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Vocabulary Word

Word: extradition

Definition: surrender of prisoner by one state to another; Ex. extradition treaty; V. extradite

Sentences Containing 'extradition'

A number of suspects, known to be on the list of Italian war criminals that Yugoslavia, Greece and Ethiopia requested an extradition of, at the end of the WW II never saw anything like Nuremberg trial, because the British government with the beginning of the Cold War saw in Pietro Badoglio, who was also on the list, a guarantee of an anti-communist post-war Italy.
After Daniel Domscheit-Berg left WikiLeaks over a dispute with Assange, Harrison's role in the organisation increased, particularly with the embassy cable publication and Assange's legal fight against Swedish extradition.
Although the Moscow side was willing to agree to some parts of the proposed treaties (like extradition of the crime suspects), it was strictly opposed to points about religious tolerance (non-Orthodox religions, especially Catholicism, were persecuted in Russia, unlike in Commonwealth, which allowed all faith to be preached) and free movement of people (according to Polish scholars).
Angola and Nigeria have not signed an extradition treaty, partly because Nigeria still uses capital punishment and Angolan law forbids extraditing suspects to nations in which they may face the punishment of death.
Calarca was deported from Bolivia to Mexico since Colombia never requested his extradition.
Cameron's girlfriend Danielle Cable, who had witnessed the killing, was secretly flown out to positively identify him, which she did on 27 August. Noye was arrested the following day, and finally lost an appeal against his extradition from Spain seven months later.
Chinese officials eventually link the operation to Bauer and demand his extradition.
Furthermore, he announced on 24 July 2007, that French and European representatives had obtained the extradition of the Bulgarian nurses detained in Libya to their country.
Germany denied Spain's extradition request on 31 May 2011, citing jurisdictional concerns and insufficient evidence provided by Spanish authorities of Demjanjuk's involvement in the crimes alleged by them.
He reacted violently to this extradition, and as a consequence was shot in the back with the bullet exiting via his throat.
He was not prosecuted in Israel on any charges relating to Sobibor as, "inter alia", his extradition from the U.S. had been obtained on the basis of the Treblinka charges.
He was released in 1945, but the Netherlands demanded his extradition on the suspicions of his participation in executions of Dutch citizens.
He was ultimately successful in achieving the extradition of Fujimori from Chile, who was eventually sentenced to 25 years in prison, in 2009.
However, the new government of president Ernest Bai Koroma quickly amended the laws against drug trafficking in the country, updating the existing legislation from those inherited at independence in 1961, to address the international concerns, increasing punishment for offenders both in terms of higher, if not prohibitive, fines, lengthier prison terms and provision for possible extradition of offenders wanted elsewhere, including to the United States.
In 1993, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Demjanjuk was a victim of fraud on the court, as United States federal government trial lawyers with the Office of Special Investigations had recklessly failed to disclose evidence, and the extradition order previously granted was rescinded.
In October 1983, Israel issued an extradition request for Demjanjuk to stand trial on Israeli soil under the Nazis and Nazi Collaborators (Punishment) Law of 1950.
Italy called for their extradition but it was refused by England because the crimes they were accused of were only political. It has been rumoured that Morsello and Fiore escaped extradition by collaborating with the MI6.
Jung, having been wanted by Interpol since 2002, was arrested in 2003 for overstaying his visa in Hong Kong and was due to be returned to Korea, but when released on bail, fled the extradition hearing.
Kurt Schrimm said that Demjanjuk could be brought to Germany by the end of 2008; however, this did not occur On 10 November 2008, German federal prosecutor Kurt Schrimm directed prosecutors to file in Munich for extradition, since Demjanjuk once lived there.
On 24 June 2013, WikiLeaks said that Harrison accompanied National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden on a high-profile flight from Hong Kong to Moscow en route to political asylum from US extradition.
On the same day of the siege, the Supreme Court's docket apparently called for the beginning of pending deliberations on the constitutionality of the Colombia-United States extradition treaty.
Once in the building the first hostage the Guerrilla group was asking for was Supreme Court Justice and President of the Constitutional Court then called "Sala Constitucional", Manuel Gaona Cruz, who was in charge of delivering the opinion of the Court in regard to the constitutionality of the Extradition Treaty between Colombia and the United States.
One month after the U.S. Supreme Court's refusal to hear Demjanjuk's case, on 19 June 2008, Germany announced it would seek the extradition of Demjanjuk to Germany.
Riley has since maintained an interest in the extradition space and recently campaigned on a pro-bono basis on behalf of Asperger's sufferer Gary McKinnon against his extradition to the US.
Santillán was convicted of trafficking by Johnny Sutton, but in a plea bargaining agreement, he was not accused of murder, and "Lalo", the former informant for the US government, now sits in a high-security prison awaiting extradition to Mexico, which will be according to him tantamount to a death sentence.
She said that, in mid-1986, Escobar had told her that he had paid the rebels one million dollars in cash and another in arms and explosives to steal his files from the Palace of Justice before the Supreme Court could begin their study to decide on the extradition of the leading members of the cocaine cartels to the United States of America.
States that ratify the convention has the duty of creation of domestic offences to combat the problem, the adoption of new, sweeping frameworks for mutual legal assistance, extradition, law enforcement cooperation and technical assistance, and training.
Taylor had broken out of a jail in the United States, where he was awaiting extradition to Liberia on charges of embezzlement.
That government is requesting his extradition due to hotly disputed criminal allegations against him and other former executives in Yukos.
The Central Council of Jews in Germany issued a statement in regard to the extradition and the trial, stressing their symbolic significance.
The Connecticut bondsmen sought relief from the forfeiture on grounds that they were not at fault in failing to secure McGuire's appearance, but rather that his nonappearance was the result of his extradition to Maine—an intervening "act of law" under the of the U.S. Constitution.
The Libyan government is reported as having requested his extradition to Libya.
The M-19 was publicly opposed to extradition on nationalist grounds.
The repeated accusation by Vice President Cheney that Iraq harbored Abdul Rahman Yasin, one of the perpetrators of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, conflicts with Iraq's 1998 offer to the FBI of extradition for Yasin in return for a statement clearing Iraq from any role in the attack.
The Supreme Court, by a vote of 4 to 3 (2 Justices recused themselves) held that the sureties were at fault and were not protected by the Extradition Clause.
The US government has sought his extradition from Lebanon.
These allegations are unproven, as Vesco fled the country and spent the next fifteen years hopping between countries that lacked extradition treaties with the United States.
They faced an extradition hearing to Mexico, under the terms of treaties between the United States and Mexico. On the August 4, 2007 episode of Larry King Live, it was announced that the charges filed against the three bounty hunters had been dropped by the Mexican government.
Vesco was notorious throughout his life, attempting to buy a Caribbean island from Antigua in order to create an autonomous country and having a national law in Costa Rica made to protect him from extradition.
Yugoslavia, Greece and Ethiopia requested the extradition of Italian war criminals at the end of World War II.

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