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Vocabulary Word

Word: fervor

Definition: glowing ardor; intensity of feeling; quality of being fervent or fervid; zeal; intense heat

Sentences Containing 'fervor'

A lull in the active persecution was experienced in 1930–33 following Stalin's 1930 article "Diziness From Success"; however, it swept back in fervor again afterwards.
Another historical novel, The Last Nineteen Days of Heo Gyun details the life of Heo Gyun, a mid-Chosen Dynasty writer, revolutionary and the author of the classic novel Biography of Hong Gil Dong, and at the same time conveys the sense of despair as well as fervor experienced by the intellectuals of the 1980s.
As he ministered across the U.S., Blackstone spoke with increasing fervor in support of Jewish Restorationism.
But in 1630 "Het Wit Lavendel" and the "Duytsche Academie" merged and only two years later, on July 7, 1632, the burgomasters of Amsterdam merged this chamber of rhetoric with the Eglantier into a new chamber of rhetoric, named "(The) Amsterdamsche Kamer", but in sources it also appears under the names "De Vergulden Byekorf", "Bloeyende Eglantier" and "Academie", with the motto "Through fervor in love, flourishing".
Depending on the tradition followed by Smarta households, one of these deities is kept in the centre facing East direction and the other four are arranged in four corners surrounding it, as indicated in the diagram below; all the deities are worshipped with equal fervor and devotion.
In May 1992 Soda embarked on a tour of Spain with shows in Madrid, Oviedo, Sevilla, Valencia, and Barcelona.The lackluster results of the Spanish tour, compared to the fervor they were accustomed to in Latin America, left a sour taste in their mouths.
It is perhaps a mark of the great affection held by the Spanish people for Cervera that even the government of Republican Spain acknowledged him as a man of "great patriotic fervor," to the point of naming a light cruiser after him.
Or was she a personification of that day, pictured cross in hand to assist the fervor of the faithful?
Other wealthy Boston Anglicans apparently lacked his fervor, for the project languished for five years after his death following his gift of £200 sterling.
The apostles then found an empty tomb and became genuinely convinced that Jesus had been resurrected, which would explain their later fervor in the spread of Christianity.
The archeological treasures, the colonial architecture and the religious fervor of the local people of Villa de Leyva make this colonial town a magical destination to be explored.
The dignity of the wife checked the fervor of the lover and the mother.
The fervor of utterances and the appeals to God by the Tamils do not find clear expression in other parts of India.
Unlike her mother, Sarah Jane is a very fair-skinned African-American, like her father, and can pass for white, which she does with fierce zeal and fervor.
With no conventional families to protect, a lack of patriotic fervor toward nations that saw them as expendable slaves, and no vested interest in the A.I. War's outcome, the majority of the In Vitroes refused to fight.

More Vocab Words

::: nicety - precision; accuracy; minute distinction or difference; Ex. to a nicety: exactly; precisely; Ex. distinguish between niceties
::: expertise - specialized knowledge (in a particular field); expert skill
::: ingrate - ungrateful person (not expressing thanks)
::: sobriety - moderation (especially regarding indulgence in alcohol); seriousness
::: vitiate - spoil the effect of; make inoperative; corrupt morally
::: maniacal - raging mad; insane; N. maniac: insane person; CF. mania: disorder of the mind; intense enthusiasm
::: hinterlands - back country; inner part of a country; OP. foreland
::: malevolent - wishing evil; exhibiting ill will; N. malevolence
::: carousal - drunken revel; V. carouse
::: jargon - language used by special group; technical terminology; gibberish; nonsensical or incoherent talk