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Vocabulary Word

Word: facade

Definition: (fa\c{c}ade) front or face (of building); superficial or false appearance

Sentences Containing 'facade'

"UNITED STATES POST OFFICE" is written in bronze letters across the top of the facade, with "MIDDLEPORT NEW YORK" in smaller letters below.
A small piece of the church's facade remains standing.
A wall of the Mukhin's old house was successfully included in the main facade of the museum building.
Blount blended a pedimented, pilastered Greek revival facade with rounded windows and twin towers in Rundbogenstil style.
For that reason, its facade is the original Neoclassical and not the neocolonial mandated by the government to unify the appearance of the Zocalo.
Her most important works of this type are a ceramic mural at the Cuban Ministry of Internal Affairs (1953) and the facade of the Habana Hilton hotel in 1957.
However, the inscription on its richly-decorated facade dedicates it to "...the most glorious of women Kenizek-Khatun, the daughter of the Emir Abuka".
In the 1990s, it was converted into apartments but the facade has been preserved.
It also enabled the glass facade to be window sprinkler-free.
It is probable that all window places in the southern facade, as well as in the higher parts of the château, were made by Jean Toulza in the 18th century.
It provides reproduction of the base of the facade and size of Shaughnessy House.
It was nearly impossible to build covered archways here because of a gulley running very close to the facade of the houses here.
It was rebuilt in 1655 and has a rectangular nave with a polygonal apse and a belfry on its southern facade.
Its east (front) facade has a centrally located segmental arch entrance with brick surround, lintel and keystone.
Its entrance and facade is located on 16 de Septiembre and not the Zocalo.
Liddell renovations including exchanging the Italianate facade with a Jacobean style in 1901.
On both sides of the north facade there are two free laying long buildings.
On the lowest level of the facade, there are figures of Saint Dominic and Francis of Assisi.
On the western facade is the coat of arms of Hippolyte Sauzéa. Current restoration.
Or of slightly sloping inwards the columns of his facade to add to the strength of its appearance?
She is able to deceive most of those around her with this facade of moral integrity, coming across as a model student.
Since 1914 the facade of the church has borne two marble plaques listing the ships and regiments that fought at Gangut and Grengam.
That same year, Merck opened its 12-story facility, whose glass facade glitters over the college's main quad and English Gothic buildings.
The barn is made of adobe bricks on the side walls, and of wooden planks on the southern facade.
The basic theme of the facade is mercy, represented by interventions by the Virgin Mary and various saints.
The building, noted for its unusually slanted facade, was designed by Sheldon Schlegman of A. Epstein and Sons.
The classic main facade is designed to harmonize with the 18th century Sloop and Longboat Shed.
The courtyard facade (or south facade) of the tower is pierced with windows that provide light and ventilation, while the other three facades—facing north, east and west—are pierced with small openings in the form of arrowslits.
The facade also creates a covered passageway linking the two functions together.
The facade facing the Zocalo is done in neocolonial style that was ordered by the government to have all of the buildings of the Zocalo match in style.
The facade is marked by a rhomboid window surrounded by a representation of the cord Franciscans use to tie their habits.
The facade of the palace is ornamented with the portrait of Gabriel Gruber, created by the sculptor Janez Pirnat.
The front facade features a massive, two-story.
The front facade features a three bay, centered, frame porch.
The front facade features a two-story pedimented porch.
The front facade features an original colossal two-story portico consisting of four unfluted Ionic order columns.
The front facade has a two-sided stairway leading to a small entry porch.
The front facade of the Cleveland Agora was temporarily swapped for the one shown in the movie.
The front facade of the former passenger station features a bay window extending from the basement to the roof and dividing it into two sections.
The inscription " French Republic " was performed on the facade to 1881.
The interior is in the form of an arch, while the exterior is rectangular with a rusticated facade.
The latter architect solved the problem of the disparate registers of the collegio and the adjacent church, with a convex facade.
The minaret, which occupies the center of the northern facade of the complex's enclosure, is 31.5 meters tall and is seated on a square base of 10.7 meters on each side.
The new design of facade will provide more natural light inside the building and a more spacious look.
The opposite facade includes vestiges of stairs, while the right-facing lateral wall (facing the south) is comparable to the northern facade, with the addition of the sacristy, that includes two rectangular windows flanked by two elliptical oculae.
The porch is inset into the front facade, covered by the an inset shed roof.
The sculptures have been removed from the facade and placed in the interior of St.
The west facade follows an iconographic program of the creation of the world rather than that of the Last Judgement as was traditional in medieval churches.
They stand awkwardly in front, linked by a fragile beam projecting from the facade.
Three granite steps lead up to the entrance from the sidewalk; a wheelchair ramp runs from the top to the north along the facade.

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