacked Flair, and Arn came to his rescue.

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