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Vocabulary Word

Word: fancy

Definition: imagination (of a whimsical or fantastic nature); capricious liking; V: imagine; be fond of; ADJ. decorative; elaborate

Sentences Containing 'fancy'

``I don't know, Mr. Darnay; I told you it was a foolish fancy, but you asked for it.
Everybody was dressed for a Fancy Ball that was never to leave off.
``The figure was not; the the image; the fancy?''
``Not a theory; it was a fancy.''
``A fancy, then, my wise pet,''said Mr. Lorry, patting her hand.
Now, Heaven defeat the fancy of Lucie Darnay, and keep these feet far out of her life!
``There has been many a one, I fancy, overcome in the same way.
We must not be so ready to fancy ourselves intentionally injured.
But as it is, you must not let your fancy run away with you.
When have you been prevented by want of money from going wherever you chose, or procuring anything you had a fancy for?''
She saw, with the creative eye of fancy, the streets of that gay bathing place covered with officers.
To my fancy, it is only because he does not rattle away like other young men.''
I fancy, Lizzy, that obstinacy is the real defect of his character, after all.
The individual workman was given a large amount of freedom and allowed to exercise his personal fancy.
I fancy they are called``bank note''papers.
Self emancipation even in the West Indian provinces of the fancy and imagination what Wilberforce is there to bring that about?
These forms are more agreeable to the fancy and imagination than fresco paintings or other the most expensive furniture.
So in blind desperation I started such a rattling`shivaree'down below as never had astounded an engineer in this world before, I fancy.
I fancy we shan't run any of the river this trip as you've ever seen it run before so to speak.
But I too have had the idea you have, and two or three times the same fancy has come over me; but I have always given it up.
``I fancy I have seen him before; and I even think he recognizes me.''
``You all know that I had the fancy of going to Africa.''
demanded Monte Cristo;``I fancy I have heard so.''
``Women fancy they have talent because they have managed two or three intrigues without being the talk of Paris!
``Ma foi,''said Danglars,``it would not be a bad speculation, I fancy, and you know I am a speculator.''
I have a fancy, and mean to get a housekeeper.''
``I have already told you it is a fancy you have taken in your head.''
``And,''said Madame de Villefort,``I need not ask you if you share that fancy.''
He saw in fancy the burial of his father, and the marriage of Mercedes.
``I have no wishes, count; only I fancy I could pass the time less painfully here than anywhere else.''
To wipe away fancy, to use deliberation, to quench concupiscence, to keep the mind free to herself.
Fancy to thyself the estate of their souls openly to be seen.
It is not to be supposed that all those poets who sang the praises of ladies under the fancy names they give them, had any such mistresses.
Do you fancy, Don Vanquished, Don Cudgelled, that I died for your sake?
"I fancy that my pal is all right, though I see you have got his coat-tails."
"I fancy that this grey house on the right must be the lodge.
"He didn't mind me; in fact, he took a fancy to me, for at the time when he saw me first I was a youngster of twelve or so.
Whether I had come there with any lingering fancy that I was still to love little Em'ly, I don't know.
"Fancy his having the insolence to confound me with the official detective force!
"And the lady, I fancy, is Miss Stoner," observed Holmes, shading his eyes.
That represents the last time that the colonel needed to have his machine overhauled, I fancy."
"Yes, I fancy we may have some company dropping in," said he.
I ask you only to tell me, is it anger, is it hatred, is it pride, is it restlessness, is it some wild fancy, is it love, what is it, that is leading him?'
It may have been my fancy, or it may have had something to do with my hammering at the gates of bronze.
I woke with a start, and with an odd fancy that some greyish animal had just rushed out of the chamber.
And turning such schemes over in my mind I pursued our way towards the building which my fancy had chosen as our dwelling.
She always seemed to me, I fancy, more human than she was, perhaps because her affection was so human.
A half-reproachful fancy came into my mind, that he had been working at the Dictionary without my help.
I laughingly asked my child-wife what her fancy was in desiring to be so called.
If this be so, fancy the irresistibleness of that might, to which the most impalpable and destructive of all elements contributes.

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