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Vocabulary Word

Word: fissure

Definition: crevice; crack

Sentences Containing 'fissure'

A number of important anatomical structures pass through the fissure, and these can be damaged in orbital trauma, particularly blowout fractures through the floor of the orbit into the maxillary sinus.
And if at such times you should think that you really perceived drops of moisture in the spout, how do you know that they are not merely condensed from its vapour; or how do you know that they are not those identical drops superficially lodged in the spout-hole fissure, which is countersunk into the summit of the whale's head?
Cavernous sinus/Superior orbital fissure The nerve runs in the sinus body adjacent to the internal carotid artery and oculo-sympathetic fibres responsible for pupil control, thus, lesions here might be associated with pupillary dysfunctions such as Horner's syndrome.
In 2370 after returning from a tournament, Worf encountered a quantum fissure and began shifting into different realities.
In X-rays, they appear as a single mass with visible, defined borders, appearing at the edges of the lungs or a fissure dividing the lobes of the lungs.
Involvement of the cranial nerves that pass through the superior orbital fissure may lead to diplopia, paralysis of extraocular motions, exophthalmos, and ptosis.
It is located to the south of Perseverance Harbour, a long lateral fissure which reaches the ocean in the island's southeast, and rises to a height of 560 metres (1867 feet).
It is on both sides of the brain, and can be found below the insular cortex, which deep to the temporal and parietal lobes at the deepest point of the lateral fissure, and above the outside of the putamen, which is a sub-structure of the basal ganglia.
Just over a week later, the Fimmvörðuháls eruption produced a -long fissure and new craters were seen erupting on a northward path toward the area of Thórsmörk, a popular tourist nature preserve, prompting tours to stop briefly as volcanologists assessed the situation further.
Llyra was teleported away, and the new Serpent Crown was buried in a sub-sea fissure.
Superior orbital fissure syndrome, also known as Rochon-Duvigneaud's syndrome, is a neurological disorder that results if the superior orbital fissure is fractured.
The anterior median fissure of the medulla oblongata contains a fold of pia mater, and extends along the entire length of the medulla oblongata: it ends at the lower border of the pons in a small triangular expansion, termed the foramen cecum (or foramen caecum).
The base is directed forward, and is on a line with the anterior border of the tonsil, and is separated from the flocculus by the postnodular fissure.
The eruption began around 23:00 and opened a long fissure vent on the northern part of the pass.
The lateral border is separated from the inferior semilunar lobule by the postpyramidal fissure.
The nerve continues through the petrotympanic fissure, after which it emerges from the skull into the infratemporal fossa.
The nerves passing through the fissure can be remembered with the mnemonic, "Live Frankly To See Absolutely No Insult" - for Lacrimal, Frontal, Trochlear, Superior Division of Oculomotor, Abducens, Nasociliary and Inferior Division of Oculomotor nerve.
The superior orbital fissure is a foramen in the skull, although strictly it is more of a cleft, lying between the lesser and greater wings of the sphenoid bone.
This presentation indicates either compression of structures in the superior orbital fissure or the cavernous sinus.
Within 1000 Metres of the monument there are three dolines which were formed by the chalk being dissolved in a vertical fissure in its structure.

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