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Vocabulary Word

Word: fiend

Definition: evil spirit; devil

Sentences Containing 'fiend'

"Bless my soul, and curse the foul fiend's," cried Bunger, stoopingly walking round Ahab, and like a dog, strangely snuffing; "this man's blood--bring the thermometer!--it's at the boiling point!--his pulse makes these planks beat!--sir!"--taking a lancet from his pocket, and drawing near to Ahab's arm.
"The Bob Next Door" received positive reviews from critics; most agreed that it was a funny return for Sideshow Bob and an improvement over "Funeral for a Fiend" and "The Italian Bob."
"There's One in Every Family" is the second album released by rapper, Fiend.
But not only is the sea such a foe to man who is an alien to it, but it is also a fiend to its own off-spring; worse than the Persian host who murdered his own guests; sparing not the creatures which itself hath spawned.
Even more spectacular examples of his peerless bravery ensued: during a trip to Hades to rescue his comrade-in-arms Thor, Volstagg offered to battle the Arch-Fiend Mephisto in return for his friend's noble soul (despite being aware that the God of Thunder had already bested the Lord of Hell in fair combat some time previously).
His only starring role was as the psychotic Kenny Wemys in "The Fiend" (1972), and he made his last film appearance in 1979 playing another psychopath in "When a Stranger Calls".
Just like with first edition, this edition included a Fiend Folio book and Monster Manual II, and debuted many new monsters in various game supplements.
Nor white whale, nor man, nor fiend, can so much as graze old Ahab in his own proper and inaccessible being.
Now what cozening fiend it was, gentlemen, that possessed Radney to meddle with such a man in that corporeally exasperated state, I know not; but so it happened.
Sharon Knolle of TV Squad said "I'd say overall this ep ranks with some of the better Sideshow Bob eps, if not the very best. Certainly, it beats the heck out of 'The Italian Bob' and 'Funeral for a Fiend.'".
The continual sight of the fiend shapes before me, capering half in smoke and half in fire, these at last begat kindred visions in my soul, so soon as I began to yield to that unaccountable drowsiness which ever would come over me at a midnight helm.
The original Fiend Folio and Monster Manual II were also printed during the first edition, and numerous monsters appeared in other modules and game supplements at the time.
The snyad (pestie) first appeared in the original first edition "Fiend Folio" (1981).
This article comments that "the identity of that incarnate fiend was settled some time ago" and that the murderer was "a demented physician afflicted with wildly uncontrollable erotic mania."
This edition's "Fiend Folio" once again describes the farastu, kelubar, and shator demodands.
Upon the opening of that fatal cork, forth flew the fiend, and shrivelled up his home.

More Vocab Words

::: daub - smear (as with paint); cover with something sticky; Ex. daub one's clothes with mud/paint; N: small bit of sticky substance; Ex. a daub of paint
::: flair - talent
::: topple - become unsteady and fall down
::: manipulate - operate with one's hands; control or play upon (people, forces, etc.) artfully; maneuver; Ex. how to manipulate publicity and men; ADJ. manipulative
::: dally - trifle with; toy with; treat without the necessary seriousness; procrastinate; waste time
::: inanimate - lifeless; not animate
::: amenable - obedient; compliant; readily managed; responsive; willing to be led; answerable or accountable legally; responsible; able to be tested by; Ex. amenable to sensible suggestions; Ex. He is very amenable; Ex. amenable to the usual tests
::: finesse - delicate skill; V: handle with finesse
::: severity - harshness; intensity; sternness; austerity; ADJ. severe: harsh; strict; extremely violent or intense
::: anthology - book of literary selections by various authors; CF. omnibus