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Vocabulary Word

Word: fidelity

Definition: loyalty; accuracy

Sentences Containing 'fidelity'

"The old Livonian language, which is now nearly extinct, is kept up with the greatest fidelity by the women, while the men are abandoning it for Lettish."
"Treue" (Fidelity), for E clarinet, basset horn, and bass clarinet.
'I should cancel with it,' he pursued, 'such patience and devotion, such fidelity, such a child's love, as I must not forget, no!
A breach of this expectation of fidelity is commonly referred to as adultery or extramarital sex.
A man and woman talk of women's fidelity, he disbelieving, and she producing the nut-brown maid as proof.
All teachers must sign a profession of faith and oath of fidelity to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.
At any rate, even if there are readers to whom it is a matter of indifference, fidelity to the method is as much a part of the translator's duty as fidelity to the matter.
At the heart of reform movements, past and present, lie hermeneutical questions about what fidelity to tradition means.
Butler said that while he did not feel constrained by Snyder's direction, fidelity to the comic imposed certain limitations on his performance.
Composed before their engagement, "Here I Stand" was played at Usher and Foster's wedding, on Foster's request. The tune is an assurance of sexual fidelity and commitment.
During mix down a separate set of playback heads with higher fidelity are used.
Every citizen assesed himself, and paid his tax, in the same manner as at Hamburg, and it was in general supposed to have been paid with great fidelity.
Every year during the third weekend in June, the Kinna Pageant is an historical play about love, hate, fidelity and loyalty to the church and humankind.
Fair be the fortunes of such a master and such a servant, the one the cynosure of knight-errantry, the other the star of squirely fidelity!
From November 2004 the fidelity of MakeUEF improved and the file spec was further refined, and an extension of codice_7 ("high quality") was adopted to reflect this.
From there, Bodman went to Fidelity Venture Associates, a division of the Fidelity Investments.
He designed furniture, was interested in ceramics, like to tinker with high fidelity systems, and loved sailing.
He occupied rooms in the Bank, in his fidelity to the House of which he had grown to be a part, like strong root ivy.
He was not improved in habits, or in looks, or in manner; but there was a certain rugged air of fidelity about him, which was new to the observation of Charles Darnay.
He went on to work as an investment advisor with Merrill Lynch, Dean Witter and Fidelity Investment.
Hence those vows of fidelity exacted upon a Testament, and hence also the allusions to a possibility of something happening on the very morning of the wedding.
His homely figure seemed to be lightened up by his fidelity and generosity.
I can hardly believe, writing now long afterwards, but that I was actually present in these scenes; they are impressed upon me with such an astonishing air of fidelity.
I tried to show her how I had hoped I had come into the better knowledge of myself and of her; how I had resigned myself to what that better knowledge brought; and how I had come there, even that day, in my fidelity to this.
I would trust to my fidelity and perseverance--and to Dora.'
In 1672, when the French king was at Utrecht, the bank of Amsterdam paid so readily, as left no doubt of the fidelity with which it had observed its engagements.
In 1983 he was named President and Chief Operating Officer of Fidelity Investments and a Director of the Fidelity Group of Mutual Funds.
In fact, we looked at it with extraordinary care and intensity and fidelity."
It is threatened due to habitat destruction and hunting, the former exacerbated by high roost-site fidelity.
Its deep fidelity and goodness were not to be adorned by me or any man.
Miss Pross's fidelity of belief in Solomon -LRB- deducting a mere trifle for this slight mistake -RRB- was quite a serious matter with Mr. Lorry, and had its weight in his good opinion of her.
Most certainly and without qualification may this be said of my cancellation decisions, and it was for these alone that my official fidelity was clamorously questioned...
Nortec's music has appeared in commercials for Volvo, Dell, Fidelity Mutual, Edwin Jeans (with Brad Pitt), Nissan and others.
On December 30, 1993, First Fidelity Bancorp acquired Peoples Westchester.
See Women in Japan, Law of Japan Expectation of fidelity and violence related to adultery.
She was fearful of exciting any remark, and believed firmly in her daughter's innocence and fidelity to the paternal roof.
spite of million villains, this makes me a bigot in the fadeless fidelity of man!--and a black!
Süreyya is not sure about Nazım's love and so she asks her best friend Burcu (Beste Bereket) to seduce him in order to test his fidelity.
The brief spoken text in this trio is "Treue zu Gott" (Fidelity to God).
The focus of Starr's books and speaking tours is mainly the subject of fidelity and trust in marriage.
The same prisoner, when conducted to the scaffold, foresees his death as certainly from the constancy and fidelity of his guards, as from the operation of the axe or wheel.
There he told the chief all his affection for the prisoner, their promises of mutual fidelity, and how every night, since he had been near, they had met in some neighboring ruins.
This is reflected in the company's motto "Ultimate Fidelity since 1925".
This tax is generally supposed to be paid with great fidelity.
Traitor, cruel, vindictive, and perfidious, wherein had this poor wretch failed in his fidelity, who with such frankness showed thee the secrets and the joys of his heart?
Valencienne produces the fan and assures Baron Zeta of her fidelity by reading out what she had replied to Camille's declaration: "I'm a highly respectable wife".
When he was about be slain, he appealed to the Lord to accept him as his vechicle, and he would serve him with fidelity.
Within each of these long tones, Stockhausen's voice intones a different "noble word" (such as "hope", "fidelity", "balance", "generosity", etc.).
``The Golden Age was first created, which without any avenger Spontaneously without law cherished fidelity and rectitude.
``This paper, my friend,''said Faria,``I may now avow to you, since I have the proof of your fidelity this paper is my treasure, of which, from this day forth, one half belongs to you.''

More Vocab Words

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::: promiscuous - mixed indiscriminately; indiscriminate; not choosing carefully; indiscriminate in the choice of sexual partners; irregular, particularly sexually; Ex. promiscuous life/girl; N. promiscuity
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::: smudge - dirty mark with unclear edges made by rubbing; V.
::: civil - having to do with citizens; not military or religious; courteous and polite; Ex. married in a civil ceremony; Ex. civil strife/disorder/law; N. civility; CF. civic
::: solemnity - seriousness; gravity
::: whimsical - capricious; fanciful; amusingly strange
::: queasy - experiencing nausea; nauseated; easily nauseated; squeamish; Ex. feel a little queasy
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