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Vocabulary Word

Word: extricate

Definition: free from an entanglement or difficulty; disentangle

Sentences Containing 'extricate'

I will try and think over what is the best thing to be done; you will give me your advice, will you not, and if possible extricate me from my unpleasant position?
In order to extricate himself from the Polish "impasse", the emperor again had recourse to his expedient — always fruitless because always inopportune — of a congress.
It took several minutes to safely extricate him, and after needing eight stitches to sew up his wounds, he did not start the final stage.
Morrel smiled with an expression very like a grimace, and then turned round to Monte Cristo, as if to ask him to extricate him from his embarrassment.
Or is it a new Hitler, who discovered the burden of responsible office, and wants to extricate himself, like many an earlier tyrant from the commitments of his irresponsible days?
Scheer ordered yet another 180° turn at 7:13 in an attempt to extricate the High Seas Fleet from the trap into which he had sent them.
The distant prospect of hazards, from which we can hope to extricate ourselves by courage and address, is not disagreeable to us, and does not raise the wages of labour in any employment.
The nature of Sabre Jet's armor is not precisely clear — visuals are inconsistent from episode to episode, but at least one piece of dialogue and one animated sequence imply that his body is so badly twisted and intertwined with the wreckage of his jet that it is not possible to extricate him, suggesting that Earth Corps may have actually rebuilt the jet into a suit around him, perhaps with cybernetic integration.
They have thin pointed down-curved bills, which they can use to extricate insects from bark, but they have brush-like tongues, which enable them to also feed on nectar.
``We might start at fiveo'clock and be in time, but the delay may cause your friend to pass an uneasy night, and therefore we had better go with all speed to extricate him from the hands of the infidels.
“It prevents taking into account the family and home environment that surrounds him — and from which he cannot usually extricate himself — no matter how brutal or dysfunctional.” Dissents.

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