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Vocabulary Word

Word: expenditure

Definition: payment or expense; expending; something expended; output; Ex. receipt for the expenditure; Ex. expenditure of all the energy

Sentences Containing 'expenditure'

According the CIA World Factbook, in 2012, central government revenue was US $6.949 billion, while expenditure was $8.937 billion.
Allocation of expenditure with the resources of the state is a matter which falls within the purview of the State Government and the State Legislature..
Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen and six, result happiness.
Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery.
Another Apache unit scored 102 hits for the expenditure of 107 Hellfire missiles, a hit rate of better than 95 percent.
As such, the Superintendent is responsible for the appropriate and necessary expenditure of approximately 78% to 80% of Township of East Brunswick property tax collections.
Bettarini then joined Serie B side Sampdoria on free transfer, as Venezia had to reduce the salary expenditure.
Conditions of the extension include the payment into a trust account each month of revenue sufficient to cover the next month's estimated expenditure on the PAMA.
During Pollock's term as First Sea Lord, the Navy was involved in the "Cod War" with Iceland in 1972, the 1973 oil crisis and deep cuts in defence expenditure.
E. Distribution of expenditure between Telangana and Andhra Regions.
Finally, the State was asked to bear the entire expenditure involved in laying the lines.
He is the final authority for the sanction of expenditure out of the budget of the Parliament Secretariat.
He therefore had to bear responsibility for cuts in arms expenditure, a policy that provoked controversy when Britain found itself fighting first the Boers in South Africa in 1880 and invading Egypt in 1882.
Hearts' income has also grown during the last few years, but not by as much as their expenditure.
However, in view of the new expenditure on rolling stock (connected with the B decision to work the main line itself), the Directors decided to suspend operations and nothing more was done until 1852.
I searched, ransacked, counted, calculated a thousand and a thousand times the income and expenditure of the family for three hundred years.
I should have been extremely happy, Copperfield, to have limited these charges to the actual expenditure out of pocket, but it is an irksome incident in my professional life, that I am not at liberty to consult my own wishes.
In all cases, any (non-recoverable) upfront expenditure related to this flexibility is the option premium.
In cash terms, expenditure has risen steeply: healthcare expenditure rose by a factor of 4.5 between 1999 and 2008, while social protection rose by a factor of 4 over the same period.
In cold weather the energy expenditure to maintain body temperature accelerates starvation and may lead to death.
In recent years, expenditure has grown faster than income, producing deficits.
In response Osborne increased the Ring Fence Expenditure Supplement allowance for development costs, and Statoil resumed work on the fields.
In some games, using certain items or abilities requires the expenditure of a resource such as ammunition, fuel or magic points.
In this role he administered one-third of the Council's total budget expenditure for the implementation of TransApex, the road network and traffic management.
It introduced wide ranging measures aiming to cut government expenditure and bureaucracy.
Kamiyama's focus was to reduce "wasteful expenditure" and to lead a rejuvenation of the profit and loss and balance sheets.
Measures to reduce the expenditure were evaluated and based on the analysis, enough propellant could be saved to complete the planned 9-day plus science mission.
Moore responded by following a policy of deflation, limiting government expenditure and attempting to scale back wages and worker's entitlements.
On reflection, I suspect that its problem was that it could not really demonstrate that acquiring 'all' of the trackbed was within its statutory purposes and justify any expenditure on it.
Other main functions include: Department of Expenditure.
Over a period of four and a half years the pre-trial preparations and depositions, involved expenditure that brought SCP into legal debt with their defense lawyers.
She worked on the Expenditure and Food Survey and the General Household Survey.
Since, however, it has been agreed to the representatives of Andhra and Telangana that the expenditure of the new state on central and general administration should be borne proportionately by the two regions and the balance of income should be reserved for expenditure on the development of Telangana area, it is open to the state government to act in accordance with the terms of agreement in making budgetary allocations.
That same year expenditure on special advertising was agreed.
The closed and imperfect flowers are, however, manifestly of high importance, as they yield with the utmost safety a large stock of seed, with the expenditure of wonderfully little pollen.
The Department of Expenditure is the nod Department for overseeing the public financial management system in the Central Government and matters connected with ate finances.
The district's instructional expenditure per student was $4,289.
The European Union funded 33% of the total expenditure for this additions to the plans.
The fuel expenditure could have been used in other more productive ways.
The high growth rate in hospital expenditure was occurring at a time when the economy was slowing down.
The largest components of expenditure are education (21.3% of government expenditure in 2007/08), social protection (21.1%) and healthcare (19%).
The largest single expenditure was for a $1,995 fur coat for his wife.
The less expenditure of tone values you can express your modelling with, the better, as a general rule.
The man's business was a small one, and there was nothing in his house which could account for such elaborate preparations, and such an expenditure as they were at.
The new Labour government that came into power in 1964 was determined to cut defence expenditure as a means to reduce public spending, and in the 1966 Defence White Paper the project was cancelled.
The pattern of public expenditure and revenue in Costa Rica is typical of a middle income country.
The total expenditure on the renovations was € 700,000.
These rockets entered production in the early to mid-1990s to support the Space Station, but were later canceled to save money after the expenditure of $2.2 billion.
Total expenditure was Rupees 2 crore 7 Lakhs.
Using Heaven’s Way, sharing in Earth’s bounties, being prudent with their persons and thrifty in their expenditure, in order to support their parents—this is the "xiao" of the common people.

More Vocab Words

::: voluble - fluent; talkative; glib; N. volubility
::: deft - neat; skillful
::: impair - injure; hurt; damage
::: surveillance - close observation of a person (esp. one under suspicion); watching; guarding
::: adulterate - make impure or of poorer quality by adding inferior or tainted(contaminated) substances
::: exact - demand and obtain by force; Ex. exact a promise from him; N. exaction
::: colloquy - informal discussion; conversation
::: disingenuous - not naive; not candid; sophisticated; worldly wise; OP. ingenuous
::: dyslexia - word blindness; learning disorder marked by impairment of the ability to read
::: protean - able to take on many forms; versatile; CF. Proteus: sea god to change his shape at will