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Vocabulary Word

Word: feasible

Definition: practical; able to be carried out; practicable

Sentences Containing 'feasible'

According to Balmond, there was no other feasible alternative, as steel was the only material that could give the minimum thickness and maximum strength represented in the coiling structure.
Additionally, the incorporation of MRPs in thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) and thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPV) makes it a feasible ingredient for automotive and building construction applications.
After being advised that an assault across the ford was feasible, Soult determined to attack the following day.
After much debate within the Nixon administration and in Congress, it was decided that an all-volunteer force was feasible, was affordable, and would enhance the nation’s security.
But their progress is right to the end and object, which is in their way, as it were, and lieth just before them: that is, which is feasible and possible, whether it be that which at the first they proposed to themselves, or no.
By 1883, engines that could provide 10,000 hp had become feasible.
Cal Poly SLO has taken over the restoration of the barn and has used the original construction concepts whenever feasible when remodeling it.
Coburn's actions did result in getting the funds made into a more politically feasible block grant to the State of Alaska, which can use the funds for the bridge or other projects.
Depending on the maximum feasible debt-equity ratio and the sponsor's ability to contribute equity to the project, it may be necessary to arrange for outside equity or quasi-equity investors.
Despite skepticism that moving her was feasible, some foundation pilings were reportedly laid down at the new location starting 13 June 1894.
Each of the standards has been placed in one of four fundamental categories to promote evaluations that are proper, useful, feasible, and accurate.
Equally important, their introduction into a village can be achieved at relatively low costs and without the need for high levels of technical expertise or constant monitoring, making such projects feasible for student organizations.
Explore the possibility of paid or volunteer employment, when feasible
For people in South America, to stay as a part of the Spanish Empire, but with a new relationship with the mother country, was no longer a feasible option: the only remaining options at this point were to return to absolutism or to adopt independentism.
Grafting, budding air-layering, marcotting and cuttings are feasible when they are applied on young wood.
http://www.separatecinema.com/exhibits_blaxploitation.html Opportunities that had not previously been attainable by African Americans in the post-Civil Rights decade of the 1970s were now becoming feasible for African Americans.
I am not exactly aware,' said Mr. Micawber, with the old roll in his voice, and the old indescribable air of saying something genteel, 'what gowans may be, but I have no doubt that Copperfield and myself would frequently have taken a pull at them, if it had been feasible.'
In light of experimental limitations, devising efficient computer programs to close the gap between known sequence and structure is believed to be the only feasible option.
In summary this illustrates that even on the most Earth-like planets that might eventually be found, only outposts (but no actual colonies) will be feasible.
It is seldom feasible to carry out the integration over the space of possible observations in E[U|SI] analytically, so the computation of EVSI usually requires a Monte Carlo simulation.
Melting snow is primarily used in areas where trucking snow is not geographically or economically feasible.
Nicholas Roerich managed to continue and develop into a profound and feasible doctrine the famous maxim proclaimed by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, “Beauty will save the World!” Hence starts a very powerful Russian movement in the development of the concept of aesthetical statehood.
On topographical maps, a route up Goat Creek to the base of Mount Hugh Neave appears feasible.
Operation Marylin proved that using women to exploit weaknesses in men was a feasible and convenient method of extracting information, and observating both foreign and internal adversaries of Argentina.
Previously [...], this may hardly have been feasible, but it is quite feasible now.
Residential and agricultural areas, as well as other areas deemed "not feasible", would be exempt.
Sea transport in the 1870s being the only feasible option for this remote site, the stone and other materials for the lighthouse were landed on a jetty built for the purpose about a mile to the south east of the lighthouse.
Seeger then contacted Sprint technicians to see if the proposal was feasible, and then suggested that Bosson bring the idea to Texas' PUC.
Such a method was only made feasible by the rapid rotation of units and battalions of the front-divisions were relieved after two days and divisions every six days.
Talks began in 1897 to how feasible the construction of a bridge connecting Barrow to Walney would be.
Tanks were no longer unusual and their presence in large numbers left artillery free for neutralisation rather than destruction, particularly of barbed wire, which made the surprise attack feasible, given the secret deployment of artillery reinforcements.
The business has declined due to the salty water which is not feasible for the industries.
The CRTC has announced that a decision will be made in 2013 on whether this service will be feasible in Canada.
The New Space is both of those, safe and empowering and economically feasible."
The opening of the BMT Brighton Line had conflicting consequences: although it made Brighton Beach viable as a year-round community, it was now much more feasible for visitors to return home in the evening rather than spend the night.
The pretext of an opera engagement was so much the more feasible, as there chanced to be on that very night a more than ordinary attraction at the Academie Royale.
The railroad had been planned by its original charter to build across the Blue Ridge Mountains to Harrisonburg, but in 1839, the Commonwealth requested a survey to be conducted to determine a feasible route to Staunton by way of Charlottesville.
The reason for the use of two different set theories is to illustrate that multiple approaches to the implementation of mathematics are feasible.
The United States' declaration of independence from Great Britain in 1776 led criollos (Spanish peoples born in the Americas) to believe that revolution and independence from Spain were feasible.
These clinical, rehabilitation, and trauma psychologists refer to treatment guidelines in preparing their treatment plans, and attempt to keep their practices evidence-based when feasible.
They must be feasible, tested in practice and continuously refined in light of emerging challenges.
This parallelism implies that lasers should be as feasible with sound as they are with light.
This project is ambitious but technically feasible.
This type of report studies a situation (for example, a problem or opportunity) and the plan for doing something about it, then determines whether that plan is "feasible".
Where it is feasible to run new cable, both fiber and copper ethernet are capable of connecting the "curb" with a full 100Mbit/s or 1Gbit/s connection.
While Puerto Rico is a commonwealth, its territorial rights belong to the United States, which made it perfectly feasible, and ideal, for the American government to build an airplane base in Ceiba.
While this could arise in several different ways the most common by far was the capture of an enemy ship and its subsequent purchase by the Navy (a feasible process with wooden ships).
Whilst precipitating a split with the unionist community in the south and west (including a particularly sizeable community in Dublin), it gave the northern unionists a feasible goal to aim for.
With the advent of atomic clocks, it became feasible to define the second based on fundamental properties of nature.
With the introduction of public educational data repositories, such as the Pittsburgh Science of Learning Centre’s (PSLC) DataShop and the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), public data sets have made educational data mining more accessible and feasible, contributing to its growth.

More Vocab Words

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::: excise - cut away; cut out; N: government tax on good produced and used inside a country; N. excision
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::: berate - scold strongly
::: clapper - striker (tongue) of a bell
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::: monograph - scholarly article
::: truism - self-evident truth
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