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Vocabulary Word

Word: feral

Definition: (of an animal) not domestic; wild

Sentences Containing 'feral'

"Feral", in Dalmatian dialect, represents a petroleum or gas lamp, typically used on night fishing excursions.
3) #54-55 that only their physical mutations were restored, not their mutant powers, which led to Feral being killed by Sabretooth.
A few months later, the Feral Tribune was introduced as an independent paper.
All this has brought Feral into an interesting situation.
Although water buffaloes are indigenous to Sri Lanka, most populations contain genes of the domestic stock or are descended from feral stock.
As a political satire paper, the Feral Tribune was provided significant material from the warmongering and profiteering associated with the era.
Banteng have also been introduced to Northern Australia, where they have established stable feral populations.
But feral Marcia is free and has been feeding on birds in the attic to regain her strength.
Could be confused with dark morphs of Red Junglefowl Gallus gallus (or feral domestic stock).
Current programs include removal and control of feral animals, rehabilitation of degraded areas, and wildfire management.
Dalmatian culture has a very intimate connection to the sea, and the term Feral is often used as the name of local sport clubs, performing groups etc...
Despite being a non-native species, the feral Australian banteng has adapted to interact positively with native bird populations.
Despite these issues, Feral Tribune continued to survive in part because of donations from abroad.
Each company that tried to advertise in Feral Tribune was threatened with financial inspections and closure of their business and cooperation with other companies.
Even in the last 2-3 editions, Feral brought 5 new scandals to light which no other newspaper or TV stations were allowed to speak about.
Even though Feral had good sales percentages, today it is almost impossible to finance newspapers without the income of advertisers and that brought Feral deep financial troubles.
Examples include feral children (never socialized) or inmates who have been in solitary confinement.
Feral children are children discovered by society to be living in the wild with the assumption that they were raised by animals.
Feral descendants of Spanish pigs are much more common than non-feral ones, but the Choctaw is "a pure Spanish breed" and is distinct from the exact feral hog populations in the Choctaw National Wildlife Refuge area, which are of mixed ancestry.
Feral goats became established on the island in the 18th century.
Feral had won several important awards over the years:
Feral received little attention until Yugoslavia broke apart in the early 1990s.
Feral Tribune was a Croatian political weekly magazine.
Feral Tribune's name is likely a play on "Herald Tribune".
Feral was also affected by personnel changes with the departure of one of its founders.
Frank Welker did the roars and growls of the werewolves and the feral boy.
His book "" was released in 2001 through Feral House publishing.
However, Feral and Thornn were later seen re-powered; but this was later to be revealed in "Wolverine" (vol.
However, in June 2008, since Europa Press Holding (EPH) officials started avoiding Feral's officials in takeover negotiations, Feral Tribune editors announced the end of the magazine.
In 1994, a 50% sales tax typically imposed on pornographic magazines was imposed on the Feral by the HDZ government.
In 2003, after HDZ's return to power, "Feral Tribune" began to see a resurgence in popularity.
In June 2007, Feral Tribune missed two weekly issues due to financial problems.
In March 2010 a digital archive of all articles ever published in "Feral Tribune" was published in the form of a four-disc DVD set.
Marcia, Meg’s feral sister, has gotten free of her own cell and is loose.
No company in Croatia was interested in advertising themselves in Feral Tribune due to strong bans from most Croatian political parties.
On the departure of British troops, the banteng were released from their grazing pastures and allowed to form a feral population.
Potential hosts include feral birds and domesticated poultry as well as cattle, pigs, sheep and horses.
Sir John visits Lawrence and explains that many years before while hunting in India, he was bitten by a feral boy infected with lycanthropy.
So, Feral was faced to cover their expenses with income made by selling their newspaper.
The Coton de Tulear was never feral on Madagascar.
The Feral's editors were among the first to receive lawsuits for defamation.
The planet is by then not inhabited by human beings, and its desertified ecology is dominated by feral dogs.
The sanctuary has places for feral cats, cats with Leukemia, cats with FIV, and cats with behavioral issues.
The Socorro Dove is thought to have been extirpated mainly by feral cats, but high levels of understorey grazing by sheep may have limited the population.
The Spook shows Tom that there is a second lamia witch – this one feral – locked in a special pit in the deepest cellar.
The Suffolk County, New York Board of Health made a raid ordering them to clean up the property which was falling into disrepair and was being overrun with feral cats.
There are many varieties of "Syzygium jambos" world wide, including nondescript feral trees.
They are found primarily within the monsoon forests, but cause little damage, especially when compared with feral pigs.
While the magazine's circulation and influence were limited by these factors, the Feral Tribune continued to maintain a strong critical approach to the government.
While the term "feral" typically refers to qualities associated with a wild or undomesticated animal in English, it is unlikely that the Croatian-speaking editors chose the title Feral for its meaning in English.

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