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Vocabulary Word

Word: exposure

Definition: risk, particularly of being exposed to disease or to the elements; unmasking; act of laying something open; Ex. exposure of governmental corruption

Sentences Containing 'exposure'

"As long as she was on the scene he could not take any action without a horrible exposure of the woman whom he loved.
A normal crop top will result in exposure of midriff.
Additionally, PCl3 has been designated IDLH with a maximum exposure limit at 25 ppm.
After the severest exposure, part of the crew reached the land in their boats.
Along with their videos, these songs received heavy exposure in Quebec.
Another is the Frontenac Axis, an exposure of Canadian shield rocks that extends south to the St.
Antibodies are acquired through exposure (pregnancy or history of blood transfusion) and subsequent alloimmunization.
Any exposure is subject to local community standards and personal choice.
Brown is believed to have died shortly thereafter of his injuries and exposure to the extreme cold.
Delta FosB slowly builds up with each exposure to the drug and remains activated for weeks after the last exposure—long after the effects of CREB have faded.
Due to its southern exposure, Bromley is known as "The Sun Mountain."
Emerson is convinced exposure to magnetic fields will give him more energy.
Exposure to role-playing influenced his later game designs.
Fantasizers have had a large exposure to fantasy during early childhood.
Government agencies in the United States have set occupational exposure limits for PCl3.
Ground level ozone was causing lung tissue damage by exposure to harmful bacteria.
Harder materials need a softer bonded segment to allow for continuous diamond exposure.
He was also charged with indecent exposure.
His exposure of this organization led to the breaking up of that order.
His first exposure to agriculture came while working on a kibbutz in Israel.
However, this information allowed them to alert those of their agents who might be at risk of exposure due to the decryption.
Hypoxia exposure for the time of exercise alone is not sufficient to induce changes in hematologic parameters.
In December 2000, he was charged with indecent exposure to minors.
In terms of media exposure, Srđa Popović is Otpor's best known member.
It is described repeatedly as "wrong" by characters who have had close exposure to it.
It prefers full sun exposure on calcareous soils, at an altitude of above sea level.
It was found that although overall brain size did not differ between exposure groups, there were significant areas of the brain that were enlarged in children with high exposure.
Lead-up to the failure – increasing exposure to subprime mortgages.
Many of the rest died of torture or exposure.
Membership in this group will interest those seeking exposure to vocal works.
Meningitis with myelitis was found and attributed to exposure to cold or fatigue.
On February 2, 2009, Chapman was acquitted of indecent exposure.
Prenatal exposure has been linked to impaired fetal growth and development.
Some patients may benefit from exposure to heat.
Symptoms may appear immediately after exposure or be delayed.
The best treatment for this allergy is avoiding exposure to cold temperature.
The prognosis depends upon the length and degree of exposure and the severity of neurological injury.
The resulting exposure created enough interest for subsequent one-shot issues.
The specific toxicity is related to exposure time and the exposure concentration.
The underlying mechanisms of COPIND have not been determined, but it is hypothesized that withdrawal of OP pesticides after chronic exposure or acute exposure could be a factor.
Then suddenly realising the exposure, he broke into a scream and threw himself down with his face to the pillow.
These changes, together, are responsible for "tanning" after exposure to UV or sunlight.
These deaths are notable due to history or due to media exposure.
These powers were provided by exposure to Hal's masculine power ring and were temporary.
These syndromes result after acute and chronic exposure to OP pesticides.
They are adaptable to varying climates and light exposure.
They often seal entranceways to their burrows with soil to prevent exposure to heat.
This exposure captured a lot of attention from the professional movie world.
This studies used MRI and compared 20 low CPF exposure children to 20 high CPF exposure children.
``No; it is not you who have directly made this exposure and brought this sorrow on us, but you hypocritically provoked it.''

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