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Vocabulary Word

Word: explicit

Definition: totally clear; definite; outspoken

Sentences Containing 'explicit'

A prayer of Queen Puduhepa makes this explicit: "To the Sun-goddess of Arinna, my lady, the mistress of the Hatti lands, the queen of Heaven and Earth.
A subsidized loan is a loan on which the interest is reduced by an explicit or hidden subsidy.
Abe's supporters drew explicit parallels between Abenomics and the Meiji era program of "fukoku kyohei" (enrich the country, strengthen the army).
Albert's lips scarcely whispered``Good by,''but his look was more explicit; it expressed a whole poem of restrained anger, proud disdain, and generous indignation.
Also interesting to consider is the only explicit reference to his genotypic racial identity.
Although the ending is not explicit, it is possible that Castorp dies on the battlefield.
An early study for "The Raft of the Medusa" in watercolour, now in the Louvre, is much more explicit, depicting a figure gnawing on the arm of a headless corpse.
An exhibition of Goldin's work was censored in Brazil, two months before opening, due to its sexually explicit nature.
And now I must be explicit, for this that follows--unless his explanation is to be accepted--is an absolutely unaccountable thing.
Aristotle used the term "diafora" in a systematical fashion; but he had no explicit theory about it and his understanding of the term is controversial. A theory was only provided by Porphyry's explicit treatment of the predicables presented in his "Isagoge".
Audiences should note that the film does contain explicit sex scenes.
Beyond being more explicit in some technical aspects of the conclusions, the second commission agreed with the first. Mohr received several threats, including some to his life.
But if you are really innocent and ignorant, I must be more explicit.
Change has seemed more explicit as contact with the outside world has increased.
Consequently, they pushed to avoid explicit independence demonstrations.
Despite the explicit difference between the noun and adjective, there have been comments on the comparison.
Example 4: As 2, but with explicit file open and port close to send output to file
Explicit emphasis is made in the books on the differences between Animagi and werewolves.
Explicit formulas for "A" and formula_13 are difficult to obtain by either method, despite some exact solutions of Nahm's equations in symmetric situations.
Explicit rules are laid down by some of the Roman classical writers.
Her childish way was the most delicious way in the world to me, but it was necessary to be explicit, and I solemnly repeated: 'Dora, my own life, I am your ruined David!'
I thought I heard something stir inside--to be explicit, I thought I heard a sound like a chuckle--but I must have been mistaken.
In addition to the retrospective parable of "Muzică de balet", a number of his texts feature more or less explicit anti-fascist discourse.
In one study, both implicit (free recall) and explicit (memory of emotional aspects) memorization of word lists were enhanced by threatening meanings in such patients.
New tuples can supply explicit values or be derived from a query.
One of McIntire's most notable contributions to UVa was the endowment of the chair of Fine Arts, with the explicit goal of enriching the Charlottesville cultural experience.
Several countries now have explicit policies on school leadership, including policies and budgets for the training and development of school leaders.
Some of the folklore poetry collected by Gottlund in the early 19th century was considered sexually too explicit to be published during his lifetime, and even until quite recently.
Some Season 2 episodes depict more explicit interaction with humans.
Some studies suggest that auditory weakness is only present for explicit memory (direct recall), rather than implicit memory.
The approach of the programme makers, who included reporter David Dimbleby, angered Wilson and the Labour Party who saw it as displaying explicit Conservative bias.
The distinction, explicit in the 1960 Code of Rubrics, predates it.
The first explicit "History" of Mysore in English is , written by Mark Wilks, the British resident mentioned above.
The mission statement of the MRC is explicit.
The network switches use locally available information to determine the explicit allowable rates or relative rate (increase/decrease) for the source.
The school considers itself to be non-sectarian and explicit religious instruction is not included in the curriculum.
The series also included a number of sexually explicit episodes.
The single sex scene, while plenty explicit, is consensual, tastefully handled, and shows more honest passion than many entire series do.
The song's erotic nature was explicit for then-1976 standards.
The Velvets were black but sounded white and were popular with whites but not their fellow African Americans, who preferred explicit R sounds.
There has neither been an official and explicit church repudiation of its policy nor an admission that it was a mistake.
These themes are similar to the motivations of Charles Starkweather who is the explicit protagonist of another Springsteen song "Nebraska", although there is no stated connection to Starkweather in this song.
They made an explicit appeal to the "public," writing that such an appeal to public opinion was the only road left to them.
This arrangement allowed operating systems to support 3DNow with no explicit modifications, whereas SSE registers required explicit operating system support to properly save and restore the new XMM registers (via the added codice_54 and codice_55 instructions.)
This resulted in a far greater degree of freedom for publishing explicit material in the United Kingdom.
This series is loosely based on Maeda's "New Urotsukidoji" manga, and contains far more explicit and violent scenes.
Thus, the 1960 SI definition abandoned any explicit relationship between the scientific second and the length of a day, as most people understand the term.
Where sex is concerned, the double entendre, the ambiguity, it seems to me, is much more effective than being too explicit.
``But you are not entitled to know mine; nor will such behavior as this, ever induce me to be explicit.''
“Theory In/ Of Practice: Filipina American Feminist Filmmaking and Explicit Sex” in Pinay Power: Filipina American Feminist Theory Anthology.

More Vocab Words

::: concomitant - that which accompanies; Ex. Deafnes is a frequent concommitant of old age; ADJ: existing or happening together with something else
::: impassive - without feeling; expressionless; imperturbable; stoical; Ex. impassive face
::: subjective - influenced by personal feelings; occurring or taking place within the mind; unreal; Ex. subjective sensation of the ghostly presence
::: eclectic - selective; composed of elements drawn from disparate sources; selecting individual elements from a variety of sources; N. eclecticism
::: ferment - agitation; commotion(noisy and excited activity); unrest (of a political kind); V. produce by fermentation; undergo fermentation; cause (a state of trouble)
::: parity - equality; close resemblance; CF. disparate
::: rancid - having the odor of stale or decomposing fat; rank
::: reprove - censure; rebuke; N. reproof
::: canvass - determine or seek opinions, votes, etc.; go through (a region) to solicit votes or orders; conduct a survey; N.
::: murmur - low, indistinct, continuous sound; V. CF. mumble