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Vocabulary Word

Word: exquisite

Definition: delicate; very finely made; extremely beautiful; Ex. exquisite piece of jewelry

Sentences Containing 'exquisite'

"Cabinet" in English was often used for strongrooms, or treasure-stores - the tiny but exquisite Elizabethan tower strongroom at Lacock Abbey might have been so called - but also in the wider sense.
'There were others coming, and presently a little group of perhaps eight or ten of these exquisite creatures were about me.
43 paintings of exquisite artistry trace the evolution of our culture from Vedic times to the advent of Sri Ramakrishna.
Accordingly, these little birds hopped out with great dignity; leaving me to receive the congratulations of Traddles, and to feel as if I were translated to regions of exquisite happiness.
All through your watch you are tortured with the exquisite misery of uncertainty.
Ammonia is made from the liquids which collect in the condensers; anilin, the source of exquisite dyes, is made from the thick, tarry distillate, and coke is the residue left in the clay retorts.
And for their preparations, we have not only all manner of exquisite distillations and separations, and especially by gentle heats and percolations through divers strainers, yea and substances; but also exact forms of composition, whereby they incorporate almost, as they were natural simples.
And this process, according to the new generation, is something to be executed with exquisite skill."
At these words, uttered with the most exquisite sweetness and politeness, Madame de Morcerf replied.
Exquisite gentlemen of the finest breeding, which was at that remarkable time and has been since to be known by its fruits of indifference to every natural subject of human interest, were in the most exemplary state of exhaustion, at the hotel of Monseigneur.
He eventually earned a permanent place in the squad after showcasing his exquisite talent and goal-scoring ability, securing Al-Arabi's place as Qatar's No.
He must be a dull man who can examine the exquisite structure of a comb, so beautifully adapted to its end, without enthusiastic admiration.
His innovative plan, acute sensitivity to public-versus-private space, and exquisite detailing was recognized as something extraordinary, and received national attention.
How have all those exquisite adaptations of one part of the organisation to another part, and to the conditions of life and of one organic being to another being, been perfected?
I took her to the sign of the exquisite, and treated her with an elopement, her name's Emily, and she lives in the east?
In her review in "Boxoffice Magazine", Susan Green wrote, "This is a thoroughly satisfying little film with an exquisite Mark Knopfler score."
It is also known for its exquisite and intricate metal-working, and one of the most advanced of pre-Columbian times.
It is the "cornerstone of EMEL", Michelle Liu as the designer strives to realize EMEL Fashion’s philosophy — give every woman the exclusive right to be exquisite and elegant.
It is, I think, on this sense of lightness that a great deal of the exquisite charm of Botticelli's drawing depends.
It was not a photograph but an ivory miniature, and the artist had brought out the full effect of the lustrous black hair, the large dark eyes, and the exquisite mouth.
It was there, in Triana, that he was first tempted to try his hand at drawing from life, and first brought his humour into play in the exquisite little sketch of "Rinconete y Cortadillo," the germ, in more ways than one, of "Don Quixote."
Little Minx and Idealogue hired British designer David Pearson to create a film poster for the "Exquisite Corpse" series.
No doubt the exquisite beauty of the buildings I saw was the outcome of the last surgings of the now purposeless energy of mankind before it settled down into perfect harmony with the conditions under which it lived--the flourish of that triumph which began the last great peace.
Over 1444 marble pillars, carved in exquisite detail, support the temple.
Regulate with exquisite minuteness the cries of the baby in the cradle, the laughter of the hoop-trundling boy, the murmurrings of the toothless old man."
Something of the same combination of primitive grandeur and strength with exquisite refinement of visualisation is seen in the art of Michael Angelo.
The company's name also has two E's, which stand for "“Exquisite Elegance”.
The critic James Agate admired Rainer's performance in "The Good Earth" and described it as "an exquisite rendering", however she was criticised in reviews by "Picturegoer".
The exquisite Japanese Kozo bark paper and the Gampi vellum are used for special reserve copies, which are bound by famous designer binders in full Morocco leather.
The exquisite tints of the rainbow can be seen if we look at an object through a prism or chandelier crystal, and a very simple experiment enables us to produce on the wall of a room the exact colors of the rainbow in all their beauty.
The film is just another ramp for her to display her exquisite designer clothes.
The hallmarks of Ford’s images are exquisite brushwork and tonal mastery in all mediums, which make his works highly prized.
The plates for Rogers's poems were engraved before my time, but not published till afterwards; these are probably the most exquisite gems that ever were, or ever will be produced.
The songs of the birds were heard in an aviary hard by, and the branches of laburnums and rose acacias formed an exquisite framework to the blue velvet curtains.
These exceptional coloring books have exquisite designs in them on a wide range of subjects, appropriate for kids or grown-ups.
They are probably the most exquisite examples of Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain arts in India.
They had to chatter and explain the business at great length to each other, and my first attempts to make the exquisite little sounds of their language caused an immense amount of amusement.
They took exquisite care with the books they published, choosing the finest papers and inks.
This fish, which seems so exquisite to you, is very likely no better than perch or salmon; but it seemed impossible to procure it, and here it is.''
This is the best-known version of the text, as it is renowned for its exquisite illustrations and fine state of preservation.
When stone sculptures appear (for example, in caves 117, 127, 133 and 135), they are generally made of sandstone, and many are exquisite.
When the poem was reprinted by the "New World" in 1845, Charles Eames introduced it as exquisite.
WHIRC can be used with the WIYN Tip/Tilt Module (WTTM) to provide exquisite high-resolution images.
With exquisite palaces and temples built during the period that followed Bishnupur was reputed to be the most renowned city in the world, more beautiful than the house of Indra in heaven.
``Doubtless he is capricious, but that is all; one thing alone struck me, of all the exquisite things he placed before us, he touched nothing.
``Indeed,''said Albert,``it is exquisite; it is impossible to understand the music of his country better than Prince Cavalcanti does.
``My friend,''exclaimed Monte Cristo in a tone of exquisite sweetness.
``That is to say, the half that was left you understand; it was exquisite, sir.
``They are indeed exquisite,''he said;``but as they are necessarily submitted to the process of deglutition a function which it is frequently impossible for a fainting person to accomplish I prefer my own specific.''
``Yes, indeed, count,''said Madame Danglars;``and tell me, did you ever see at the court of Ali Tepelini, whom you so gloriously and valiantly served, a more exquisite beauty or richer costume?''

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