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Vocabulary Word

Word: faction

Definition: party; clique (within a large group); dissension

Sentences Containing 'faction'

2 the dissidents released a statement saying that they had control of the faction.
A faction that did not agree to the ceasefire was said to be responsible for the blasts.
After his death this position was taken over by the linji-faction.
After the separation of political party NAP, Sultan joined the faction led by Maulana Bhasani.
As the leader, he continued feuds with Gonzalez and the company’s face faction.
Before 1807 faction leaders were not necessarily followed by all opposition Whigs.
Believing that if they did so, the Board would do nothing with them, the whole railway faction refused.
Britpop appeared in Serbia with the band Eva Braun from Bečej, and the band's faction Popcycle.
By this time, its directors included those involved with whole railway faction of the WHLR (1964) Ltd.
Cavalcanti was a wealthy member of the Guelph faction of Florentine aristocrats.
From 1965 to 1972, he was a member of the Bundestag for the SPD, where he became assistant chairman of the SPD faction.
However, most commentators saw Meng's return to power as a sign of the "tuanpai" faction's dominance.
Howick continued as a faction leader in opposition during 1807, until he inherited his peerage.
In 1880 his remains were returned to Mexico, where the Liberal faction named him a national hero.
In 1972 the Soviet Union allied with Chipenda's faction, giving him aid.
In late 2012, he became a member of Heath Slater's 3MB faction.
It progressively became the mouthpiece of one royalist faction, the Legitimists.
Karami was a part of the Islamic Leftist faction in Lebanese politics.
Like most intellectuals from Gyeongsang in this period, he was a member of the Sarim faction.
Mahadev Mukherjee led the pro-Lin Piao faction.
Many times he announced about how the circumstances dragged him in to faction.
Mukherjee's faction organized its '2nd party congress' in December 1973.
Now Bannus is pushing the faction towards violent opposition to Rome.
On one side was Son Sann, president of the faction.
Ōsumi was a strong proponent of Japan's southward expansion, but refused to align himself with either the Treaty Faction or the Fleet Faction within the Navy.
She is currently associated with the Lithuanian Peasant Popular Union's faction.
Star Chamber is a rogue faction which disagrees with Dharma, all its operatives have defected from the main group.
Taurus's faction attempted to kill the Zodiac dissident faction, but all twelve leaders were captured by the Avengers.
The currently ruling faction intends to attack and raid Arbre for its resources, while the opposing faction favors open negotiation.
The faction received 600,000 shekels in party funding (transferred from Hetz, the Secular Faction's new guise).
The faction secured the consulship and most, though not all, of the other offices sought.
The faction was dissolved shortly before the March 2006 elections when both Doron and Sandberg joined Likud.
The government was also supported, but not joined, by the two-seat Moledet faction.
The necessity to change from a military faction to a political party facilitated a name change.
The new faction was named Democratic Movement.
The other faction was the pro-Italian Autonomist faction (also known as the "Irredentist" faction), whose political goals varied from autonomy within the Austro-Hungarian Empire, to a political union with the Kingdom of Italy.
The party's parliamentary faction did not support the dismissal of the second Tymoshenko Government.
The Semlin faction had even fewer at 6 and Semlin was defeated personally.
The Socialist League did not consider itself as a political party as such, but rather an organized faction.
The whole railway faction were asked to hand over their shares and debentures to the company free of charge.
There was a strong reaction from the right wing faction of the army.
This change had been demanded by the 'Tibiyo' faction.
This faction merged with Sharad Pawar's NCP in 1999.
This faction was strongest in Split, and used it as its headquarters.
This group formed the influential Fleet Faction which later achieved Japan's withdrawal from the treaty.
Times of violent religious controversy have generally been times of equally violent political faction.
Ultimately, Boggs and the anti-extraterrestrial faction were victorious.
United Liberation Movement of Liberia for Democracy – Johnson faction
Winthrop saw this as a necessary ploy to prevent new immigrants from being added to the Antinomian faction.
``With being an agent of the Bonapartist faction!''

More Vocab Words

::: lineaments - features especially of the face; distinctive shape or contour of the face; CF. line
::: hermetic - sealed by fusion so as to be airtight; airtight
::: elixir - cure-all; panacea; something invigorating
::: unassuaged - unsatisfied; not soothed
::: rabble - mob; noisy crowd
::: mutter - utter (complaining words) indistinctly in low tones
::: obese - excessively fat; N. obesity
::: shear - remove (fleece or hair) by cutting; remove the hair or fleece from; cut with or as if with shears; N: shears; pair of scissors
::: burnish - make shiny by rubbing; polish
::: candor - frankness; open honesty; ADJ. candid