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Vocabulary Word

Word: farce

Definition: broad comedy; mockery; humorous play full of silly things happening; ADJ. farcical

Sentences Containing 'farce'

"An Evening with Elmore Gwendolyn Putts, The Neighbors Next Door", is a musical comedy farce that reveals one late afternoon in the life of a suburban family of nerds.
"Foggerty's Fairy", subtitled "An Entirely Original Fairy Farce", is a three-act farce by W.S. Gilbert based loosely on Gilbert's short story, "The Story of a Twelfth Cake", which was published in the Christmas Number of "The Graphic" in 1874, and elements of other Gilbert plays.
"Tom Thumb", Fielding's sixth play, was added to the ninth showing of "The Author's Farce", 24 April 1730.
(2001)","Endure (2002)","Hit Run: Interventions in the City of Istanbul (2004)", "ADAM 30: international art projects through the city of Amsterdam (2005)", "Gavin Wades project Kiosk 7 (2008)", "Coalesce: Happenstance (2009)", "Modernity and Aesthetics of the New Black Atlantic (2010)", "Smooth Structures (2010)", "Hadley+Maxwell (2010)""Chto Delat?: what is to be done between tragedy and farce (2011)".
A melancholy romantic comedy is told by an old Bistro customer, who functions as a sort of keyhole peeper in a cabaret-like farce.
Also in 1998, Villagra wrote a verse play ""The Farce of the Knight and Death"", and acted in three television movies and three films.
An Evening With Elmore Gwendolyn Putts, The Neighbors Next Door is an American play, a farce written by Richard O’Donnell, directed by Amy McKenzie, and performed by the New Age Vaudeville theater company in Chicago.
Another farce produced in Canada, Major John Richardson's "The Miser Outwitted" (1841), had an Irish theme and dealt with a plot to trick a miser out of his money.
At the Fifth Avenue Theatre in January, 1884, Martinot played Portia in the farce "Distinguished Gentleman" and that August at the Union Square Theatre she was Florence Nightingale Fletcher in "Queena".
Comedies and burlesques such as "The Author's Farce", "The Tragedy of Tragedies", "The Old Debauchees", and "Pasquin" made Fielding the most popular playwright of the 1730s, and all of these plays contain characters, situations, and dialogues that invoke libertine philosophy in some way, thought they vary in the explicitness of the depiction."
CraveOnline called it a "triumph of independence" and a "genuinely hilarious farce."
David Rooney of "Variety" called the film a "mix of dry British wit, sophisticated farce and arch eccentricity," "the kind of material that can sparkle onstage but often sits uneasily onscreen, and tends to have limited pull with today's audiences."
Earlier Jerrold had written a one-act farce, "The Smoked Miser or The Benefit of Hanging" (1823), in which a miser tries to marry off his ward to advantage.
Fielding does not limit his analysis of gender roles to just the living; the image of the ghost plays a significant part in many of Fielding's plays, including "The Author's Farce", the "Tom Thumb" plays, and "The Covent Garden Tragedy".
Fielding's fifth play, "The Author's Farce and the Pleasures of the Town", first opened on 30 March 1730 at the Little Theatre, Haymarket and initially ran for 41 nights, which marked it as a major success.
Granma’s no-nonsense way of dealing with life’s everyday disasters is described by Agnes as “mixing tragedy and farce.” Barely eking along from small-paycheck-to-small-paycheck, she still manages to keep Agnes reasonably fed and clothed, though certainly not to her granddaughters’ fantastical standards.
In October 2009, she appeared as Delia in Peter Hall's revival of Alan Ayckbourn's "Bedroom Farce" at the Rose Theatre, Kingston and in her first pantomime, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" at Richmond Theatre in December 2009, receiving enthusiastic reviews for both.
In the 1980s, the group's productions retaliated against the Reagan administration with a number of productions: Some of the Troupe's more recent popular shows include "The Minstrel Show or Civil Rights in a Cracker Barrel," which satirized entrenched attitudes among liberals and bigots during the Civil Rights Struggle, "Seeing Double," about a two-state solution in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, "Ripped VanWinkle" which explores the gap between the optimism of 1968 and the 1988 reality."Offshore," about the real cost of Globalization, "Eating It," about genetic engineering and profit driven science, "1600 Transylvania Avenue," about corporate government feeding on public wealth, "GodFellas," a farce exposing the dangers of Fundamentalism to Democracy, and "Making a Killing," about war propaganda, and the plight of Iraqis contaminated by depleted uranium.
It deals with the love between two people of different religion and is followed by the "sotternie", the farce Buskenblaser.
It is its varied humour, ranging from broad farce to comedy as subtle as Shakespeare's or Moliere's that has naturalised it in every country where there are readers, and made it a classic in every language that has a literature.
It was during the Early Modern period that the custom of deposition slowly deteriorated into a farce.
La Foire de Guibray () is a one act farce by Alain-René Lesage.
Lampanelli was also featured in the movie "Delta Farce" starring Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall and D.J. Qualls, which was released early in 2007, and in "Drillbit Taylor" starring Owen Wilson.
Mr. Wilkinson's Widows was a farce-comedy in Three Acts by William Gillette from the Alexandre Bisson play "Feu Toupinel".
On appearing in Michael Pertwee's 1969 farce "She's Done It Again" at London's Garrick Theatre, Nolan was described as combining '...a long list of physical attractions with a talent that has contributed to the success of many films and television plays...'
Reed's published works include his ten novels: Among his other books are six collections of poetry, including "New and Collected Poems, 1964–2007"; ten collections of essays, most recently "Going Too Far: Essays About America's Nervous Breakdown "(2012); one farce, "Cab Calloway Stands In for the Moon or The Hexorcism of Noxon D Awful" (1970); one libretto, "Gethsemane Park"; a sampler collection, "The Reed Reader" (2000); two travelogues, of which the most recent is "Blues City: A Walk in Oakland" (2003); and six plays, collected by Dalkey Archive Press as "Ishmael Reed, The Plays" (2009).
She starred with Frankie Howerd and Dennis Price in her only film role as Ruby, in the 1956 farce, "A Touch of the Sun".
Tam Yiu-chung, Chairman of the DAB, criticised the by-election as "a farce...It's a waste of taxpayers' money...It promotes social conflict..."
The early plays include "Love in Several Masques", "The Temple Beau", "The Author's Farce", "Tom Thumb", "Rape upon Rape", "The Tragedy of Tragedies", "The Letter Writers", "The Welsh Opera", "The Grub-Street Opera", "The Lottery", "The Modern Husband", "The Old Debauchees", "The Covent-Garden Tragedy", and "The Mock Doctor".
The manager of Drury Lane dallied in a similar manner with his picturesque drama ‘The Curfew.’ In 1800 his ‘School for Authors,’ which afterwards achieved success, was rejected, and it was not until April 1803 that he (due to the good opinion of Joseph Shepherd Munden) saw a piece of his own on the boards, a farce, ‘All's Fair in Love’.
The Night Boat (1920) was is a musical in three acts, based on a farce by Alexandre Bisson, with a book and lyrics by Anne Caldwell and music by Jerome Kern.
The plate umpire is not required to ask for assistance if he believes the request is making a farce of the game.
The show's producer, in an attempt to increase ratings, fabricates controversy between guests, and Jesus and Pals turns into a Jerry Springer-style farce.
The sketch comedy show "The Royal Canadian Air Farce" parodied the thought experiment by asking, "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, where are they?".
The Troupe does not, however, perform silent mime, but each year creates an original musical comedy that combines aspects of Commedia dell'Arte, melodrama, and broad farce with topical political themes.
Their return was greeted with disappointment by some fans, who saw it as reducing a competition enjoyed by non-league football followers to a "farce" as the far-superior league sides would breeze through their opponents.
These trials however descended into farce when only one Oakboy brought to trial was found guilty of treason and sentenced to death, with all other defendants acquitted.
Thirty Days is a 1922 silent farce produced by Famous Players-Lasky and distributed by Paramount Pictures.
This early light comedy farce set in Paris was written by Claude Binyon, Frank Butler, and Jack Lait, and directed by Ralph Murphy.
This same year saw the Turtles performing the title song for the Twentieth Century-Fox bedroom farce, "A Guide for the Married Man." Impressed by Chip Douglas's studio arrangements, Monkee Michael Nesmith approached him after a Turtles show at the Whisky a Go Go and invited him to become the Monkees' new producer, as that band wanted to break out of their "manufactured" studio mold.
To Albert Rivero, ten of the plays "mark significant moments in [Fielding's] theatrical life": "Love in Several Masques", "The Temple Beau", "The Author's Farce", "Tom Thumb", "The Tragedy of Tragedies", "Rape upon Rape", "The Grub Street Opera", "The Modern Husband", "Pasquin", and "The Historical Register".
Vatzlav is a comedic farce that turns political at every stage.
Wong Kwok-hing of the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions moved the amendment to scrap the HK$147 million funding for the by-election, criticising the two parties for their "farce."
Yoram Sheftel, the lawyer who represented Demjanjuk during the Israel trial in the 1980s, criticized the German court for conducting a show trial. “There was a shameful farce here,” he said.
“Even during the trial in Germany, there was not one person who testified that Demjanjuk was Ivan from Sobibor, by virtue that he was seen there, and as such the conviction is a farce.” Sheftel said he was convinced that the Israeli Supreme Court’s acquittal and ruling regarding Demjanjuks innocence was correct. Sheftel said there was "no credible evidence to produce any crime against Demjanjuk to convict him on any charge connected to the Holocaust.".

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