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Vocabulary Word

Word: extol

Definition: praise very highly; glorify

Sentences Containing 'extol'

It consisted mostly of a violent attack on the authority of the Pope and his followers, and declared that those who committed the following offences would be liable for prosecution under the Statute of Praemunire 1392: If any person or persons...shall, by writing, ciphering, printing, preaching or teaching, deed or act, obstinately or maliciously hold or stand with to extol, set forth, maintain or defend the authority, jurisdiction or power of the bishop of Rome or of his see, heretofore used, claimed or usurped within this realm... or by any pretence obstinately or maliciously invent anything for the extolling, advancement, setting forth, maintenance or defence of the same or any part thereof, or by any pretence obstinately or maliciously attribute any manner of jurisdiction, authority or preeminence to the said see of Rome, or to any bishop of the same see for the time being, within this realm... that then every such person or persons so doing or offending... being thereof lawfully convicted according to the laws of this realm, for every such default and offence shall incur and run into the dangers, penalties, pains and forfeitures ordained and provided by the statute of provision and praemunire made in the sixteenth year of the reign of the noble and valiant prince King Richard II against such as attempt, procure or make provision to the see of Rome or elsewhere for any thing or things to the derogation, or contrary to the prerogative royal or jurisdiction, of the Crown and dignity of this realm.
It has been argued, not without reason, Nietzsche's work greatly influenced Theodore Herzl, and Martin Buber went so far as to extol Nietzsche as a "creator" and "emissary of life".
The black and yellow color was the color of the inaugural football team and was intended to extol Byzantium, the colors of which were the same as the shirt of 2011-12.
Though it is not they that are in fault, but the simpletons that extol them, and the fools that believe in them; and had I been the faithful duenna I should have been, his stale conceits would have never moved me, nor should I have been taken in by such phrases as 'in death I live,' 'in ice I burn,' 'in flames I shiver,' 'hopeless I hope,' 'I go and stay,' and paradoxes of that sort which their writings are full of.
When they think they hurt them shrewdly, whom they speak ill of; and when they think they do them a very good turn, whom they commend and extol: O how full are they then of conceit, and opinion!
— and we glorify Thee with Thy praise and extol Thy holiness.’ He answered: ‘I know what you know not.’ Ahmadis reason logically that the angels could only have questioned the appointment of a human being as a Prophet (Khalifa of God) because they had already witnessed disorder and bloodshed amongst the already existing humans.

More Vocab Words

::: terrestrial - on or relating to the earth
::: bombastic - pompous; using inflated language
::: taunt - deride or provoke; challenge in derision; N.
::: milieu - social environment; means of expression; Ex. feel out of one's milieu; Ex. His proper milieu is watercolor.
::: chase - ornament a metal surface by indenting; follow rapidly to catch
::: proscribe - prohibit; ostracize; banish; outlaw
::: incipient - beginning; in an early stage
::: meter - arrangement of words in the form of poetry (by accentual rhythm)
::: saga - Scandinavian myth; any legend; long heroic narrative
::: preposterous - absurd; completely unreasonable; ridiculous