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Vocabulary Word

Word: filing

Definition: particle removed by a file

Sentences Containing 'filing'

1972, Pendaflex introduced the color-coded system of filing.
After a brief legal battle and a bankruptcy filing, the mall was foreclosed upon in September 2008.
After filing the forms, Magid received over eleven hours of CCTV recordings, constituting her own personal evidence locker.
After the filing, Cumulus continued to program the stations under LMA.
After the turn of the century, businesses started to utilize filing systems with index cards and file folders.
After the verdict Beltrán considered of filing a case at the European Court of Human Rights.
An online version of the I Hate Filing Club was introduced in 1999.
Anyone could consult this information to check whether his or her invention was truly original before filing for a patent.
Arpey announced his retirement on November 29, 2011, coinciding with the bankruptcy filing of American Airlines parent AMR.
As a lawsuit filing against H Block by the California Attorney General in Feb.
AT objected to the filing of the documents supporting the case on the grounds they were trade secrets or might compromise the security of its network.
Because the United States Congress responded to the different treatment of married taxpayers in community property states and non community property states by creating the tax filing statuses "married filing jointly" and "married filing separately" today this is only of historical importance.
Brown remained in charge of the Woods Division through the company's second bankruptcy filing in 1941.
Eight days later, the Farmer board announced it would not conduct representative elections for any union whose officers had been indicted for not filing or filing false anti-communist affidavits.
Enraged at being dumped, Justin gets revenge by filing a case against Becca for having sex with a minor.
Graves filed within the short period of time left for filing.
His counsel expected the filing to be made on Wednesday, 6 May.
However, after a bankruptcy filing, Blue Bird was acquired by Cerberus Capital Management.
However, in "Marshall Bruce Co.", the board did not bar such a union from filing a ULP complaint.
In 1986, Pendaflex launched the “I Hate Filing Club” for administrative professionals who dislike filing.
In 1991 she became famous for filing for municipal bankruptcy.
In November 1996, the resort was put into receivership, filing for bankruptcy the following year.
In September 1948, the board further restricted non-filing unions' protection under the law by ordering regional directors to decline to grant hearings to them.
In September 1950, it held that a non-filing union could not utilize a third party as the official representative on a representation ballot.
In the appeal, Ms. Kjolsrud "concedes she had not read the brochures before filing her action."
It is not finished with any varnish, filing/sanding of any kind, and as with all other Afghan instruments there is some decoration.
officially acquired Aurea Mining and in October 2008 was accepted for filing in the TSX Venture Exchange.
On April 3, 2003, the DEA accepted the filing of that petition.
On December 11, 2008, SFLC announced the filing of a lawsuit against Cisco Systems, Inc.
On June 10, 2008, SFLC announced the filing of lawsuits against Bell Microproducts, Inc.
On November 6, the board ordered all non-filing unions off representation election ballots nationwide.
Oxford Filing Supply Company changed its name in 1969 to reflect its leading brand, and the company became the Oxford Pendaflex Corporation.
Pendaflex is the principal U.S. filing brand of Esselte Corporation.
Pendaflex makes general filing products and filing supplies, labeling systems and supplies, report covers and portfolios, bound books, binders and loose-leaf supplies, plastic office accessories, and document binding systems and supplies.
Police clipboards are designed for constant use, and have one or two compartments designed for filing documents and reports while in police transit.
Registration of a trade mark in Hong Kong commences with the filing of an application at the Trade Mark Registry of the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department.
Since H-4 visa holders are not issued a social security number, an ITIN (Individual tax identification number) should be obtained before filing for joint tax returns by filing Form W-7.
Some labor leaders had filed their non-communist affidavits in 1947, but others alleged that they joined the Communist Party after filing the oaths.
The company called its Pendaflex hanging file the greatest development in filing since the evolution of the filing folder.
The filing characterized the unanimous decision of the three-judge Sixth Circuit panel as "incomprehensible".
The filing deadline for primary candidates was April 7, leaving only a few days for candidates to declare.
The filing fee for Form I-601 is currently $585.
The firm continued to specialize in filing supplies, introducing many new items which contributed to the growth of the filing industry.
The I Hate Filing Club has over 100,000 members.
The success of the Oxford brand led the company to change its name in 1921 to the Oxford Filing Supply Company.
This was the now familiar filing pouch that hooked over the sides of a file drawer.
Those plans were put on hold with General Growth's bankruptcy filing in April 2009; the mall itself filed for bankruptcy at the same time.
To exercise right of entry, the holder must take substantial steps to recover possession and title, for example, by filing a lawsuit.
Trademark owners initially responded by filing cybersquatting lawsuits against registrants to enforce their trademark rights.
We have long and repeatedly held that the time limits for filing a notice of appeal are jurisdictional in nature.
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