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Vocabulary Word

Word: exemplify

Definition: show by example; furnish an example; serve as an example of; Ex. His pictures exemplify that sort of painting.

Sentences Containing 'exemplify'

Althusser overdetermination of a contradiction is the reflection in it of its conditions of existence within the complex whole."" An instance of a popular riot calling for revolution could exemplify overdetermination.
By contrast, national codes, such as the NEC or CSA C22.1, generally exemplify the common objectives of IEC 60364, but provide specific rules in a form that allows for guidance of those installing and inspecting electrical systems.
Characters which exemplify a gloomy outlook include Eeyore, Marvin and Old Man Gloom.  The catchphrase "doom and gloom", which is commonly used to express extreme pessimism, was popularised by the movie "Finian's Rainbow" in which the leprechaun Og (Tommy Steele) uses it repeatedly.
Col. Mabry's superlative courage, daring, and leadership in an operation of major importance exemplify the finest characteristics of the military service.
During the 1980s, McGee, along with Cardinals teammates Ozzie Smith, Tom Herr and Vince Coleman, would exemplify "Whiteyball", a style of baseball named after Cardinals manager Whitey Herzog.
For instance, in practice, Abstract Expressionism was influenced by Dada by the fact that the art form had its similarities not in the way that the art was constructed, but rather from the concept that the genres exemplify. Pop Art also marks its influences from Dada because, like the “ready-mades” which used commonplace items in a way that they were not originally intended.
Murphy, who was to have been the guest speaker at the 1971 Spirit of America Festival, died in a plane crash just two months prior to his scheduled appearance at the Festival. The award is now presented annually to an "outstanding American patriot" or "an outstanding group of individuals who most exemplify the true ‘Spirit of America.’" Past recipients of the Audie Murphy Patriotism Award include: Vietnam Prisoner of War Charles J. Plumb, Brigadier General Hallett D. Edson, General Omar Bradley, Alabama Governor George C. Wallace, U.S. Senator James C. Allen, U.S. Senator John Sparkman, U.S. astronaut John Young, Olympic track star Jesse Owens, entertainer Johnny Cash, U.S. Congressman Bob Jones, Secretary of State Alexander Haig; Vietnam veteran U.S. Senator Jeremiah A. Denton, U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond, Iranian hostage Charles C. Scott, actor Gerald McRaney, and U.S. Admiral Donald Whitmire.
NMFA sponsors a military spouse scholarship program, as well as the "NMFA Very Important Patriot Award", which recognizes outstanding volunteers in the military community, and the "NMFA Family Award", which recognizes families that exemplify the best of the military lifestyle.
Saral Sarkar has updated the thesis of 1970s 'limits to growth' to exemplify the limits of new capitalist technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells, which require large amounts of energy to split molecules to obtain hydrogen. Furthermore, Kovel notes that "events in nature are reciprocal and multi-determined" and can therefore not be predictably "fixed"; socially, technologies cannot solve social problems because they are not "mechanical".
Since author Rolf Hochhuth had originally prohibited a production of his play in Eastern European theatres out of apprehension that Eastern European governments could exploit the play for a striking anti-Catholic interpretation, This possibility troubled Hochhuth to such an extent that he later wrote "In choosing a Jesuit for my tragic hero I strove to condemn the sin and not the sinner - that is, not the Church but its silence - and to exemplify, after a Kierkegaardian fashion, the enormous difficulty of living up to the Catholic creed and the immense nobility of spirit of those who are capable even of coming close.
The meeting itself was to exemplify strict obedience to the Constitution, which guaranteed freedom of assembly and meetings.
The subtle change in color from one to another creates a harmonious effect. The quinquefoils at the tops of the lancets exemplify sentinel features of the life of Christ and of the church year as well.
Tomoya's and Nagisa's characters were written in a style to exemplify a "growth to adulthood" by the end of the story.
Two New York City publishing professionals, Verne Moberg and Susan Lowes contributed to the publication of three volumes of reprinted fiction released in 1972 and 1973, both of which Howe believes to exemplify the Press's enduring commitment to producing course adoptable books to supplement curriculums dominated by male writers.
Two of the album's original singles, "Whammy Kiss" and "Legal Tender", as well as the song "Queen of Las Vegas", exemplify these themes respectively.

More Vocab Words

::: ecosystem - ecological community together with its environment
::: mural - wall painting
::: smirk - conceited smile; offensively self-satisfied smile (often at someone else's misfortune); V.
::: cession - yielding to another; ceding
::: phalanx - formation of infantry carrying overlapping shields and long spears; group of men packed together (for attack or defense)
::: sleek - smooth and shining (as from good health); V.
::: recumbent - reclining; lying down completely or in part
::: privation - lack of the basic necessities or comforts of life; hardship; want; CF. deprive
::: unearth - dig up; discover (facts) by careful searching; Ex. He unearthed some secrets about her; OP. conceal
::: coeval - living at the same time as; existing during the same period of time; contemporary; of the same age