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Vocabulary Word

Word: figurative

Definition: not literal but metaphorical; using a figure(impression) of speech

Sentences Containing 'figurative'

"Les Baigneuses", while still 'readable' in the figurative or representational sense, exemplifies the mobile, dynamic fragmentation of form and multiple perspective characteristic of Cubism at the outset of 1912.
"Roughan" (روغن) means "clarified butter" or "fat" in Persian, while "juš" (جوش) (alternatively romanised "josh"), gives the figurative meaning of "intensity" or "passion" and ultimately derives from the verb "jušidan" (جوشيدن) meaning "to heat or boil".
As Jarry claimed that pataphysics existed "as far from metaphysics as metaphysics extends from regular reality", a pataphor attempts to create a figure of speech that exists as far from metaphor as metaphor exists from non-figurative language.
Authors create tone through the use of various other literary elements, such as "diction" or word choice; "syntax", the grammatical arrangement of words in a text for effect; "imagery", or vivid appeals to the senses; "details", facts that are included or omitted; and "figurative language", the comparison of seemingly unrelated things for sub-textual purposes.
Borlase started as a figurative painter before moving to abstract impressionism.
Classical figurative painting offered only one point of view, a restrained 'sensation' of the world, limited to the sensation of a motionless human being who sees only that which is in front of him from a single point in space frozen in a moment of time (time was absolute in the Newtonian sense and separate from the spatial dimensions).
Eschewing modern trends, Vicari has remained a figurative artist working in oil.
Figurative uses of Closet have developed in a different direction.
From around 1000 AD, it is a huge disc cross with Celtic interlace and plaitwork patterns, figurative scenes including a hunting scene, and inscriptions telling us who made it and who erected it.
He draws inspiration for his figurative work from photographs, newspaper clippings, movie scenes, record album covers, the work of earlier artists like Edvard Munch.
He was a member of the Academy of Figurative Arts of Kosovo.
He was head of sculpture at Leicester Polytechnic (1967–1988) and a visiting lecturer at the former Frink School of Figurative Sculpture in Tunstall.
Her art is figurative, with lines and colors used to evoke tranquility.
Her artistic training was in figurative representation and Spanish rug design, have influenced her work to the present day, seen in exhibitions such as the 2012 El silencio de movimento exhibit.
I may say, of myself and Copperfield, in words we have sung together before now, that We twa hae run about the braes And pu'd the gowans' fine --in a figurative point of view--on several occasions.
I might have gone on in this figurative manner, if Dora's face had not admonished me that she was wondering with all her might whether I was going to propose any new kind of vaccination, or other medical remedy, for this unwholesome state of ours.
Iconoclasm was previously known in the Byzantine period and aniconicism was a feature of the Judaic world, thus placing the Islamic objection to figurative representations within a larger context.
In "Du "Cubisme"" Metzinger and Gleizes had realized that figurative aspects of the new art could be abandoned: "we visit an exhibition to contemplate painting, not to enlarge our knowledge of geography, anatomy etc. [...]
In 1950 he moved to Florence and attended the school Nicolò Machiavelli where he studied life drawings under professor Ugo Maturo; he attended then the Instituto Galileo Galilei where he met Silvio Loffredo, an important figurative painter, himself the pupil of Austrian master Oskar Kokoschka.
In contrast Sandy Stoddart (b. 1959) works primarily on "nationalist" figurative sculpture in clay within the neoclassical tradition.
In modern usage, the term is often figurative and represents a canonical writing, a literary benchmark emblematic of what defines American literature in a given era.
It had been thought that this was a figurative description of Richard being decapitated, but the skeleton's head had clearly not been severed.
It has large and elaborate stone traceried windows and an interior with a heavily carved hammer beam roof, clustered columns and foliage capitals, elaborately moulded arcades and chancel arch and the use of figurative roundels in the nave, transepts and chancel.
Jean-Marc Tournois (born February 28, 1956) is a contemporary French artist. Stylistically the art of Tournois tends to be close to figurative abstraction.
Jorge Figueroa Acosta is a Mexican painter and sculptor born (April 23, 1942) in Cananea, Sonora, Mexico. He studied at the National School of Plastic Arts Academy of San Carlos, regarded as the best school of arts in Mexico, of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Because his works, predominantly figurative, he's considered one of the representatives of the neofigurative tendency that in Mexico and some Latin American countries contributed to the rescue of the iconographic role of the figure, in a historical moment in which the abstraction has offered possibilities for artistic expression, albeit residual, to developers who saw in modernism an inexhaustible source of possibilities for the creation of theoretical frameworks to argue their artistic proposals.
Justice makes two figurative appearances in "Afro Samurai: Resurrection": first in Afro's dreams where he is seen nailed to a cross alongside Afro's father, then as a broken statue pointed out to Afro by Ninja Ninja.
Leobardo Perez Jimenez (born September 22, 1945) is a Colombian abstract and figurative artist. He is a Painter and sculptor.
Margotton's paintings, largely landscapes and figurative subjects, are simple and direct at first glance.  A closer look, however, reveals his tendency to render the concrete abstract, and to formulate a symbolic, even metaphysical myth from that which is real and present.
Neither performance nor documentary, Beecroft's live events are recorded through photography and film, but her conceptual approach is actually closer to painting: she makes contemporary versions of the complex figurative compositions that have challenged painters from the Renaissance onwards.
Partially as a result of this religious sentiment, figures in painting were often stylized and, in some cases, the destruction of figurative artworks occurred.
Possessive is used to refer to both actual possessors (Coyote's flour) and figurative or characerstic possessors (the white man's flour), as well as in some cases to indicate 'for the sake of'.
Similarly, the recasting of the Don's family as a figurative "royal family" has spread beyond fictional boundaries into the real world as well – (cf.
Tejns sculptures are made from recycled iron, which he roughly welds together creating objects within a figurative sphere.
The campaign has been described as a way to take advantage of the "figurative walls" of privacy in Iran.
The early Church Fathers regarded the six days of Creation both as 24 hour days, and as more figurative or allegorical periods which could be of 1,000 years each.
The largest of the Margam Stones, and with the most decorative and figurative carvings, the RCAHMW describe it as "the most impressive of the monuments of this category in the county, if not in all Wales".
The rest is created into figurative objects that express a narrative deadopen for interpretation.
Their figurative work has a comic book-like quality and puts an emphasis on social commentary.
There seemed to be few, if any, abstract terms, or little use of figurative language.
These include museums of national importance such as the National Historical Museum, National Gallery of Figurative Arts of Albania, Natural Sciences Museum of Albania, National Archaeological Museum, Ethnographic Museum and the National Archives of Albania.
Torn, scarred and disjointed images remain figurative, suggesting a desperate, contradictory impulse towards collapse and wholeness at the same time.
Two simultaneous retrospective exhibitions in 1997 examined separate aspects of her work - portraiture at the National Portrait Gallery and her generic figurative work at Manchester Art Gallery.
Warmth and vitality is given to the bare walls by the non-figurative stained glass windows by the painter Chorderet.
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