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Vocabulary Word

Word: falter

Definition: hesitate; weaken in purpose or action; walk or move unsteadily through weakness; N.

Sentences Containing 'falter'

He also recognized that a balance must be struck between "ensuring that public confidence does not falter as a result of such attacks" and not "unduly restricting public discussion on the administration of justice".
He did not falter and his astute leadership earned him many admirers".
I am, therefore, in a measure constrained to follow that road, and by it I must travel in spite of all the world, and it will be labour in vain for you to urge me to resist what heaven wills, fate ordains, reason requires, and, above all, my own inclination favours; for knowing as I do the countless toils that are the accompaniments of knight-errantry, I know, too, the infinite blessings that are attained by it; I know that the path of virtue is very narrow, and the road of vice broad and spacious; I know their ends and goals are different, for the broad and easy road of vice ends in death, and the narrow and toilsome one of virtue in life, and not transitory life, but in that which has no end; I know, as our great Castilian poet says, that-- It is by rugged paths like these they go That scale the heights of immortality, Unreached by those that falter here below."
I did not even observe her voice to falter, or a tear to escape from her eyes, the whole day through, until twilight; when she and I and Mr. Peggotty being alone together, and he having fallen asleep in perfect exhaustion, she broke into a half-suppressed fit of sobbing and crying, and taking me to the door, said, 'Ever bless you, Mas'r Davy, be a friend to him, poor dear!'
I had come and gone twice, and was again sitting by her, when she began to falter.
If I objected to having my bed made at five o'clock in the afternoon--which I do still think an uncomfortable arrangement--one motion of her hand towards the same nankeen region of wounded sensibility was enough to make me falter an apology.
In Sweden, the unpopularity of this costly and futile war meant that the Hats' control on government began to falter and the confusion the war caused led to a deficit which resulted in their fall in 1765.
Sometimes I do wish I was a nobody, but because this company was formed on me, I feel that if I faltered or wavered the company would falter as well," she said.
Still suspicious, Liv asks her who she is in love with, causing her to falter.
The GAVI Alliance was launched in 2000, at a time when the distribution of vaccines to children in the poorest parts of the world had begun to falter.
The song was performed twelfth on the night of the Eurovision Song Contest (following Austria's Milestones with "Falter im Wind" and preceding Yugoslavia's Tereza Kesovija with "Muzika i ti").
With supporting Soviet units stretched thin, the attack began to falter.

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