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Vocabulary Word

Word: figurine

Definition: small ornamental statuette(very small statue)

Sentences Containing 'figurine'

A black dog must be made to carry the figurine.
A female ceramic figurine from the Huamuxtitlán valley indicates an archaeological occupation of eastern Guerrero State, contemporary to the Chiapas Ocós Phase (1500–1350 BCE); while the appearance of Olmec type figures in Marquelia at the Costa Chica, could prove an Olmec transition process, as proposed for Mazatán, Chiapas during the Cherla and Cuadros Phases (1350–1150 BCE).
A figurine of Jade in "Mortal Kombat II" came with a special issue (featuring also the cover story "Jade: a warrior of mystery") of Argentinian magazine "Top Kids" in 1995.
A sacrifice of bread must be placed before the figurine and water must be poured over it.
After purifying the room with water and incense, the priest presented a figurine of the goddess Maat to the god, an act that represented the purpose of the entire ceremony.
At dusk on the third day, the figurine is taken outdoors and buried near the wall.
Eventually, a stranger points them to the train station and along the way they pass by an African-American figurine from which the story gets its title.
For the first time, Northern European kings patronized classical Mediterranean Roman art forms, blending classical forms with Germanic ones, creating entirely new innovations in figurine line drawing, and setting the stage for the rise of Romanesque art and, eventually, Gothic art in the West. Illuminated manuscripts, metalwork, small-scale sculpture, mosaics, and frescos survive from the period.
In 1869-77 the old wooden church was dismantled, and in its place the current Neo-Gothic edifice was raised, and the Rococo altar with the figurine of Our Lady of Ludźmierz was moved into the new church.
In 2005, Elliott ran for president of the Writers Guild of America, west, but lost to animation writer and historical figurine maker Patric Verrone.
In the late 1960s Arneson joined the Midwest Military Simulation Association (MMSA), a group of miniature wargamers and military figurine collectors in the Minneapolis-St.
It is known that the rubber figures would be splattered with red annatto dye before being burnt and that at sometime before the 19th century it was common for the Lacandón to participate in bloodletting where they would cut their earlobe or septum and smear the figurine with blood before burning it.
Part of the belief of the Lacandón entailed the Gods being able to partake in the offerings in the God pot by the figurine being burned in the God pot and becoming a messenger for the particular God invoked.
Sometimes, as in Xochicalco stele 3; Horcones stele 4 (Chiapas), and a ceramic figurine from Azoyú, Guerrero, Jaguars have bifid tongues, as if recalling a "heart devouring" ancient deity, depicted in the Teotihuacan murals of Atetelco. In 1986, when Carlos Navarrete registered the sculptural body of Cerro Bernal, was the first to propose the iconographic relationship between central Mexico and the Pacific coast, by associating the body glyph and iconography of the Horcones stele 3 with Xochicalco Stela 2.
The 2006 release of 12-inch "Sun Ice" (in addition to remixes for James Figurine and 120 Days) added to the growing anticipation for a debut LP.
The award itself was a figurine of Ally Sloper, based on brass doorstops which were produced as merchandising in the nineteenth century.
The figurine of Our Lady of Ludźmierz, which has drawn throngs of pilgrims since the Middle Ages was originally placed in one of the church's side altars, and it wasn't until 1776 that the statue made its way into the main altar.
The prescribed ritual involves a Lamashtu figurine.
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