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Vocabulary Word

Word: fanfare

Definition: call by bugles or trumpets; showy display; spectacular public display

Sentences Containing 'fanfare'

"Bonaparte's Retreat" is then resumed by the full orchestra, which ends the piece with a grand fanfare.
"Fanfare for a Witch" focuses on intrigue in the court of George II.
"Lovebubble" was released with liitle fanfare amidst the changing musical tides of the early nineties with grunge dominating the alternative landscape.
"Rodeo" opens with a grand fanfare, vamping until R5-6, where the woodwinds introduce the Cowgirl's theme.
"Scotland the Brave", is used as the pregame entrance fanfare of the Blue Flame.
A lively orchestral fanfare sets the stage for the soloist's introduction of the central theme of the finale, which is based on the second theme from the first movement.
After a brief return to the quiet Cowgirl theme, the fanfare returns at . "Sis Joe" reappears again, before the entire orchestra triumphantly plays "If He'd be a Buckaroo".
Again, little fanfare or touring was put into promoting the album.
As alternative a fanfare followed by a long parade of sailors and organizers walked from the Dervio city hall to the Vintage meeting point near the waterfront.
Bernstein wrote the theme songs or other music for more than 200 films and TV shows, including "The Magnificent Seven", "The Great Escape", "The Ten Commandments" (1956), "The Man with the Golden Arm", "To Kill a Mockingbird", "Robot Monster", and the fanfare used in the National Geographic television specials.
Citing the declining popularity of stickball, Spalding took the ball off the market in 1979, but it returned in 1999 to much fanfare.
Due to the official secrecy surrounding the activities of the Q-ships, Stuart's and Williams's Victoria Crosses were announced without fanfare or explanation of their actions; even the "Pargust's" name was omitted from the citation.
Eye of Horus is a computer game developed by Fanfare (Britannica Software) in 1989 for the Amiga.
Faizi goes to Switzerland to study hotel management at the University of Lausanne and when he returns with much fanfare after the course, it is revealed that he has secretly studied as a chef and not hotel management.
Fanfare, theme and variations, fanfare-reprise and coda, on a fairly unstable theme in B-flat.
He died on 19 August 1923 in Céligny and was buried in the small Céligny cemetery without fanfare on 23 August 1923.
Here, Haydn begins with a military fanfare including all four horns: This is followed immediately by a solo horn playing a posthorn signal. The recapitulation at first omits the fanfare, beginning with posthorn signal, but the fanfare returns in the codas of both the first and last movements.
His piano playing has been praised for its "lovely, crystalline tone" (Bernard Jacobson, "Fanfare"), while he himself has been described as "a sensitive yet assertive musician who is profoundly committed to his art" (Ian Lace, "Fanfare").
In "Fanfare" 's issue of September/October 1998-99, it was asserted that Alfano's reputation suffers because of several things.
In 2008 and 2010, the Symphonic Band, conducted by Mr Bradley Ruben, was one of only 5 musical groups across all genres in Queensland to perform at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre for Fanfare 2008 and 2010 In 2010, this particular ensemble was awarded a platinum award for the fifth year in a row at Musicfest. In 2012, the Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Meg Robson, and the Symphonic Band, conducted by Brad Ruben, were two out of five state finalists in the statewide Fanfare competition.
In January 1950, he was resident comedian of the BBC North Country variety feature, 'Variety Fanfare.'
Initial idents featured clips from the natural landscapes of Wales with a basic logo animation and fanfare, with the logo forming as "WALES4CYMRU".
Lee Chin’s debut CD Songs My Father Taught Me was picked for Fanfare Magazine’s 2009 Want List: “This is artistry of the highest level".
She appeared in the 1958 film "Fanfare".
Similar to the Ermac rumors in the first "Mortal Kombat" but received with far less fanfare, Skarlet originated as a nonexistent character in "Mortal Kombat II" due to false reports of a glitch nicknamed "Scarlet" by players in which the palette swaps of either Kitana or Mileena would turn red.
Thanks to the efforts of ACCHOS, the 64' Diaphone Dulzian is now operational. In addition, new fire suppressant systems and chamber lighting have now been installed in all 8 chambers including the Echo and Fanfare chambers.
The display was received with great fanfare afterwards.
The fanfare which forms the first six bars of Salzedo's "Divertimento for three trumpets and three trombones", opus 49 (1959), was used as the theme tune for the Open University's educational programmes on BBC television and radio from the 1970s to the 1990s.
The game was released with little commercial fanfare and it never made major sales figures in the retail stores.
The Guardian characters were revealed sequentially according to a bracket pairing Guardians and encouraging fans to vote via Facebook on which character they would like to see first. The superheroes were revealed every day from January 1, 2011, until January 30, in time for the 2011 NHL All-Star Game in Raleigh, North Carolina, but by December 2011, the project had failed to develop momentum and was dropped without further fanfare.
The hotel opened with great fanfare in 1930, but was not a real success until the early 1950s.
The ninth variation, just before the fanfare-reprise and coda, has a sound and affect like that of the "Humoreske" — Simpson likens it to a grinning skeleton; it is preceded by a "minore" variation before that, as in many variations sets (a variation in the parallel minor), but one that is so protracted that when its last minor cadence arrives it is difficult to grasp as one whole variation.
The organ has declined and is now in poor condition, and is no longer entirely functional. The upper chambers (Fanfare, Echo, and String III divisions) have long been inaccessible due to the presence of asbestos (which has recently been removed), which left the pipework decayed and out of tune.
The poor season prompted several personnel changes including the trade of All-Star forward Jeff Carter, who was acquired with much fanfare during the off-season.
The school consistently performs exceedingly well in these fields, with the Symphony Orchestra coming first in Australia in Fanfare 2005 held in Melbourne, and first in Queensland in 2007.
The series was released in October 2009 through theWB.com to little media fanfare.
The T-Mk 6 Fanfare is a towed sonar decoy developed after the Second World War by the United States Navy.
There is a final coda, marked Presto, whose final notes repeat the horn fanfare of the opening movement of symphony.
This long effect was due to the raising and lowering of that year's Bridge Effect 'Fanfare' (a 3D art piece that closely resembled a disco ball) during the display.
Trial runs took place at night to avoid frightening the public; maximum speed was approximately . The C opened to great fanfare on July 21, 1836 with several distinguished guests in attendance besides Molson, including Lord Gosford, the Lieutenant-Governor of Lower Canada, as well as Louis-Joseph Papineau, the rebel politician.
When British troops finally arrived they were met with cheering and fanfare.
When Harrison played the sample to Beyoncé in the studio, the singer initially had doubts about the "sound so full of blaring fanfare"; it seemed too retro and according to her, no one used horn riffs in the 21st century.
— further fanfare presumably being unnecessary.

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