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Vocabulary Word

Word: fancied

Definition: imagined; unreal

Sentences Containing 'fancied'

And Mercedes raised her fine eyes to heaven with so fervent an expression of gratitude, that the count fancied he saw tears in them.
As a result of these successes he was strongly fancied for the St Leger Stakes at Doncaster in September.
As I rode by the count's house I perceived a light in one of the windows, and fancied I saw the shadow of his figure moving behind the curtain.
As she advanced she fancied she heard a voice speaking her name.
Azhrarn fancied Shezael for himself, but she turned him down repeatedly.
But first, be it recorded, that, in this matter, I am not free to utter any fancied measurement I please.
Dantes dug away the earth carefully, and detected, or fancied he detected, the ingenious artifice.
Edmond fancied he heard a bitter laugh resounding from the depths.
Elizabeth was shocked to think that, however incapable of such coarseness of expression herself, the coarseness of the sentiment was little other than her own breast had harboured and fancied liberal!
Even Sancho Panza was weeping; though afterwards he said he only wept because he saw that Dorothea was not as he fancied the queen Micomicona, of whom he expected such great favours.
Fortunately, he fancied that Dantes was delirious; and placing the food on the rickety table, he withdrew.
He fancied for a moment that he had been shot, and listened for the report; but he heard nothing.
He fancied he heard the sound of a piece of furniture being removed.
He fancied music of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Bijelo Dugme.
He fancied that all was a dream, that the whole business was a piece of enchantment.
He fancied that every wave behind him was a pursuing boat, and he redoubled his exertions, increasing rapidly his distance from the chateau, but exhausting his strength.
He fancied that these two forms were looking at the sea; doubtless these strange grave diggers had heard his cry.
He had drank wine that evening (or I fancied it), until his eyes were bloodshot.
He started when he saw Renee, for he fancied she was again about to plead for Dantes.
He was so composed, that I fancied he must have some other meaning.
Hitherto I have fancied myself merely waging war against circumstances, not men.
I fancied at first that it was paraffin wax, and smashed the glass accordingly.
I fancied continually that I saw the figure of the Corsican between the branches.
I fancied I heard the breathing of a crowd of those dreadful little beings about me.
I fancied I heard the muffled gurgle of a mocking laugh.
I fancied that if I could solve their puzzles I should find myself in possession of powers that might be of use against the Morlocks.
I fancied that you could feel them, and roll them about in you after they were swallowed.
I fancied, indeed, that he sometimes chuckled audibly over this reflection, but the carrier said he was only troubled with a cough.
I felt pain; I wished to cry out, but an icy shiver ran through my veins and stifled my voice; I fell lifeless, and fancied myself killed.
In my excitement I fancied that they would receive my invasion of their burrows as a declaration of war.
Mrs. Bennet, who fancied she had gained a complete victory over him, continued her triumph.
neither you nor myself, but Fernand; you knew very well that I threw the paper into a corner of the room indeed, I fancied I had destroyed it.''
not the least in the world; only I fancied that the honest Messager was an exception to the rule, and that it only announced telegraphic despatches.''
Sometimes he was delirious, and fancied he saw an old man stretched on a pallet; he, also, was dying of hunger.
Sometimes I fancied that Peggotty perhaps objected to my mother's wearing all the pretty dresses she had in her drawers, or to her going so often to visit at that neighbour's; but I couldn't, to my satisfaction, make out how it was.
Sometimes, after that, I fancied that she tried to speak even to me, in intervals when we were left alone.
The count fancied that he was yielding, and this belief revived the horrible doubt that had overwhelmed him at the Chateaud' If.
The count turned around, and fancied he saw him in the corridor, rendered still darker by the torch carried by the concierge.
The extraordinary features of the business were, first, the excess of the rage into which they lashed themselves; and, secondly, the puerility of the inventions by which they attempted to account for the severity with which they fancied they had been treated.
The latter recollected the terrible caution of Monte Cristo; she fancied that the hand not holding the phial clasped a long sharp knife.
The stranger fancied he heard footsteps on the stairs; and that the footsteps, which were those of several persons, stopped at the door.
There was a moment's silence, during which one could have fancied the hall empty, so profound was the stillness.
There was a third, George Demple, who I fancied would sing it.
Valentine poured the orangeade into a glass and gave it to her grandmother with a certain degree of dread, for it was the same glass she fancied that had been touched by the spectre.
Well, three days after that you talked politics with M. Debray, and you fancied from his words that Don Carlos had returned to Spain.
Whether it was possible for people to see me or not, I always fancied that somebody was reading it.
``An extreme nervous excitement and a strangely agitated sleep; she fancied this morning in her sleep that her soul was hovering above her body, which she at the same time watched.
``His voice went to my heart,''observed Julie;``and two or three times I fancied that I had heard it before.''
``I never fancied men of his dark, ponderous appearance singing with a voice like a woman's.''
``Sometimes, I have sat here of an evening, until I have fancied but even the shade of a foolish fancy makes me shudder to night, when all is so black and solemn''``Let us shudder too.

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